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                  F L I G H T    O F    T H E    A M A Z O N    Q U E E N

                                   Complete Walk Thru v1.0 by Terence Wee
                                              email :
Game produced  by                   Interactive Binary Illusions Pty. Ltd.
Game published by                         Warner Interactive Entertainment

The following is the complete walk thru of FAQ.

I'm writing this from memory. So, you'll most probably find that the
walkthru is kinda terse. At every mention of a new location, I've tried to
incorporate a map (ASCII map ain't easy ! :)

U may go about talking and exploring FAQ, as long as u follow these steps,
u'll win the game.

If there r any errors please email me.  I'll correct and publish an update
ASAP. This is my first attempt at writting a walkthru anyway. :)

Thank you and ENJOY ! :)

With regards,
Terence Wee

                                                       PART I : ESCAPE !!
1] Hotel Room in Rio
    PICK-UP bed sheets (2 of 'em)
USE 1 bed sheet with another to make a rope
USE bed sheet rope with radiator
USE bed sheet rope to slide down laundry chute

2] Basement
MOVE ladder
PICK-UP plastic breast and crow bar
    USE bed sheet rope to go back to hotel room

3] Hotel Room
USE curtain puller
USE crow-bar on chest
LOOK into chest and get towel
    USE bed sheet rope again to slide down laundry chute, walk up to
         reception area

4] Hotel Reception Area
TALK to bell boy, say u r a friend of Lola and get her keys
Go back to basement
USE Lola's keys on her door

5] Lola's Room
TALK to her, ask her for help
GIVE her the towel, she'll give u a dress

6] Basement
USE dress, wig, plastic breast (no peeking ! :)
Walk out of hotel

7] The Car Case
PICK-UP hay, pick up oil drum
USE oil drum on goons' car

8] The Airport
Punch Anderson and get going.

                                                    Part II - PLANE CRASH
1] Sinking Airplane
    LOOK at waterlogged seats, u'll find a Commander Rocket coupon
TALK to Sparky, get beef
OPEN duffle bag, get lighter etc etc.
OPEN plane door

2] Lily Pad
GIVE beef to pirahna
PICK-UP propeller
USE knife on lily stem
USE propeller with lily pad

3] Shore

                   [Crash site]
                   [Broken Bridge]

    Move north, u'll see a parrot and some vines
    USE knife on vines and get it
    Move south twice to broken bridge
    USE vines with bridge
    Walk across to pick up banana
    Walk south 3 times, until u see a gorilla
    TALK to him and tell him he shouldn't b there. He'll disappear.
    Walk to pinacle

4] Trader Bob
    GIVE beef to Bob (Bob needs a flower too, but later)
    PICK-UP vacumm cleaner (Bob will give it to u)
    TALK to Naomi, she needs perfume
    Go back to pinacle

5] Jungle

          --[sloth]---[Explorers]         [Wasp and orchid]--[Amazonians]
  [jungle]            |                           |
          --[beetle]--+--[DinoGorilla]--[Hollow Tree]

    TALK to explorers, get comic from Skip
    TALK to DinoGorilla, say he doesn't exist again and he'll b gone
    GIVE banana to monkey (middle) to get a coconut
    USE knife on coconut
    USE vacumm cleaner to suck those WASPs and PICK-UP the orchid
    Go to Amazonians and press the button. U'll b caught.

6] Amazon Dungeon
    TALK to tired old man playing with puppets. U'll get a hand puppet.
    Faye will release u.

7] Trader Bob
    GIVE Bob the orchid, he'll give u the fish net.
    Go and PICK-UP the perfume from the crash site.
    While u r there, pick up another banana from the broken bridge area.
    GIVE perfume to Naomi, she'll give u a scissor.

8] Flado Inc.

  [Dog House]--[Reception]--[Kitchen]--[Barracks]

    PICK-UP the flower from flower bed.
    TALK to receptionist, say u r the fumigator
    TALK to chef (Colonel Jackson).
    GIVE the banana to him. He'll leave.
    PICK-UP dog food and cheezy cheese.
    Walk to barracks.
    OPEN mail bag, look inside. U'll get a "Dear John" letter. :)
    OPEN locker, get toy.

9] Jungle
    GIVE nectar flower to sloth
    USE scissor on sloth to get hair.
    USE fish net to capture beetle

10] Trader Bob
    GIVE sliced coconut, sloth hair and vacumm cleaner (WASPs) to witch.
    U'll get a rash potion.
    GIVE rash potion to Bud (explorer) and he'll give u enuff money
         to buy the elevator muzak record.

11] Flado Inc. [Secret Elevator]
    Search the cushion for some money
    MOVE statue hand
    MOVE book (not books)
    USE elevator muzak record on gramaphon. Walla ! Secret elevator.
    USE elevator

12] Underground Complex

                [XXXX]--[Henry]--[DinoRat]--[Princess Azura]
                   |    |
       [Safe]-- [John]  |
     [Roster]--    |    |
                   |    |
    [Frank's]-- [Klunk]-+

    OPEN the door at XXXX and search those boxes, u'll get a can opener.
    GIVE John his "Dear John" letter
    OPEN 1st door [Safe], MOVE cabinet
    OPEN 2nd door [Roster], and read the roster.
         (I may b wrong, but the roster changes)
    TALK to Henry, tell him to report to chef
    PICK-UP "The Great Escape" book from [YYYY]
    USE scissor on book and u'll get a key
    PICK-UP wimpy serum from DinoRat
    USE key to open the prison lock [Princess Azura]
         (mooch mooooooch ! :)

13] Flado Inc. [Reception Area.]
    The alarm will sound
    USE Mannequin
    TALK to Princess Azura, she'll tell u the combination
    USE security panel
    PICK-UP the pencil from the reception area.
    GO back down to Underground Complex.

14] Underground Complex.
    USE can open on dog food.
    USE wimpy serum with dog food.
    GIVE chef's surprise to Klunk
    Punch him.
    Go into Frank's office.
    USE pencil on writing pad.
    USE safe combination with [Safe]
    PICK-UP pad lock key

15] Flado Inc.
    GIVE toy to dog
    OPEN door
    USE pad lock key with PAD LOCK
    OPEN and LOOK inside of box to get rocket pack

16] Amazonians
    U'll b asked by Frank to get the skull

17] Jetty
    TALK to DEATH, tell him he needs bait
    GIVE beetle to him, he'll agree to ferry u to temple

                                                 Part III - SKULL HUNTING

1] Temple Level 1

        \           /
       [Slot Machine]

    GIVE cheezy cheese to DinoRat when u see it
    Walk to each tomb and PICK-UP body
    They will crumple, get those bones.
    Put/USE head, rib cage and leg into "holes"
    USE hand with "slot machine" socket
    USE money with slot machine
    USE hand (JACKPOT ! :)

2] Temple Level 2

        -Here's part of the full map--------------------------
                                                [Level 3]
     *[WaterFall Upper]   [Flint Room]--[Crypt]  [Prince Tomb]
             |                 |                    |
             |                 |                    |
[ID Middle]--[White Snake]      |                    |
  |                       [Pully Upper]     [Pulley Lower]--%[Pick/Ian]
  |                            |                |
  |                            |                |
[Right Arm]                  [Mouth]           [Left Arm]

        -Please refer the map  to asterisk marked in next map-

    The guardian will ask u a question, answer the life cycle of a man
    (I hope it's a fixed question :)

    Go to Prince Tomb
    TALK to concubine zombie, talk her into opening the tomb
    PICK-UP mummy cloth/wrapper
    TALK to concubine zombie again, talk her into opening the tomb
    OPEN the tomb, get crown
    USE knife on vines
    CLOSE tomb
    MOVE tomb
    Go into Level 3

3] Temple Level 3

                                   [Level 2]
   [Hot Statue Upper]              |
   [Hot Statue Lower]--[Pick/Ian]--[Transporter]--[Tree Sap]

    USE knife on tree sap
    PICK-UP tree sap
    USE tree sap on bat
    PICK-UP tree sap again (u need this later for broken statue)
    MOVE statue head
    PICK-UP blue gem
    TALK to Ian
    USE puppet on disk [Hot Statue]
    USE transporter to go up to level 2

4] Temple Level 2 - Pulley Puzzle
    USE disk on spindle [Pully Upper]
    USE vines on disk [Pully Upper]
    USE vines on pulley [Pulley Lower]
    USE bat on pulley [Pulley Lower]
    Get the pick
    USE bat on pulley [Pulley Lower] again
         else u won't b able to rescue Ian

5] Temple Level 2 - Getting Pass the White Snake
    Go into the flint room
    USE pick on stalag-whatever
    PICK-UP flint
    USE flint with lighter
    USE mummy wrapper with skeleton hand
    USE lighter on make shift torch
    Go to White Snake room
    USE make shift torch with White Snake, it'll go away
    Go into the Waterfall room

6] Temple Level 2 - Here's where the phun starts :P~~

        -Here's part of the full map-----------------------------

       %[Ian/Pick Upper]            [ID Top]--[Altar Upper]
        |                           |                   |
        |                           |                   |
       *[WaterFall Lower]-----------+                   |
[Hot Statue Upper] [Altar Lower] [ID Bottom]--[Treasure] |
        |         |              |                      | %[Ian/Pick Upper]
        |         |              |                      |
        [Sad Statue]-----------[DeathRay]---------------+--[Ian/Pick Lower]

        -Please refer the map to (*) (%)  marked in previous map-

    Go to [ID Top]
    LOOK at body, u'll get a piece of stone carving and ID

    Go to [Sad Statue]
    PICK-UP big stick

    Go to the [Flint Room]
    USE pick on hole (it'll break thru the wall)
    USE big stick on crypt
    U'll get a mud covered dead mask
    USE remaining mummy wrapper to polish the dead mask

    Go to [DeathRay]
    USE polished dead mask with polished mirror

    Go to [Treasure]
    USE sticky bat to get the green gem

    Go to [Sad Statue]
    USE both green and blue gem on eye socket

    Go to [Ian/Pick]
    TALK to Ian, ask him to untie the rope beneath him
    USE the lever

    Go to [Hot Statue Upper]
    Ian is a pan cake

    Go back all the way to the [Prince Tomb] (1st map)
    Go back to [Hot Statue Lower] (Temple level 3)
    LOOK at Ian, u'll get another piece of carved stone
    USE tree sap on one of those pieces
    USE carved stones to "glue" 'em together

    Go back to [Altar Lower]
    USE glued statue with statue, this will open a door to ....

7] Temple Level 4

    [DinoRat]--[Ejection Seat]--[Puzzle Room]-|||||-[Skull Room]

    GIVE cheezy cheese to DinoRat and follow him around
    He'll lead u to [Ejection Seat]

    LOOK at the wall marking
    MOVE both side of stone slab, this will bring down the "ejection seat"

    Go into [Puzzle Room]
    USE vacumm cleaner on mosaic floor

    I'm not sure whether the puzzle will b the same or not, but here's
    how I solved it.

    The mosaic tile floor after I vacummed it :

         A B C D E F
         G H I J K L
         M N O P Q R
         S T U V W X
         Y Z 1 2 3 4

    What I did wuz pressing the same symbol "Y" on the wall.
    Bcoz I noticed it's kinda rotated on the wall, a clue ?
    The symbols changed.

    I then follow by pressing the same symbol "A" on the wall.

    I repeatedly pressed "Y" on the wall followed by B.
    Then Y C, Y D, Y E and Y F.

    When I reached "F", the locked door to the skull room opened ! :)

8] Aire to Prince Alma-what-his-name ! :)
    Go into the skull room
    The guardian will re-appear and ask u to show proof
    (Don't show her ur family jewels ! :)
    GIVE her the prince crown
    PICK-UP skull
    Go back to [Ejection Seat]
    USE chair (Beam me up Scotty ! :)

                                                 FINAL - JOE KICKS BUTT !

1] Prison
    PICK-UP enamel mug
    USE mug on prison door, Faye and Hans will appear

2] Trader Bob
    PICK-UP alcohol, u got the fake ID :)
    USE alcohol with rocket pack
    Go to Pinacle

    10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1-0-BLAST OFF ! :)

3] Crash Land... again !

                  [Dino Head]
    [Crash site]--[Dino]--[Carcass]--[ShowDown]

    Faye will show up
    Follow her, but a Dino is blocking ur way (u lost her)

    Go to [Branch]
    USE knife to cut branch

    Go to [Dino Head]
    USE branch on Dino

    Go to [Carcass]
    USE the Dino Horn to scare away that Dino-what-chamacallit

4] FINALE ! (Kinda like Ultraman vs. Godzilla, huh ? :)
    Try to figure this one out by urself.
    It's pretty simple really.
    All u need to do is :
         Watch the floor for a gun
         Talk to Faye and Sparky
         Use the gun

    I HOPE u enjoyed playing this game as much as I did ! :)

    There's a hint that there will be a sequel to FAQ...


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