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Brian,  The following is from CompuServe.  I hope that it helps you out.  It
saved me from pulling all my hair out!!  Enjoy

Hansang Bae

THE FOOL'S ERRAND is published by Miles Computing, Inc.

This walkthru is copyright (c) 1987 by Barbara Baser. All rights reserved.


     Part 1

Due to the uniqueness of the puzzles presented in THE FOOL'S ERRAND and the
order in which they are encountered, this walkthru will lead you through the
solutions in the order they appear in each of the menu bars (from I through V)
and will deal with the placement of the pieces in the Sun's Map last.

NOTE 1: Because some of the puzzles involved are picture puzzles, only the
placement of key items from the pictures will be given. I have tried to be as
explicit as possible in these instances.

NOTE 2: Solutions for the mazes you will encounter are nebulous. I will try
to point you in the proper direction and tell you what to watch for. But none
of them are too difficult, just tricky.

NOTE 3: In Menu Bar I, The Warrior, The Stream, The Pyramids, The Watchtower,
and The Wand do not contain puzzles to solve, but they do contain clues which
will be used later in the game.


"ARE YOUR EYES BLIND?" Select the letters in the following order: A, the
second R, the two Es, the L, N and D. This gives you the key word, BOW.


To find the letters to enter into the blanks, drag the mouse SLOWLY across
the bottom of the screen, within the white border of the picture.


This is a cryptogram (encoded letters) puzzle. The first three lines of the
phrase are: WELL HE BEGAN I MET A PAGE. With this information, you should be
able to decode the rest of the phrase.


This game is one of skill and luck. The object of the game is to have the
higher of two three-card hands. Following is a list of which cards make up a
pair (or triplet):

Council Pair: Justice, Judgement, Temperance, Hierophant
High Pair: Sun, Magician, Fool
Dark Pair: Devil, Death, High Priestess
Mortal Pair: Strength, Hanged Man, Chariot, Hermit
Lucky Pair: Lovers, Wheel of Fortune, Hanged Man, Fool
Astral Pair: Sun, Moon, Star, World
Low Pair: Chariot, Tower, Fool, Lovers
Royal Pair: Emperor, Empress, Hermit, Hierophant

The following is a partial "ranking" order for individual cards and pairs:

Death beats High Priestess and Magician
Sun beats Judgement and High Priestess
Magician beats High Priestess, Hierophant and Devil
High Priestess beats Judgement
World beats Strength
High Pair beats Astral Pair
Council Pair beats Royal Pair and Mortal Pair
Astral Pair beats Mortal Pair

Naturally, it would appear that winning depends on the luck of the draw.
Here's where the skill comes into play. If you see that the two cards from
which you can choose wouldn't give you a pair or triplet but that one of them
could give the old man a better hand than yours, take the card he can use.
This way, you have a 50-50 chance that your high card will beat his high card
(unless, of course, he's already got a pair). Also, keep a close eye out for
triplets -- they give the highest scores. The game is won by the first player
to reach 700 points.


This maze appears relatively straightforward. However, all is not as it
seems! What look like easy, open pathways, terminate rather rudely as hidden
doors slam shut, blocking your progress. Conversely, obvious deadends conceal
secret panels which open allowing you to continue.

Starting from the lower left-hand corner go up and to the right to the first
deadend. Go right through the passage and all the way up as far as you can
then to the left and up through the passage. Continue straight up and work
your way to the left and down, then down through the passage. Go to your left,
straight down and left and up through the left-to-right zigzagging corridors.
Do not take the obvious right path, but continue up to the deadend and up
through the passage.

Go right to the FIRST intersection and go down to the deadend. Go down
through the passage, left, right and down through the passage. Head straight
down to the bottom wall of the maze and work your way right then up at the
FIRST intersection you come to. Go left and up through the passage.

Go right and up at the first opening, then left and up through the passage.
Go right and up the first corridor and up through the passage. Continue
straight up to the top wall of the maze. This is where it gets tricky so
follow closely.

Go right, down, right, up, left, up, right, and down to the deadend. Go
through the passage to the right. Go up, right, down to the deadend, and down
through the passage. Go up, right, down, right, up, down and left. Go down
through the passage, left at the FIRST intersection and down to the deadend.
Go left through the passage and continue left, up all the way to the left and
then up and left through the passage.

Go straight down and right at the SECOND intersection then work your way down
to the bottom wall of the maze. Go right, up, right, down, left, down, up,
right, etc., to the bottom right-hand corner of the maze. Go straight up and
up through the passage. Finally, go left and up, but DO NOT go through the
secret passage which opens at the top. Instead, go right, down, left, down and


The Canopy is one of those "word search" puzzles. The only difference here is
that words are not spelled backwards or diagonally -- just across and down.
The words you're looking for are names of vegetables. The word list follows:

Across: Cabbage, tomato, celery, parsnip, onion, rhubarb, eggplant, squash,

Down: Scallion, radish, carrot, leek, asparagus, potato, parsley, beans,
turnip, broccoli, artichoke, cucumber, lettuce, lentil.


It's difficult explaining this (and the others like it) puzzle. The object is
to click the numbers in the right sequence to rearrange (unknown) letter
combinations to spell out a word or phrase. The order to click the numbers in
is 3, 2, 1, 4, and 5.


Filling in the blanks for this puzzle is a bit easier than the other puzzles
of this kind you will run into. The two words you need are pictures on the
screen. Don't mess around with the letters growing on the ivy, although the
letters you need are there and in their proper sequence. Instead, enter the
animal and the type of foliage to solve this one.


In all the "Queens'" puzzles, you have to rearrange 3-by-3 grids of letters
so that they spell words both across and down. The center letter is not
moveable. The word across the top is SAD; the word down the left-hand side is
SIN. Complete the puzzle by putting the remaining three letters in their
proper places.


This puzzle drove me crazy for literally hours. When you try to click on the
"?" to see the puzzle, the "?" zooms maddeningly away, always elusive and
always just out of reach. Try as you might, you cannot seem to "catch" it. The
answer here is to position your arrow just to the south of the "?" and then
type the letter "S" until the question mark comes to you. When you've captured
the "?" box, you will be presented with the First Key of Thoth, which,
amazingly, is a key! You'll need it in order to solve the riddle of the High
Priestess' Eye.

     Part 2

NOTE: In Menu Bar II, The Knight of Pentacles, The Merchant, The Maze of
Thorns, and The Page of Pentacles do not have puzzles to solve, but their
stories have clues which you will use in the endgame.


The Juggler has another cryptogram for you to solve. The first two lines of
the phrase are: I AM AFRAID THAT I AM NOT THE MESSENGER YOU. With this
information, you should be able to solve the rest of the phrase.


The Farmer is a jigsaw puzzle for you to put together. The phrase is: I AM


The Blacksmith is a series of three sets of three jumbled letter crosses for
you to solve. Rearrange the letters so that they spell out 18 five-letter
words. The last set of three will give you the keyword, ROI. The word list

Brown, crown, sorry, merry, quick, quill, scowl, growl, bliss, amiss, north,
worth, throb, three, ghost, ghoul, still, chill.


The Cathedral is a jumbled up picture puzzle. While I cannot tell what order
to move the pieces around in, I can tell you where key items in the picture
should be placed.

The letters MYR go in the top center; the man on the ladder is on the right-
hand side and he has a hammer in his hand; the fool is on the left between two
columns; the two men are in the center of the picture with the fat man on the
right and the man with the hat and glasses on the left.


The Chapel picture shows all the letters of the alphabet except three, which
are missing. Find these three letters and insert them into the squares to form
a three-letter word.


Don't blink your eyes with this one. This is probably the second most bizarre
puzzle in the entire game. Push the eye on the left up and around, down and
through, following the trail until you reach the eye on the right. If you lose
your hold on the eye, treat the resulting "unstacking" as dominoes falling
over: rush the mouse over and try to "catch" the eye before it completely
unstacks itself. If you do this one on your first try, congratulations!

After you've solved The Humbug, the Second Key of Thoth will be revealed to
you. Remember this puzzle pattern; you'll need it to help you solve The High
Priestess puzzle. On the screen will be an ever-changing series of black bars,
boxes, rectangles and one box in the lower-left hand corner which seems to
pulsate. Click on that box. Now, one appears to be pulsating in the upper
right corner; click on it. A third pulsing box appears in the lower right
corner; click on it. Finally, a fourth box just left of the center of the
screen and a bit toward the top is pusling; click on it, too. After you do,
the activity on the screen stops and the boxes you've clicked all have
numbers, from 1 to 4, in them. Remember the sequence of these numbers for The
High Priestess!


This is the toughest of the mazes. "Wandering winds" bar your progress by
bouncing you from one side of the maze to the other. However, being bounced
hither and yon by the winds is the only way for you to enter the key corridor
so that you can make your way to the exit. Try to get blown to the middle
upper half of the maze. Once there, wind your way past the winds (which will
appear as you discover them) toward the right. Approach the exit to the maze
from the upper right-hand corner of the maze.


This is another 3-by-3 grid of jumbled letters. Rearrange the letters so that
they spell out six three-letter words. The central letter is immovable; the
word across is ARM and the word on the left is ATE. Rearrange the remaining
three letters to complete the puzzle.


The Pentacle is a jigsaw puzzle which reads THE FOUR SAGES.


The World is a word search puzzle. This time you must find the names of 23
countries. The word list follows:

Across: France, Russia, Scotland, Sweden, Norway, Ireland, Poland, Italy,
Iceland, England, Netherlands, Rumania, Spain, Portugal.

Down: Austria, Grece, Finland, Turkey, Czechoslovakia, Germany, Switzerland,
Albania, Yugoslavia.


Strength is another picture puzzle. The placement of the objects is as

The "dark" eyes and pyramid go across the bottom of the screen; the "light"
eyes and pyramid go across the top; the moon is to the right of the dark
pyramid; the sun is to the left of the light pyramid; in the central section
of the picture, from left to right, are the tree, the fence, the man with the
fishing pole, the fool, the porch column and the letter E.


Rearrange the letters to uncover the following six different "traditional
anniversary" items: paper, leather, wood, turquoise, silver, and bronze.

     Part 3

NOTE: In menu bar III, The Not-A-Merchant, The Cup, and The Abandoned Cups
have no puzzles to solve, but their stories contain clues you will need for
the endgame.


The Hanged Man is a picture puzzle. The objects are placed in the following
general areas:

The letters "KD" are in the right hand corner, the sun is to their left; the
reflection of "KD" is in the water directly below them; the fool's "hobo's
pack" on its pole is on the left side toward the middle; the fool is to its
right and the running man is to the fool's right; the fish and its "bouncing"
lines are on the right side of the picture in front of the running man; the

Press for more !

CompuServe+             TEG-2113

castle is in the upper left corner, the tree to its right and the knight is to
the tree's right.


The Page of Cups is another jumbled word puzzle. This time you're
unscrambling types of fish. The types of fish are: sardine, trout, goldfish,
halibut, minnow, perch.


The Knight of Cups is a cryptogram. The first two lines of the cryptogram
are: ALAS I DO HE SIGHED YOUR KNIGHT SAYS. You should be able to solve the
rest of the phrase with this information.


The Children is one of those "press the numbered circles in the right
sequence" puzzles that will drive you mad. Push the numbers in the following
sequence: 2,5,4,6,1, and 3.


To fill in the blanks, insert the first letter from each word in the phrase
at the bottom of the picture.


The Dancers is a jigsaw puzzle with a phrase which reads, THE RAINBOW OF


The Family is a word search puzzle. This time you're in search of 26 colors.
The list follows:

Across: Purple, maroon, amber, scarlet, blue, violet, pink, orange, azure,
indigo, black, chartreuse, crimson, hazel, aqumarine, ochre.

Down: Vermillion, turquoise, yellow, green, beige, magenta, white, brown,
gray, lavender.


Another 3-by-3 grid. The word on the top is TWO and the word down the left is


The Cloud is a picture puzzle. The objects are placed as follows:

The word "fifteen" starts in the upper left-hand corner; the word "two"
starts in the lower left-hand corner and the word "twenty" is to its right;
the fool and his pack are on the left in the center with the man to his right;
the seven cups are to the right of the man.


The Vision is a jigsaw puzzle with a phrase which reads, FOURTEEN EIGHT


This is the second toughest of the "press the numbers" puzzles. The numbers
to push are: 4, 1, 6, 7, 5, 2, and 3.


Unscramble the jumbled letters in each of the crosses to spell out ten
numbers. The numbers are: three, fourteen, one, nineteen, six, thirteen, five,
seventeen, two, and twelve.


Click the proper letters in The Moon's phrase, "Much to accomplish," to
uncover the hidden letters, AIH. Select the first C, H, O, A, the third C, and
the PLISH.

     Part 4

NOTE: In menu bar IV The Nightmare, The Sword, The Dead Warrior, and The Page
of Swords do not have puzzles to solve. Their stories contain clues which you
will need for the endgame.


In this word search puzzle you're to locate the names of 26 birds. The word
list is:

Across: Woodpecker, whippoorwill, dove, hawk, meadowlark, nightingale,
buzzard, huthatch, heron, crane.

Down: Thrush, goose, eagle, vulture, bobolink, wren, crow, parakeet,
cardinal, finch, duck, sparrow, robin, swallow, canary, bluejay.


Unscramble the twelve words to reveal the key phrase. The words on the left
are miss, twig, idea, and root; the words on the right are weep, your, hair,
area, worm,iron, lard, and soup.


The Star is a jigsaw puzzle with the phrase, MYSTICAL CHANT.


How do I explain this one? It's totally mind-boggling and requires a good set
of eyes and, later, quick reflexes. The puzzle has multiple parts, the first
of which is the strangest of all. You must click the mouse on the numbers in
descending order from 99 all the way down to 1. At the beginning it's easy,
but as you near the finish, the remaining numbers start shifting position and
the closer to "1" you get, the faster they shift until all you see is a
blinding glare of incomprehensible mishmashed squigglies. Ah, there it is, the
last number! Press it quickly and try to solve the enigma of the High
Priestess' Eye. You'll need to have solved The Three Ships (see Part 1 of this
walkthru) before you can finish solving The High Priestess.

When her "Eye" appears, guide the key toward the iris. As you connect the key
to the iris, you are shown The Book of Thoth. This looks familiar, doesn't it?
Right, the pulsating squares, only now you can't see any pulses. Click in the
general area where the original "1" appeared (lower left corner). The screen
will stop activity and show you not four but SIX boxes! Do you remember where
the other three were located and in what order they were numbered? The box in
the upper right was numbered "2," the box in the lower right was numbered "3,"
and the box to the left of center and slightly down was numbered "4." Click
the remaining boxes in this sequence.

Now what the heck is this spinach all about? You've not seen its likes
before! Remember the pulsing bar on the left that you drug to the right?
That's right -- it's this puzzle. Drag left to right, right to left, top to
bottom, then bottom to top.

Oh yeah, you remember this one alright. It's the crazy-quilt "Simon Says"
pattern you had to memorize and trace. Do you remember the pattern? It looks
like a key. Trace its pattern and behold The Book of Thoth! Alas, when you tr
to fill in any of its blanks, you are admonished, "You cannot claim The Book
of Thoth so easily!" We shall complete it later -- MUCH later -- on.


The Sentry's puzzle is very clever. You are presented with two rows of boxes
which need to be filled in. At the bottom of the screen are clues as to which
letters to insert. The first clue, MEDAL - MEAL = ?, will give you the letter
"D" (If you remove the letters M-E-A-L from the word MEDAL, the remaining
letter will be a D.) Continue solving the remaining clues in this manner.


The Knight of Swords is another cryptogram. The first two lines read: I BRING
A MESSAGE FROM YOUR KNIGHT. The last word in the phrase is WANDS.


The Chant is a cryptogram phrase. The first two lines read: A GIANT WHEEL
STOOD NEAR THE PYRAMIDS. This should give you enough to solve the rest of the


This is the absolute toughest puzzle in my opinion. Mathor wrote a program on
his Macintosh to solve this one: The program ran for 60 hours generating
phrases from all the possible permutations generated by these eight letter
sequences. Select 6, 2, 7, 4, 3, 8, 1, 5 and send me an aspirin!


The top word in this 3-by-3 grid is RAW and the left hand word reading down
is ROB.


This is probably the most intriguing of the jumbled letters puzzles. As you
unscramble each set of words, they are interconnected with new scrambled words
which you must solve. The place where the new puzzles connect with the solved
ones locks that word's connecting letter into place rendering it immovable.
Continue solving each new set of jumbled words until you reach despair.


Despair's phrase, TEN GLOWING SWORDS, hides the word PUS. To uncover the
hidden word, select the letters E, G, L, O, W, N, G, S, W, O, D, and S.


Justice is a nice little puzzle which requires logical thinking. The idea is
to press the squares in the proper sequence to fill a 5-by-5 grid with 25

Begin by pressing the center square. Next press the four squares containing
the dots. You should now have an eye in the center and eight equally spaced
dots around the perimeter of the grid. Remembering the positions of these new
dotted squares, press them and ONLY them, clockwise, starting with the upper
square on the right (e.g., row 1, column 4) being careful not to press any of
the new squares you create as you go.

You should now have dotted squares in each of the four corners of the grid,
each of the four sides' mid-points, and four dotted squares on the diagonal
from the corner squares. In addition, you should have a 3-by-3 "cross" of eyes
with the central eye being in the center square. Next, press the dotted
squares which are on the diagonals with the four corners. The four corners and
the four mid-points around the perimeter should have dots. Equally spaced
between the perimeter dots should be eyes.

Press the squares in each of the four corners. You should have a 5-by-5 cross
of eyes with dots at the end of each "arm" of the cross. Finally, press the
four dotted squares. Congratulations! You have now earned the Third Key of
Thoth! But what's this? A pulsing bar along the left side? What's this all
about? Click and drag the bar from left to right. Another pusling bar appears.
Click and drag this bar from right to left. Lord, now there's one at the top!
Click and drag it from top to bottom. Yes, there's another one to click and
drag from bottom to top. But that's what you'll have to remember when you co
to the High Priestess' puzzle.

     Part 5

NOTE: In menu bar V The King of Swords, The King of Pentacles, the King of
Cups, The King of Wands, The Madness, The Straight Path, and The Plain of
Bones do not have puzzles to solve. Their stories contain clues you will need
for the endgame.


The chariot is a jigsaw puzzle with the phrase, PENTACLES CUPS SWORDS WANDS.


To locate the letters to insert in the boxes, drag the mouse SLOWLY from left
to right just underneath the Eye. Start at the border. The first letter you
find should be an "I."


The Hermit is another of those clever oddities, puzzle-wise. In this one, you
must memorize and trace the pattern displayed on the screen -- sort of a
latter day "Simon Says" game. Each pattern is more intricate than the last,
but trace them all and you'll earn the Last Key of Thoth, which is another
pattern to memorize and trace.


Judgement's phrase, GAZE INTO THE SANDS, hides the letters ECZ. To uncover
them, select the G, A, N, T, O, T, H, E, D and S.


The locations of the key objects in The Tower's picture are as follows:

The letters "RW" are in the lower right corner; the man is carrying six
swords in a pack on his back -- hilts upward. The sword hilts terminate in the
upper left corner (right where they are when you first see the puzzle). The
moon is in the upper right corner, the lone sword is in the center of the
picture to the left of the RW and the fool is on his hands and knees directly
under the moon. The battlefield of tents runs across the center of the picture
and terminate just before the fool.


The first two lines of The Devil's cryptogram phrase are: TO SECURE THAT
WHICH CANNOT BE GOTTEN. The rest of the puzzle should be easily solved with
this information.


This is the easiest puzzle of all, but it's also the trickiest insofar as how
you go about solving it. I finally needed a nudge from Neil McCulloch on this
one. After he told me, I felt stupid. All you have to do is as SOON as you
click on the "?" box, put your mouse cursor in the upper menu bar area. You'll
have a second or two to spare since you have to insert the Game Disk for this

With your cursor in the menu bar, wait for the black eye to generate a white
eye at the bottom of the screen in the scroll. Now click and drag your cursor
down to the bottom of the screen. The black eye won't follow you. When you get
to the white eye, click it quickly.


The placement of the key objects in this picture puzzle is as follows:

The letters "RW" are in the upper right corner, the sun is to their left. To
the left of the sun and in the upper left corner are rocky mountain
formations. The fool is on the right side of the picture under the reflection
of the "RW" in the water. To his left is a man with a goatee who is holding
the reins of a horse, which is to his left. The horse's saddle has a pommel.
Directly above the horse in the water is a four-masted ship with rigging.


This is the last of the word search puzzles. In this one you must find 22
tarot card names. The word list follows:

Across: High Priestess, Hanged Man, Empress, Devil, World, Star, Emperor,
Fool, Strength, Chariot, Sun, Lovers.

Down: Justice, Hierophant, Wheel of Fortune, Judgement, Death, Hermit,
Temperance, Tower, Moon, Magician.

     Part 6

Now you've solved all the puzzles and have received all the Sun's map pieces;
however, the pieces are in a random order in the grid. It's up to you to
decide where each of the pieces goes. The following layout will assist you in
this puzzle.

ROW 1:

Column 1: Star, No. 23
Column 2: Big "V," letter "P" upper left
Column 3: 2-headed, 1-legged bird (looks like palm tree), letters running
down right side
Column 4: Moon, letters running down left side
Column 5: Tower with lightning bolt in middle, letter "K"
Column 6: Roman numeral IX, number "10" upper right
Column 7: Roman numeral X with letter "N" just above and variable-sized boxes
Column 8: Roman numeral VI, number "15" upper right, variable-sized boxes
Column 9: Large "T", letter "E" upper left, jaggy line with dots from top
left to bottom center

ROW 2:

Column 1: Mountain with lightning, number "13" upper left
Column 2: Roman numeral III, number "18" upper right
Column 3: Letter "o" (NOT the Big "O") with letter "T" upper left, letters
running down right side
Column 4: Roman numeral V with number "20" lower right, letters running down
left side
Column 5: Roman numeral VIII with Letter "O" lower left, number "12" lower
Column 6: Castle with two turrets, left and right, letter "H" lower left
Column 7: Roman numeral III, with variable-sized boxes
Column 8: Roman numeral II with variable-sized boxes (NOTE: Boxes in Row 2
Column 7 mate with boxes in Row 2 Column 8 as well as with those immediately
above in Row 1 Columns 7 and 8.)
Column 9: Letter "D" and jumping fish, jaggy line with dots from top center
to lower right (mates with jaggy line above in Row 1 Column 9)

ROW 3:

Column 1: Roman numeral X and man in bed, boxes upper right
Column 2: Roman numeral V and mating boxes
Column 3: Roman numeral II, letters down right side
Column 4: Roman numeral VII, letters down left side
Column 5: Large "F" with Roman numeral IV above
Column 6: Chalice, letters down right side
Column 7: Large "B" with number "24" upper right, letters down left side,
lion upper left
Column 8: Bridge, letter "M" upper left
Column 9: Large "U" with hangman's noose

ROW 4:

Column 1: Three-turreted castle
Column 2: Roman numeral VIII, letters running across bottom
Column 3: Large, fancy "Y," with letter "X" lower left and letters running
across bottom
Column 4: Looks like a wheel broken in half, one half in upper left, other
half in lower right, and number "17" upper right
Column 5: Big "O," letter "I" upper left
Column 6: Big "E" and letters running down right side
Column 7: World globe, letters running down left side
Column 8: Letter "U," "window panes" below
Column 9: Coin with star (Pentacle)

ROW 5:

Column 1: Dagger stuck in ground, number "9" lower right
Column 2: Roman numeral VI with "B" lower left and "14" lower right, letters
running across top
Column 3: Scales with letter "W" lower left, number "2" lower right, letters
running across top
Column 4: Letter "G" with letter "R" lower left, number "11" lower right,
letter running across top
Column 5: Big "R" with letter "C" lower left
Column 6: Big "A" and letters running down right side
Column 7: Number VI with six circles above and letters running down left side
Column 8: Roman numeral IV with "window panes" above
Column 9: Multi-turreted castle, the only one NOT black, with stairs leading
to front

ROW 6:

Column 1: Hour glass
Column 2: Box full of rows of letters with path in middle
Column 3: Squiggly path, letters along bottom
Column 4: Roman numeral V, letters running across bottom
Column 5: Roman numeral VII, letters running across bottom
Column 6: Edge of cliff with stylistic sun upper left
Column 7: Roman numeral III and little church
Column 8: Maze with Roman numeral IX top center
Column 9: Maze with Roman numeral X top center

ROW 7:

Column 1: Tower, lighting upper left, number "22" lower right
Column 2: Trident, letter "J"
Column 3: Roman numeral VIII, river running lower right to upper left (river
also looks like stairs), "QWERTY" runs across top
Column 4: Letter "S" and 3 pyramids, "UIOPASDFG" across top
Column 5: Roman numeral VII and what looks like a dish, "HJKLZXCV" across top
Column 6: Roman numeral X and musical note
Column 7: Church symbol with cross in middle, Roman numeral V above and
number "8" lower right
Column 8: Roman numeral VIII with small hammer, letter "F" lower left, letter
"T" below hammer
Column 9: Scroll with eye

ROW 8:

Column 1: Pennant facing left-to-right, number "25"
Column 2: Looks like mountains, letter "Q" lower left
Column 3: Letter "D" with 3 pyramids
Column 4: Three pyramids, number "5" lower right
Column 5: Roman numeral IV with window panes lower right, number "6" upper
right, letter "G" lower left
Column 6: Window panes lower left with rat on top, Roman numeral II with
letter "A" upper left, "19" upper right
Column 7: Shaded 2-towered castle on hill with arrow below, letter "V" upper
left, number "26" lower right
Column 8: Letter "L" on a lake with letter "S" lower left, number "3" lower
Column 9: Roman numeral VII with barn and silo atop, letter "Y" below left

ROW 9:

Column 1: Skull
Column 2: Large "U" with heart, number "4" upper right
Column 3: Star in rings, letter "X" upper left, number "21" upper right
Column 4: Roman numeral VI with bridge, letter "U" upper left, number "16"
lower right
Column 5: Roman numeral V with window panes upper right, letter "L" lower
Column 6: Roman numeral I with window panes upper left, number "7" lower
Column 7: Either a statue or a tree on a pedestal, with letter "Z" lower left
Column 8: Letter "D" with Roman numeral III above, 3 small pyramids lower
left next to letter "D"
Column 9: Letter "R" with Roman numeral II and 2 small pyraminds at right

     Part 7

Now that you have the Sun's map reassembled, you have but one set of puzzles
left to solve -- uncovering the lost 14 treasures of the world. This set of
problems tests your powers of observation; every puzzle you've solved in the
game thus far will be used in this endeavor. I strongly urge that you print
out the story if you have a printer. You'll refer to it often in the following
paragraphs, and it'll be much easier looking at the printout rather than
clicking pieces of the map to see the available clues. We'll start by looking
at the Book of Thoth and picking up a few more clues. Click on the map square
that has the piece of parchment with the Egyptian eye hieroglyphic.

Each of the fourteen lines in the Book of Thoth has a brief clue which will
be displayed in the lower left corner of the screen for every line you click.
These clues tell you two things about the treasure which goes on its
associated line: where in the game the answer can be found, and what form the
answer will be in -- confused (scrambled letters) or disguised
(cryptogrammed). The first line's clue, for example, says "The Kings are
confused." This means that the treasure for the first line relates to finding
out all you can about the four Kings of the tarot suits -- Pentacles, Wands,
Swords and Cups. In addition, once you find out all there is to know about the
Kings, the resulting set of letters you will have collected will be scrambled
(anagrammed) and you will have to rearrange the letters to form the two-word
treasure necessary to fill in the first line of the Book.


Look at the eight rarts of the story that deal with the four Kings. In
addition to the obviously named "King of xxx" portions, you'll find references
to each of the four Kings in the Kingdoms' (The Wand, The Pentacle, The Cup
and The Sword) stories. Thus, from the Kings' stories you should pick up the
letters N, Z, T and U. From the Kingdoms' stories you should pick up the
letters S, B, T and E. Ah, that's only eight letters, you say? This is where
the printout comes in handy since it has the Sun Map piece which relates to
each of the four Kings. And as you can see, the letters O, E, R and A will
complete your set of 12 letters. By anagramming the letters, you will find a
BRONZE STATUE! Click on the Book hieroglyph and fill in the first line.


To find your next treasure, you will have to complete one of the four box
puzzles on the Sun's Map. The Kingdom of the Pentacles' box puzzle is the
long, skinny set of blocks on the middle right of the map. Point to its center
and click. You see a 3-by-8 grid of boxes which must be filled in with each of
the three-letter words you found in the Kingdom of the Pentacles. The stories
from the Kingdom of the Pentacles starts with "The Blacksmith" and ends with
"The Hanged Man." You should find the following three-letter word
combinations: AIH, ROI, MYR, FIE, YES, ERA, SIP and TOP. As you fill the words
into the boxes of the puzzle, you'll notice that (1) the central letters are
grayed out, (2) all the letters in the right hand boxes are black, and (3) the
four center boxes on the left are black. This means that by filling the words
into the grid in the proper order, you'll spell out a treasure. The treasure
is a STAR SAPPHIRE. Insert the words in their appropriate places; click on the
Book and fill in the second line.


Next, you must visit each of the four Queens' stories to locate the 15
letters necessary for the third line in the Book. From the Queen of Wands,
you'll find the letters CLAC; the Queen of Pentacles will give you TRSC; the
Queen of Cups has YNAL; and the Queen of Swords has EKE. Remember: The Queens
are confused. Anagram these 15 letters to find a CRYSTAL NECKLACE and fill in
the third line in the Book.


Back we go to the Sun's Map to another of the box puzzles -- this time, it's
the box puzzle at the very bottom of the map. Point to its center and click.
The stories you need to read in order to pick up the eight three-letter words
start with "The Canopy" and continue through "The Watchtower." Put the eight
words into the grid so that they spell out RUBY RING and fill in the fourth
line in the Book of Thoth.


This puzzle will have you bouncing all through the story titles following the
Path of Six. Start your journey with the "Three Ships" story. You find the
sacred RW and are told to "seek he who chases a fish." Looking through the
stories, you find The Page of Cups is chasing his KD fish. He tells you to
"seek she who holds two swords." Further into the manuscript you find "The
Chant" and the lady, indeed, holds two rusty swords. She is intoning EZC and
advises you to "seek the family who departs by boat."

The story of "The Boat" shows you a family following the path of the sacred
YH. They tell you to seek "the broken wheel." Looking at the map pieces, you
find one that has two broken wheel halves pictured. "The Chariot" driver says
he has the mystical HA and tells you to locate "a thief who steals seven,"
then he drives away in a cloud of dust. The story of "The Thief" tells you the
magic word is RW and that it's the last of its kind. Oddly enough, it was also
the FIRST of its kind (re-read "Three Ships").

Now that you've followed the paths of six stories, you've collected RW, KD,
EZC, YH, HA, and RW. Now what do you do with them? Ah, they're disguised,
remember? Yes, it's time to use one of the alphabet strings on the Sun's Map.
This time, it's the horizontal letter string in the middle left. Point to it
and click. Then type in the letters you've collected in their original order
to uncover an ONYX MEDALLION! Enter this prize on the fourth line in the Book.


This is the first of the cryptogram puzzles which use the four alphabetical
strings on the Sun's Map. Although you hear many mystic chants throughout your
wanderings, only one is recognized by the Fool as a mystical chant. Read the
story of "The Stream" and you will find the mystical chant is NZSLTZMB HGZUU.
Wonderful. Now what could that mean? To find out, point to and click the
alphabet string at the bottom of the Sun's Map. You're greeted with the
cryptic (appropriately enough) message, "If you know which is which, enter the
letters you wish to switch." Type in the mystical chant and enter what you
find in sixth line of the Book.


What a mess these fellows are in! Not only are they confused, they're mixed
in together as well! Look at each part of the Knights' and Pages stories. You
will find one letter for each of them. Be cautious since some of the letters
will have been or will be used to solve other puzzles. The letters you seek
are on the map pieces you received for each of the Knights and Pages. The
letters are S, D, L, U, D, T, O, and G. If you anagram the letters, you will
find GOLD DUST! Enter this treasure onto the seventh line of the Book.

     Part 8


Point to and click the picture of the mazes on the Sun's Map. Ah, this looks
relaxing and simple, doesn't it? You should be able to just zip right over to
the exit and get out, right? Wrong! As soon as you try this, an ogre throws
you back into the maze. Sorry, but you'll have to work to escape this one.

Pick a path -- any path. You'll see either one of the denizens of the maze or
you will get the message, "You cannot enter unless eleven are seen!" What the
message is refering to is the eleven different characters inhabiting the area.
Continue trying paths until you've located all eleven creatures, then return
to the path where you received the message. Searching every corridor will give
you a four-leaf clover, a pine cone, and a brass coin. Go visit the
In the Leprechaun's area you'll find a tiny pearl, a pink handerkerchief, and
ginger root. Go visit the Witch. There you will find a gray mushroom, a knife,
and an ancient scroll. Now that you have the knife, go to the Banshee and get
a flat stone, a lamp, and a case of poison ivy! Ah, well, it can't be helped.
With the lamp firmly in hand, go see the Genie. Visit the paths and get
another gray mushroom, a pine cone and a copper key! Ah, where's that copper

Go back to the central area of the maze and straight down into one of the
"room's" walls. A buzzing noise sounds and the copper door is opened to you!
Entering the door loses the key, so don't miss any of these paths -- search
everywhere! You should find the Mystical Spell of Prowess! Work your way out
of the corridor and a hidden panel slides open to allow you to leave! Head
toward the maze's exit. With your new-found prowess, you take care of that
pesky ogre in nothing flat!

Explore this new area of paths and locate another tiny pearl, your second
brass coin, and a quartz crystal. If you try to leave the maze, a noisy sprite
chases you away. We'll fix it's caboose in a little while. In the meantime,
who wanted the crystal? The Elf! After he leaves, search his home and find a
iron bell, yet another gray mushroom and a silver cross. Aha, so that's how to
get past the Vampire! Head back over there and chase Count Dracula away!
Search his castle and find an ancient scroll, a tarnished ring, and a sprig of

The spirit wanted the herb, so fly to him then search his home for another
iron bell, your third tiny pearl, and a case of poison oak! This
doesn't seem to be your day, does it? Don't scratch! Instead, take the tiny
pearls over to the Dwarf then look for an old umbrella, a third brass coin,
and a silver key! Aha, another door opens! Go straight up and out of the maze
into the central area and to the left wall. The silver door opens but, again,
as you enter, the silver key is lost. There's only one thing to find in here
and that's the Mystical Spell of Silence! Exit the corridor through the first
panel that opens before you and head over to the noisy, little Sprite.

Having quietened the creature, go south into its area and search for a fourth
brass coin, a yellow daisy, and another pine cone. If you try to leave the
maze this time, you're repelled by a nasty Fire Demon! He blasts you back
inside the maze with a fury. Better see if we can find another Spell to get
past him.

There's only three residents left to satisfy. Let's go visit that snippity
Pixie. The yellow daisy may placate her disdain for your less than stellar
manners. Yes, that's made her happy. She flies away leaving you free to
explore and find another pine cone, a piece of hickory bark, and yet another
case of poison something or other -- this time Sumac.

No time to fret over your ever-blistering skin. Take the hickory bark to the
Wood Nymph. After the twinkling light fades, search for an iron bell, another
mushroom, and your fifth brass coin. Ah, that should take care of the Troll's
demands. Head out and over to his domain. In here you will find only one
thing: a gold key! Return to the central room and go south and to the left
until you find the golden door. As before, the gold key is lost once you
enter. Work your way through the paths until you find the Mystical Spell of
Disruption. Head north to find the exit and then go back to the central part
of the maze.

If you try to exit the maze in the normal manner, the Fire Demon will still
catch you and toss you back. Let him do so. He'll throw you over the wall and
into the area with the locked silver door. Exit through the panel and head
STRAIGHT to the right but not all the way to the wall. Instead, take the first
path to the LEFT of the far right wall and go north and east to the corner.
Here, your Spell is activated and you vanquish the Fire Demon in nothing flat!
Go back to the main maze exit and start to head out. As you do, you're given
seven strange letters (XLPFYVX). Head toward the exit again and this time
you're presented with eight more strange letters (ENPAZGZJ). Finally, you can
exit the maze completely. Don't worry about all those mushrooms, bells, and
pine cones you're left with. They're mere window dressing.

Remember what the hint in the Book of Thoth said? "The Maze of Thorns is
disguised." Yes, the solution is in one of the alphabet strings on the Sun's
Map. This time, it's the vertical alphabet string on the upper left. Point to
it and click. Type in the cryptic letters just as they appear and enter the
treasure you uncover on the eighth line in the Book.


What can that mean? Oh, no! It's a cryptogram AND it's mixed up to boot! Ah,
but was it disguised before or after it got confused? Well, we'll see. The
Hierophant's story starts with "The Cloud," and ends with "The Moon." Lord,
look at all those numbers! Where is this information supposed to be found? On
the Map! Look closely at the corners of the various map pieces. Some of them
have numbers and those pieces have corresponding letters paired with them on
the adjacent map piece. A code! Write the alphabet down and write each
letter's number next to it. Then extract from the alphabet the letters that
match all the numbers you found in The Hierophant's story. Unscramble the
letters to find an EMERALD FLOWER and enter it on the ninth line in the Book
of Thoth.


This is an interesting puzzler. Reading the story of Justice tells you of a
cursed emperor and his empress. This tale leads you to examine the stories of
the Emperor and the Empress. To lift their curses, remove the letters of the
Emperor's curse from the letters of the Empress's curse. The remaining letters
can be rearranged to form a SILVER CHALICE! Enter this on the tenth line in
the Book.


This puzzle requires you to solve another of the box puzzles on the Sun's
Map. This puzzle is the one in the upper left corner of the map. Point to it
and click. You will have to do some story traveling to locate all the two and
three letter "words" necessary to solve this one. The story to start with is
"The High Priestess." She will tell you what you must seek in order to solve
this puzzle. She tells you she needs three things from you, but she only tells
you two of them -- the third is a message for you to deliver to The Magician.
First you're told to find the sacred inscription from the evil dark tower.
Looking at the story titles you see "The Tower." In this story, you learn that
the sacred inscription is QM. Put this in the first two-letter space in the

Next you're told to bring her the letters from the banner of Death. Reading
the story of "Death" tells you the letters are ZA. Put this in the second
two-letter space. The remaining three two-letter spaces are filled with the
"words" from the story of "The Singer."

Now, return to the story of "The Sentry," which is the next story after "The
High Priestess." Reading this story tells you to find a man who's been killed
by ten and smear his blood on the weapon of an outnumbered warrior. Looking
through the story titles you find two dealing with warriors: "The Warrior" and
"The Dead Warrior." A gory description of the dead warrior's wounds gives you
the first of the three letter words you need: PUS. You find the outnumbered
warrior's weapon is a BOW. So the first word (PUS) is on top of the second
(BOW). The remaining three "words" are on the Sun's Map. Point to and click
"The Wheel of Fortune" and enter these three words into the remaining spaces
to find your treasure. Enter it on the eleventh line of the Book of Thoth.

     Part 9


This one's fun and it changes with every game; so you'll be on your own after
you learn the route to take. Point to and click the map piece filled with
letters which has a path through the top portion of it. Ah, a word search
puzzle! But it's unlike the other word search puzzles you played in the main
portions of the game. This one has just one treasure to be found and a logical
means for finding it.

Somewhere in the stories is talk of the shortest distance between two points
and advice for following the straightest path. Start reading from "The Hermit"
and finish with "Judgement." In these stories you learn your starting position
is the letter "J." In "Judgement," you're given directions and the number of
spaces to travel in those directions.
Locate any letter J on the word search puzzle and follow the directions from
"Judgement." If you follow closely, you'll discover a JADE IDOL! Insert this
on the twelfth line in the Book of Thoth.


This puzzle is the last of the four box puzzles. Point to and click on the
box puzzle in the upper right corner of the Sun's Map. All the words necessary
to complete this puzzle are found in the stories about the people in the
Kingdom of the Cups. Start with the story of "The Children" and read through
"The Not-A-Merchant" story.

In "The Children" you are told to seek the word of a star and the word of a
pyramid. Reading "The Star" gives you the word ERR. The pyramid's word is a
bit harder to locate. Both the Page and Knight of Wands and the story, "The
Pyramids," gives you the letters E, X, and H. Anagram these to form HEX. In
"The Couple" you are given the word CARE. "The Couple" also tells you about
the work of the Devil and Despair. Read each of these stories for the words

The story of "The Dancers" gives you the words LEAP and Joy. "The Family"
contributes WISH and mentions "the food of fertile seeds." There's only one
story that talks about seeds and that's the story of "The Knight of
Pentacles." Go there and find WHEAT, CORN and RICE. Finally, "The
Not-A-Merchant" story tells you that NINE is the last.

You now have all the words needed to complete the puzzle. Fit the words into
the puzzle to locate a JEWELED CROWN! Enter this item as the thirteenth
treasure in the Book.


This is your final challenge in completing the Book of Thoth. We will be
using the last unused alphabetic string to uncover this treasure.

If you look at the map pieces, certain of them have very ornate letters
engraved upon them. The letters are V, F, B, U, Y, U, D and R. But what order
are they supposed to be in? This is where the printout of the story is
invaluable because the letters are listed in the proper order when you read
the story from beginning to end. The proper order is D, R, B, U, F, V, Y and
U. Point to and click on the vertical alphabetic string on the right side of
the map. Type the letters in and soon you will find the AMETHYST! Enter this
fourtenth treasure in the Book.


After you enter the last treasure, you see that The Fool has earned the Gif
of Wisdom for his adventures, trials and deeds! Pride swells in your breast at
this reward. But what's this? The Book of Thoth is growing smaller and smaller
until nothing remains but the instruction to insert the "Show Disk" to see the
finale. Believe me, it's worth the price of this game many times over! View
the finale then sit back and consider phoning Miles Computing to congratulate
them on a beautifully executed game!

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