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"Of Spice And Fremen"

Dune Walk-through by Michael Simpson and Michael Gater


Welcome to Dune, Paul Atreides.  As you know, Dune is the
only planet in the universe that contains Spice.  He who controls the
Spice Controls the Universe.

Since you have just arrived here, it would be nice to Visit your father,
Duke Leto Atreides, and mother, Jessica.

Talk to Leto in the throne room and he will tell you to find Gurney
Halleck, long-time friend of the family and your Weapons teacher.  Find
Jessica and talk to her.  She will tell you the name of the Sietch (Fremen
home) where Gurney is located (Carthag-Tuek).

Take an Ornithopter to Carthag-Tuek and talk to Gurney.  He will tell
you of the necessity to enlist the Fremen if you are to stand a chance
against the Harkonnens.

Chapter One:
The Search For Spice

Talk to the Fremen chief and have his troop start working for you and
have them specialize in Spice production. When you talk to Gurney, he
will suggest visiting the sietchs and then returning to the Palace.

Use the Ornithopter to travel to the sietchs with Gurney and enlist as
many troops as you can ( The Fremen at Carthag-Timin will say that you
cannot appreciate there abilities at this time). Have the Fremen troops
specialize in Spice production. Return to the Palace after visiting the
Sietchs and talk to Duncan and Jessica to find out why Spice is so

Find Leto and talk to him to learn about Stillsuits.  Gurney will tell you
that the Fremen in the sietch where you met knows of a Stillsuit maker.  
Fly an Ornithopter to Carthag-Tuek and talk to the Fremen chief.  He
will tell you to fly eastwards (but make sure you have someone with
you) to find the sietch.  Fly eastwards and you will find Tuono-Tabr and
the Fremen stillsuit maker.

Talk to the Fremen chief and he will describe stillsuit properties to you
and will have some sent to the Palace.  The chief will also tell you of 2
more sietchs to the north and east of his sietch.  After enlisting his troop
and having them specialize in spice production, fly to the 2 other sietchs
and enlist the troops for spice production.

Both troops will tell you that their area needs to be prospected before
beginning to harvest spice.  Talk to Gurney and he will state that there
must be someone who can prospect and that you have probably already
visited them.  Maybe they are the Fremen at Carthag-Timin.

Fly  back to Carthag-Timin and talk to the Fremen chief again and you
will be able to get them to work for you this time and they will give you
a Spice-Density Map which will prove of Great value as the game
progresses.  At this time when you talk to Gurney he will suggest going
back to the Palace.  Take an Ornithopter to the Palace.

As you enter the Palace, Gurney will mention that the Palace is
now stocked with Stillsuits.  The Duke will tell you about Jessica's
"Sounding" ability and will suggest that you talk to her about it.  Talk to
Jessica and she will suggest exploring the Palace to locate hidden rooms.

Ask Jessica to come with you to locate any hidden rooms. Jessica will
eventually locate a passageway that will lead to the Communications
Room.  At this point. talk to Jessica and the storyline will continue on its
own for a few screens.

Find Duncan and talk to him. He will tell you about Spice Harvesters
and how they can increase the production of Spice.  Talk to Gurney and
he will suggest Looking at the Dune Map to see which Sietch had the
Harvester (it was Tuono-Tabr).  Take your Orni to Tuono-Tabr and talk
to the Fremen Chief.  He will tell you that they found the harvester
north-east of the sietch.

Fly north-east in your Orni until Gurney spots a new sietch (Tuono-
Harg).  There you will find two harvesters but no Fremen.  Gurney will
suggest flying to the two nearest Sietchs to tell the fremen troops to pick
up the harvesters (do this by Changing occupation to "Go and Search for

After the troops are "searching" fly back to the palace and talk to the
Duke.  He will give you a short speech and will ask you if you have
seen the message in the communications room.  Go to the
communications room and read the message from Emperor Shaddam IV.

Reading this message will start the Spice shipment phase of the game.  
The Emperor will now call every 4-7 days for the spice shipment.  Make
sure you do not put off sending these shipments or the Emperor will
send his henchmen to Dune to kill you for not sending the Spice
shipments (which is why you are there).

Talk to Duncan and he will tell you that the Fremen from Tuono-Tabr
(where you got the stillsuits) told him about a rich spice area.  Fly to
Tuono-Tabr and talk to the Fremen chief and he will tell you of vast
spice fields to the south and of a sietch to the southeast.  Fly
southeastwards until you come upon Tuono-Timin.  There you will find
the grieving Harah and another harvester.

Talk to Harah and she will tell you she knows of 3 more sietch locations
(Habbanya-Timin, Habbanya-Tuek and Habbanya-Tabr).  Ask Harah to
come with you.  Fly to the new sietchs and enlist and equip troops (don't
forget to send a troop to "search for equipment" to get the harvester at
Tuono-Timin).  The Fremen at Habbanya-Tabr will say "What's the
Point". Harah will tell you that this fremen is hard to convince and that
you should try later.  Don't forget to have the Prospectors prospect the
new areas.

Go back to the palace and talk to Duncan.  He will tell you about
Worm danger.  Jessica will warn you not to let Harah distract you and
will tell you to spend some time in the desert ALONE.  Tell Gurney and
Harah to stay in the Palace and then go outside away from the Palace
and wait for morning/evening.  You will then receive your first vision,
from Leto.

Go to the throne room.  The storyline will continue on its own from
there (Jessica will notice that you have had a vision, The Duke will
request that everyone meet on the Balcony,  Harah will mention Paul
might be the One, and Leto will notice Gurney missing).

Talk to Jessica and she will tell you about your new powers.  Talk to
Leto and he will suggest having Jessica help you to find Gurney.  Ask
Jessica to come with you.  This time you must talk to Jessica in every
room to see if she "feels" anything.  Jessica will find a hidden door
opposite the Communications room and in there is where you will find

Gurney will urge you to tell Leto while Jessica will stay with Gurney.  
Go talk to Leto and he will tell you to go talk to Thufir Hawat in the
communications room.  Go talk to Thufir and he will tell you to read the
message before you continue. The message will be from the Emperor
asking for the first shipment of Spice.


Go talk to Duncan, He will ask you if the Emperor has asked for the
spice shipment and ask you if you want to Accept, Argue or Refuse.  
Accept, unless you want to die Prematurely (although it is a Cool Death
Scene). He will then tell you that he should go with you to the
communications room.  Tell Duncan to come with you and go to the
communications room.  When you enter the communications room with
Duncan, you will see the Spice shipment being sent off to the Emperor.  
Talk to Duncan until the Emperor sends back a message telling you
when the next shipment is expected.----

Chapter 2:
The Search for a Fremen Leader

Ask Thufir to come with you so he can disable the trap where you found
Gurney.  After entering the room where Gurney is, talk to Thufir.  He
will disable the trap, find the Armoury and ask to talk to you in the
Armoury.  Go into the Armoury with Thufir and talk to him.  He will
say "We need to be ready to stand against the Harkonnens and use
Fremen to help" and "You need to find a Fremen Leader".  Find Harah
and talk to her.  She will say that she has heard of a Leader but can't
remember his name.

Take Orni to Sietchs to see if you can find out more about the Fremen
Leader.  One of the Fremen chiefs will tell you the Fremen Leader's
Name: Stilgar.  Harah will then remember where he was born and can
lead you to the sietch which is located far west of the Palace.  Fly due
west of the Palace until you come upon a sietch (Sihaya-Clam). It will
be abandoned.  Talk to Harah again and she will say you have to fly
northwest to find Stilgar.  Fly northwest until someone spots a sietch.  
This sietch is called Ergsun-Timin and here is where you will find

Talk to Stilgar and ask him to join you.  The storyline will take over for
a bit here and you will get the name Maud'Dib.  Rally (enlist) the
Fremen troop here and start them on Military Training.  Send the troop
to search for equipment. Talk to Stilgar again and he will tell you of
other sietchs in the area.  Visit these new sietchs (Ergsun-Clam, Ergsun-
Tabr, Ergsun-Tsymyn, and Ergsun-Tuek), rally these troops as well and
send them off to find equipment.  Fly back to Habbanya-Tabr. You can
now enlist the "No Point" troop, with Stilgar's presence.

Now is a good time to revisit all the Fremen chiefs and see how things
are going with them.  They might even give you clues as to where other
sietchs may be located.  Also make sure the Prospectors are kept
busy..... Remember, Spice is the most important thing in the Universe.

Fly back to Palace.  When you enter Throne room, the storyline will
start.  (Fremen will help fight Harkonnens and Jessica will notice your
eyes turning blue).  Find Thufir and talk to him.  He will suggest
starting to train Fremen to fight.

Find Gurney and talk to him.  He will say that he can train the Fremen.  
Ask Gurney to come with you and bring him to a sietch where he can
start training armies and leave him in a Sietch that has an Army troop in
it, obviously in Stilgar's home area.  You will then receive a vision
stating that something terrible has happened at the Palace.  

Return to the Palace, visit the Communications room and read
the new message.  The message will be from the Baron, then Feyd
telling you of what they had done.  Go talk to Leto and he will tell you
about his Punitive Expedition.  Go back to the communications room
and talk to Thufir.  He will say it would be best to start attacking the
Harkonnens near Stilgars home territory where they will be weakest.  

Go talk to Duncan and he will tell you about Villages and items that you
can buy from them.  Harah will mention a Tale of a village in a "Fish's
Mouth".  Stilgar will mention seeing a fish in your Ornithopter.  Look
on the Dune map and find the outline of a fish and fly to the Mouth.  
There you will find Oxtyn-Pyons and a smuggler from which you can
buy items such as a harvester or ornithopter.  

Talk to Harah and she will want to go back  home.  Take her back to
Tuono-Timin and tell her to stay there.  She will thank you for bringing
her back home.

Talk to Stilgar after moving away from Harah and he will tell you that
there is someone that you should meet.  Fly to Oxtyn-Tabr to meet
Chani.  Talk to Chani and she will tell you how Beautiful the desert is at
night.  Tell Stilgar to stay in the Sietch and ask Chani to follow.  Get
away from all equipment in the area and wait for evening.  The storyline
will take over from here for a bit.  (Chani will tell you that she has
fallen in love with you and that she will want to stay with you forever.  
Stilgar will appear and tell you that he thinks you will make a great
Fremen leader especially with a Fremen female at your side).

Talk to Chani and she will mention other sietchs that she knows about.  
Fly to the new sietchs, enlist the troops, have them specialize in Army,
Equip troop and send them to the sietch where Gurney is so that he can
train them.

Now is a good time to revisit all the Fremen chiefs and see how things
are going with them.  They might even give you clues as to where other
sietchs may be located.  Also make sure the Prospectors are kept
busy..... Remember, Spice is the most important thing in the Universe.

Soon you should be receiving a vision from Jessica.  Fly back to
the Palace.  Jessica will meet you in the stillsuit room and tell you the
Duke is Dead.  Go to the Communications room and talk to Thufir to
find out the details.  He will tell you the Duke's Ornithopter was shot
down and that there must be some other form of transportation.  Talk to
Stilgar and he will suggest going to another room to talk.

Go to another room and Stilgar will tell you that the Fremen use Worms
to travel and will suggest you try  it.  So head on out to the Desert (one
or more steps away from the Palace) and Call a worm.  Talk to Chani
and she will say it would be a good idea if you told Thufir about this.  
Go back to the Palace and talk to Thufir.  He says "Now only if we had
some other kind of weapon to use against the Harkonnens, Maybe
something located right here in the Palace".

Chapter 3:
Vegetation on Dune: The Fremen Dream

Find Jessica and talk to her.  She will say that there still might be
something else hidden.  Ask her to come with you (you should leave
Stilgar in the room and take Chani and Jessica with you) and explore the
Palace again, talking to Jessica in every room.  You will eventually find
a room to the right of the room where you found Gurney.  Enter the
room and talk to Chani, she will tell you about her father (Liet Kynes),
Chani will suggest going back to Oxtyn-Tabr and that you should bring
Stilgar also.  Jessica will want to stay in the greenhouse.

Fly/Ride to Oxtyn-Tabr, talk to Chani and she will say that Daddy's
sietch is westwards.  Fly/Ride westwards until you find Sihaya-Tuek.
There you will find Liet Kynes. Talk to him and he will show you his
experiments.  This should be the first time you will see a Cache of water
in a Sietch.  (Now would be a good time to save your game, and check
your Charisma [indicated on the Dune globe with "See Results"]. Talk to
Stilgar and he will suggest drinking the Water of Life.  To be able to
Drink the Water of Life, your Charisma must be 50 or greater. (If your
Charisma is not high enough, you will have to refuse the offer and wait
until Jessica explains the Water of Life to you -- only then will you be
able to drink with confidence).

Talk to Stilgar.  He will say the Bulbs can be used against the
Harkonnens because they destroy the Spice and that is the only thing the
Harkonnens are interested in.  Go into the Greenhouse, talk to Kynes, he
will say that he could use some help from troops and he knows of a few
sietchs nearby.

Go to the new sietchs, enlist the troops, have them specialize in ecology
and send them to Sihaya-Tuek to help Kynes.  Now would be a good
time to check on the rest of the Fremen and see how they are doing.  

You will eventually receive a vision that a sietch has come down with a
terrible disease.  Go to the sietch with the disease, talk to Chani and she
will stay to cure the disease.  Continue to check on the rest of the
Fremen troops and keep the Prospectors going to unprospected areas.
Soon you will receive a vision that Chani has cured the Fremen.  
Talking to the Fremen will inform you that Chani has disappeared.  
After getting message from Feyd (telling you he has kidnapped Chani),
talk to Thufir and will suggest having your army troops use Espionage to
find Harkonnen Fortresses and eventually you will find Chani in one of
the Fortresses.

Through espionage you will find the locations of the Harkonnen
fortresses. By conquering the Harkonnen fortresses you will come upon
the one which holds Chani prisoner. You will not know which fortress is
holding Chani until you attack it.

After rescuing Chani it will be important to remember where the
following characters are located: Jessica, Gurney, Thufir, Stilgar, and
Chani. It will be necessary to gather these characters together for the
dramatic climax.

Chapter 4:
Battle for Arrakis

 Eventually you will be able to contact Fremen on the entire
planet.  Continue using espionage to find all Harkonnen Fortresses.  To
attack a Fortress, it is a good idea to have at least 4 Fremen troops
Expert in Army and equipped with Kyrs, Laser Rifles and Wierding

Start with the Fortresses near Stilgars Home territory. and work your
way towards the Palace. (Tip: After conquering a Fortress, there will
usually be a Fremen troop working for the Harkonnens. You can Rally
them to work for you. Have them specialize in Army, equip them, and
send them to Gurney for Training. [also you may want to have 2 forces
(4 troops per force) working in opposite directions so that they will
eventually meet at the Harkonnen Palace]).

If you're concerned that you might lose a battle, you should save before
attempting and then save again if you win. It is also a good rule to
outnumber Harkonnen troops 2 to 1 if possible, although it is not
required. Atomics will give a decided advantage, but will only be found
in fortresses near the Harkonnen Palace.

It is important to use espionage to find all of the fortresses. If you miss
one, you will be set up for a surprise attack, and even if you are not
attacked, you will find it difficult to launch an assault on the palace if
Harkonnen forces are hiding out in an unkown fortress.

Talk to Stilgar after taking each fortress and he will eventually tell you
that there are no more fortresses left to take over.  He will suggest
Bringing Thufir to a Sietch close to the Harkonnen Palace. Go to the
Atreides Palace, talk to Thufir (he will say "We are almost ready for the
Final Attack"). Ask Thufir to come with you, and bring him to a sietch
close to the Harkonnen Palace.  Talk to Thufir at the sietch and he will
say he needs to stay for awhile. Tell him to stay.

Eventually he will ask you to bring Jessica, Chani, Stilgar and Gurney to
the sietch also. Find them and bring them to the Sietch. After everyone
is there the Storyline will take over.  Talk to Thufir and he will say you
need 10,000 Fremen, split into the three sietchs around the place,
equipped with Atomics to attack the Palace.  

Once you have enough men surrounding the Palace, Thufir will tell you
to tell Stilgar to give the order. Talk to Stilgar and accept the attack
order.  The Troops will converge on the Palace and you will soon
receive a vision stating that the Shield is down and the Harkonnen forces
have surrendered. Now you can go to the Palace. Enter the Palace and
the storyline will take over from there. Congratulations, you have won
the game.

Long Live Emperor Paul Atreides and Empress Chani!!!

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