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Potion Effects

Potion of Giant Strength
 "Yuech! That tasted awful, and it didn't do a thing for me."
 "Wow! What bulging muscles I've got now!"

Potion of Healing
 "That felt tingly all over."
 "I feel better now."

Potion of Extra Healing
 "I feel much better now."

Potion of Poison
 "I feel really sick now."

Potion of Vitality
 "That really hit the spot!"
 "I wasn't in the mood to drink that. I was already pretty full."

Potion of Speed
 "Wow! I'm moving much faster now!"

Potion of Invisibility
 "Ha! Now you see me, now you don't!"

Potion of 'Neutralize Poison'
 "I'm glad that poison is out of my system."
 "Hmm. That made me feel warm all over."

Aqua Regia
 "Yuech! That tasted awful."
 "That was mildly refreshing."

Potion of 'Resist Fire'
 "It feels cooler around here all of a sudden."

Potion of 'Water Breathing'
 "That potion left a dry taste in my mouth."

Potion of Confusion
 "Huh? What? What's going on ... ?"
 "I don't feel confused anymore."

Potion of Monster Detection
 "I seem to sense the presense of monsters ..."

Potion of Restore Strength
 "Great! I've recovered my strength!"
 "My arms went numb for a second there when I drank that."

Potion of Food Detection
 "My nose is tingling ..."

Oil of Fiery Burning
 "Ow!!!! That burnt my tongue to a crisp!"
 "Ow!!!! That was hot!"

Ioun Stones

Pale Blue - rhomboid                    Ioun stone of +1 strength
Scarlet & Blue - sphere                 Ioun stone of +1 intelligence
Incandescent Blue - sphere              Ioun stone of +1 wisdom
Deep Red - sphere                       Ioun stone of +1 dexterity
Pink - rhomboid                         Ioun stone of +1 constitution
Pink & Green - sphere                   Ioun stone of +1 charisma
Pale Green - prism                      Ioun stone of +1 experience level
Clear - spindle                         Ioun stone of nourishment
Iridescent - spindle                    Ioun stone of air
Pearly White - spindle                  Ioun stone of regeneration
Pale Lavender - ellipsoid               Ioun stone of lesser spell absorbtion
Lavender & Green - ellipsoid            Ioun stone of greater spell absorbtion
Dusty Rose - prism                      Ioun stone of +1 protection
Dull Gray - any                         Burned out ioun stone
Gold - prism                            Ioun stone of magic resistance
Bright Red - rhomboid                   Ioun stone of dwarven eyes
Deep Blue - ellipsoid                   Ioun stone of drain protection
Yellow - spindle                        Ioun stone of petrification protection
Green - ellipsoid                       Ioun stone of +1 saves

Dungeon Area Effects

Slowed Movement
 "I feel like I'm moving so slow."
 "Hey -- I'm moving faster now!"

 "Hey! All of a sudden I can't see anything!"
 "I can see again!"

 "Ouch! That hurt to step there!"
 "Finally, I'm tired of getting hurt with every step I take!"

 "That was weird. A strange tingling just went up my spine."
 "Hmmm. I don't feel that tingling anymore."

 "My arms feel like dead weights."
 "Hmmm. My arms don't feel so heavy anymore."

 "All of a sudden I feel so hungry."
 "That's strange, I don't feel so incredibly famished anymore."

Experience Loss
 "Yuck! I feel like spiders are crawling all over my body!"
 "Whew! That spidery feeling went away."

Journal Pages

 "Beware of the creature known as an ankheg, it can spit a stream of highly
 corrosive acid at its victim."

Beast, Undead
 "The spells of fire that I cast do not seem very effective against the undead
 beasts that roam these halls."

Bone creatures
 "Those who rely on the keen edge of a blade in battle will inflict little
 harm against creatures made of bone."

Carrion Crawler
 "If I had not found the protection against paralyzation scroll earlier, the
 carrion crawlers would have destroyed me."

 "Had I known the chimera could breath fire, I would have prepared some sort
 of protection against such an attack."

 "I have seen several cockatrice within these halls, but they did not get
 close enough to turn me to stone."

Dragon, Blue
 "I fear that a dragon could be here. There are signs of great lightning
 damage that only a blue's breath weapon could do."

 "I think again of the signs marking the presence of a dragon. Most dragons,
 as I recall, have some resistance to magic."

 "I remember early teachings concerning elementals. I do believe they are
 invulnerable to all but magical weapons."

 "I would imagine that only weapons of magical nature have the power to hurt
 the stone-like monsters known as gargoyles."

 "I had little trouble defeating the ghouls, but I hate to think what would
 have happened if one had paralyzed me."

Grave Mist
 "I encountered an entity known as a grave mist, it appeared unhurt by all
 weapons save those of magical nature."

 "I managed to best the grave mist, but not before it struck me several times,
 weakening my constitution."

 "Strange. The grave mist almost seemed to heal itself when struck by my
 cold-based spells."

Golem, Flesh
 "Flesh golems are not only invulnerable against normal weapons, but they also
 appear to be magic resistant."

 "These great abominations of flesh, golems as some call them, seem to
 rejuvenate when struck by an electrical attack."

Groaning Spirit (Banshee)
 "It seems as if the banshee are immune to cold and electrical-based magic."

 "If this is so, I would guess that these groaning spirits are also unharmed
 by normal weapons."

 "I was not prepared when the lady, or should I say hag, revealed her true
 form and set upon me with her claws."

Knight, Death
 "It is a well known fact that a death knight cannot be turned. However, this
 mattered little to me, for I am a mage."

Lycanthrope, Wererat
 "If it were not for my silver dagger, I would have needed an enchanted
 weapon to fight the wererats that I encountered."

Medusa, Greater
 "I think it is an ioun stone -- a yellow spindle -- that offers some
 protection against the medusa's petrifying gaze."

 "Beware of an arrow shot from the bow of a great medusa, for they are often

 "I am thankful for the fire-based spells at my command. They were most useful
 against the mummies that I encountered."

 "I have learned that even magical weapons do not seem to inflict much damage
 against a mummy."

 "Not only are mummies unharmed by cold-based spells, but they are also
 immune to poison and paralyzation."

Naga, Spirit
 "The bite of a spirit naga is poisonous, so it is wise to keep a few vials of
 a cure poison potion at hand."

Ogre Slug
 "I imagine the thick rubbery hide of an ogre slug offers the monster added
 protection against blunt weapons."

 "More than once, the ogre slug I was fighting attempted to hit me with some
 sort of corrosive spittle."

 "One could only surmise that an ogre slug, which spits acid, would be immune
 to similar attacks."

 "The vicious scaladar, I have learned, are resistant to cold, acid, and
 electrical-based attacks."

 "Having done battle with a scaladar myself, I caution fighters against using
 bladed weapons against this monster."

 "An adventurer should have an enchanted blade at hand if he wishes to do
 battle with a shadow."

 "It seems as if many creatures within this dungeon are immune to cold-based
 spells, and the shadow is no exception."

 "...and the chilling touch of the shadow seems to draw physical strength from
 its victim."

Shambling Mound
 "My fire-based attacks do not seem very effective against the shambling
 mound's wet and slimy nature."

 "As well, the cold-based spells at my disposal do not seem to inflict full
 damage against the shambling mound."

 "A shambling mound does not seem harmed by crushing blows, nor do edged
 weapons appear very effective."

Sheet Ghoul
 "Like several other creatures within this dreadful place, the sheet ghoul can
 spit a highly corrosive acid."

 "The slithermorph is another creature immune to cold, acid, and
 electrical-based attacks."

 "Like many of the things that lurk within this dreaded place, the
 slithermorph is immune to poisons."

 "...thus the touch of a spectre drains two life energy levels from its

 "Only weapons ensorcelled with a magic enchantment have the power to harm a

 "It seems as if the spectre, like most undead, is immune to poison,
 paralyzation, and cold-based spells."

 "One could reason that a raise dead spell would utterly and completely
 destroy a spectre."

Steel Shadow
 "It is not wise to battle a steel shadow with electrical-based attacks."

 "The swordwraith draws strength from any living thing it strikes. In order to

 "...a creature like a swordwraith, one needs a weapon bestowed with powerful

 "Much like the scorpion, I now know that the stinger of a tlincalli releases
 a  very deadly poison."

 "I seemed to weaken from the horrible stench that filled the air as I battled
 the troglodyte."

 "I had quite simply forgotten that the troll has the power to regenerate.
 Once I had rememb..."

 "...ered this fact, I threw every fire-based spell I had at the troll to
 utterly destroy it."

Watch Ghost
 "A watch ghost is not only resistant to poison, paralyzation, and cold-based
 attacks, but it is also..."

 "...resistant to death magic. This makes the watch ghost a difficult creature
 to slay."

Water Weird
 "Neither fire or cold-based spells seem to inflict much damage upon the water

 "Although edged weapons seem useless, the water weird appears vulnerable to
 blunt weapons."

 "It was unfortunate that I did not have a silver or magic weapon when I
 encountered the wight."

 "... thus did I lose several of my spells when the wight struck and took from
 me a portion of my life energy."

 "Only if I had been a cleric, for I believe that a raise dead spell would
 have instantly destroyed the wight."

 "It is common knowledge that a wraith is immune to normal weapons. And even

 "...ugh the wraith can be hit by silver weapons, they inflict only partial
 damage against this undead horr..."

 "...or. As can be expected of the undead, the wraith is also immune to
 poison, paralyzation, and cold-based magic."

 "There is an ioun stone, a deep blue ellipsoid I believe, that protects
 against an undead's energy drain."

 "I wish I had the power of the neutralize poison spell. Twice I was struck by
 the poisonous sting of the wyvern."

Special Objects
Objects of Khang
 "I found reference to an ancient relic, the helm of Fhang. It was rumored to
 cast an aura of fear aro..."

 "And then, it is rumored, the power of fire resistance was bonded with the
 metal of Fhang's armor."

Objects of Midnight
 "And no normal weapon of forged steel could harm Midnight while she wore her

 "As well, Midnight had a shield, one that would absorb some damage meant for

 "But in order to see illusions, Midnight relied upon her helm of true seeing.
 With it no..."

Objects of Keign
 "And when all four relics of Keign were donned, the wearer was bestowed with
 a small amount of magic resistance."

 "It was said that Keign feared what he could not see, so he had a helm forged
 that could detect the invisible."

 "With his shield in hand, I recall reading that Keign was bestowed with a
 token amount of resistance to magic."

Objects of Ravenna
 "Ravenna, not much is known about her, save that her mantle canceled sleep,
 hold, and paralyzation magic."

Objects of Onex
 "Onex, the wizard, wore a hat that increased his chances of surviving many
 dangerous situations."

 "I would have cherished Onex's robe, for it decreased the time needed to
 memorize spells."

 "Once all four items of Onex were worn, I believe a certain amount of magic
 resistance was besto..."

Objects of Myrh
 "I cannot believe that the symbol of Myrh still exists! It was said to
 increase the power of all spells the prie..."

 " casts. And Myrh's spells were said to be even more powerful when all
 four of his special items were worn."

Objects of Ghreu
 "I remember reading that Ghreu's tools and picks could magically repair
 themselves a day after they had been broken."

 "Ghreu's boots, those of nimble prowling, granted him the power of feather
 falling and water walking."

 "The possessor of all of Ghreu's items is supposedly gifted with the power to
 detect illusionary walls and secret doors."

Objects of Phoos
 "The symbol of Phoos granted the priest the ability to pray for an additional
 spell per spell level."

 "If one could find all four items of Phoos, they would be almost completely
 resistant to all forms of fire."

 "The text reads, as I recall, the mace of Phoos heals its wielder whenever it
 delivers a most damaging blow."

Other Objects
 "I have made a wonderful discovery! Even though I am not a thief, gloves of
 dexterity allow me to pick locks."

 "I had mistakenly quaffed the potion of confusion, when I should have hurled
 it at my opponent."

 "One becomes disoriented when the potion of confusion is consumed, so
 attacking and movement becomes difficult."

 "The restore strength potion is needed to counter the strength draining
 attacks of certain undead."

 "I found it a good idea to save several potions of restore strength for the
 dungeon areas that drain one's strength."

 "Food detection potions should only be used when food is scarce and well

 "Certain levels appear infested with undead, so I am thankful for the scrolls
 that protect me against level draining."

 "Being a mage of good alignment, I would suffer dire consequences if I read a
 Libram of Ineffable Damnation."

 "Only a wizard of neutral, chaotic neutral, or lawful neutral alignment can
 benefit from the Libram of Gainful Conjuration."

 "The Libram of Silver Magic is valuable to wizards of good alignment, such as

 "If you are a priest that is good and true, do not even peruse the pages of a
 Book of Vile Darkness."

 "Only a priest of an evil order may benefit from reading a tome such as the
 Book of Vile Darkness."

 "If a good cleric spends the time to read a Book of Exalted Deeds, wisdom and
 experience are his rewards."

 "However, if an evil priest dares to lay hands on a Book of Exalted Deeds,
 his punishment shall be severe."

 "One may benefit from a Manual of Bodily Health only once. Any attempt to
 gain further benefit is useless."

 "Like another book of its kind, one can only benefit from a Manual of Gainful
 Exercise once."

 "A priest, ranger, or paladin should not even consider opening a Manual of
 Stealthy Pilfering."

 "Likewise, there is no reason for a wizard to read a Manual of Puissant Skill
 at Arms."

 "I am not quite sure of the power of a Vacuous Grimoire, but the name itself
 bodes ill for all who would read its pages."

Ioun Stones
 "It was a gold prism, an ioun stone I think, and it granted me a small
 resistance to magic."

 "Like the dwarven ability, the bright red rhomboid empowered me with
 underground detection skills."

 "A small green ellipsoid ioun stone increased my ability to survive various
 dangerous situations."

 "Now that I found the clear spindle ioun stone, I no longer have the need for

 "The iridescent spindle seems to sustain me without air. This stone would
 have been most useful on that water level."

 "Is there any use for a wand that hastens the action of one's foe? If so, I
 have failed to disc..."

 "...over it. However, there is also a wand of hinder foe that slows an

 "I could not remove the cursed ring of provocation that seemed to attract and
 enrage all sorts of monsters."

 "A warrior would pay a dear price for a ring of might. With it, his attacks
 would be more powerful, inflicting..."

Miscellaneous Magic Items
 "I have made yet another wondrous discovery -- dust of remove curse. Even a
 fighter can use it to rem..."

Musical Instruments
 "Feign imagery? I think these pipes grant a bard the power to detect secret
 doors and illusionary walls."

 "When in the hands of a bard, drums of distant thunder can shoot forth bolts
 of lightning."

 "I once recall hearing of a harp of despair, and of its power to instill fear
 in the enemy."

 "I have heard it said that a lute of well being bestows a bard with
 regenerative powers for a short time. This mag..."

 "...ical instrument, this lute of well being, is also said to strengthen a
 weakened bard."

Non-Magical Items
 "A lone fighter, in a place such as this, would have need of a scrying glass
 to identify the various magical objects."

 "I could not find a way to scale the steep sides of the pit. What I needed
 was a good grappling hook."

 "I have discovered a use for the coins! There are altars with slots in which
 the coins are placed in return for healing."

 "I have concluded that I am rewarded with more powerful healing magic when I
 use a gold coin."

General Hints
 "At first I was confused, but I have decided that several magical objects
 lose their power after so many uses."

 "These special objects, those that have limited uses, are best saved for
 times of great need."

 "Though I am anxious to descend, I often spend time thoroughly exploring a
 level for supplies."

 "Being a wizard, it is difficult for me to carry a large number of items, so
 I often find safe locations to stash objects."

 "Rocks, rocks, and more rocks! At least they serve the simple purpose of
 weighing down plates."

 "Until I memorize another identify spell, I must take notes on the various
 powers of an item when I use it."

 "There are many scrolls in this place. I must remember to scribe the new
 spells that I find for later use."

 "I am thankful that I have the gift of good maps. I refer to them often, so I
 do not become lost in this maze."

 "If I had the strength of a strong fighter I could probably smash some of
 these wooden doors into splinters!"

 "It appears that the keys I find look similar to the keyholes in which they
 are used. I shou..."

 "...ld not have spent the precious time I did trying to use the gold key with
 the iron keyhole."

 "Some of the creatures in this place are not as stupid as I thought. On
 several occasions they opened doors that I clo..."

 "I could not find a way through the door, but I learned that one of the
 creatures was carrying the key that I needed."

Water Level
 "A level completely filled with water! Using the potions of water breathing
 sparingly, I made my wa..."

 "...y carefully through the level. I wish I had taken the time to learn the
 water breathing spell instead."

 "I once read that a great champion knows his opponents well, taking note of
 their strengths and weaknesses."

 "At times, I find it possible to use the workings of a trap against the
 monsters attacking me."

 "It is much easier to fight a number of adversaries one at a time. Now I talk
 like a fighter, the next thing you know..."

Dungeon Areas
 "I have noticed areas of this dungeon that hinder my movements. It is almost
 as if a huge slow spell has been cast..."

 "I have once again encountered a strange area of dungeon. This one apparently
 weakens me as I make my way..."

 "Something strange is happening here, I seem to grow ravenous with hunger as
 I move through this area of dungeon."

 "A note to fellow mages, there are areas within this place that prevent the
 workings of the arcane -- dead magic!"

 "At first I thought I was losing my mind, but I am now sure that certain
 areas rob one of their knowledge and experience."

 "How such a large area of dungeon was enchanted with a vampirical drain spell
 is beyond me. Never in my life have..."

 "Whoever rules this underground citadel has managed to enchant areas with
 many kinds of magic. These zones..."

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