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ECSTATICA SOLVE (Home made, use at your own risc)

Tip. * Don't try to kill the warewolf. You can't :)
    * Save often since warious creatures tend to sneak up
      on you and kill you in one sec.

Enter the shop and back out as soon as the warewolf has spotted you.
When outside let him hit you once (that enables you to run) then run
into the ally behind the shop. Turn left (where else) and run until
you see a door to the left. Enter and pick up the sword NOT THE ARMOUR!
Kill the piggys (or the red dragon) and get out of there.

Now get back to the church and pick up the little woodo doll lyin under
the dead priest. Walk out of the church and turn left, run into the
other alley. There in the corner you will find a closed door. Open it
and kill the bear inside, then run up the stairs two floors. There
you will find a fromula, read it then put the doll into the cooking pot.

Go down one floor and read the book. Then pick up the teddy and run to
the stable (where the little girl is seen in the beginning). Give her
the teddy and follow her to the church. Pick up the bible and follow
her down the stairs. When you have been down the dungeons.

Now go back to the second alley, don't enter the door but turn right
and go into the garden. Turn right at the cross and run up to the
monestary. Knock on the door, when the door is open go back and pick
up the flower. Put it in the pot aswell. Now go back to the first
alley (behind the shop) there there is a closed door, open it and
enter. Rescue the man.

Listen to the man then walk towards the door, the warewolf will kick
it down, to avoid being killed jump into the barrel! When he has left
go to the shelf and pick up the thingy there (only one is needed).
Put it inte pot!

Drink the potion then go to the church down the stairs and enter the
hole. Walk along until you get big again. Then just run up the stairs
take the scared knights sword and go out the door.

Now go back to the cross and go right this time. Kill the minotaur
(if you haven't alredy) and keep on walking. When you get to the
lake walk to the flat stone and wait.....

Turn back the same way you came and run straight on to the castle, Talk
to the old man. Enter the tower and run up the stairs, read the book.

Walk down the stairs ALL the way down. Sneak by the guard and walk on,
kill the two ghost fighters. Walk along to the stairs leading down.
Take the stairs to the LEFT on the screen. This part of the game is
really tricky. Save the game here befor you go down the stairs.
When you go down the stairs there are two traps on the way down and
to avoid them I simply walked backwards at the first and truned around
at the second facing forward again. Got it?

Down here you simply cant die so try everything. But there are a few
things you should do

1. Talk to the king. (skeletton in trone)
2. Get the magic book (at the entrance to the demon)
3. Get the arour (in one of the mummy coffins)

when this is done get out of here, now run to the stone henge.

Leave the book here and run back to the monestary. There you should
take the holy relic and run out thru the underground paths.
Go back to the stone henge put down your sword and pick up the
magic book. Place your self in the middle and pray ;).

Now you've got a real powerful relic to beat up the demon with.

Go down the tower and enter the room with the demon (where you got
the magic book). Now go down the stairs and talk with the demon by
the table. Then when he's finished you could either:

A. Give him the relic.  Happy ending for you ;)
B. Kill him.            Happy ending for all...

Hope this works for you..  it did for me ;)

Sven (

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