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                         ZER0 : H0UR v1.1 PART II

              i.) Contents
              i.....               ...Contents
              ii...               ...Intro
               1.01...               ...Level 3: Nuclear Winter
               1.02...               ...Level 4: Wetworld


              iii.) Intro "I hate bacon!"

    I had to make many sections for the FAQ, as you can see, so bear with me as
we enter the Apocalypse...


PART II: The Apocalypse

           2.10) Level 3: Nuclear Winter

     Hmmm... how interesting... one minute you are in present day New York, and
the next you are standing in fron tof the statue of liberty in the Post
Apocalyptic period. Well...

     SECRET #1 OF 3

However irritating the fact may be that you now have just a single blaster, you
should soon get over it. There is a left pathway next to the statue with an
extra blaster on it. After that, you may see a small island in the grimy goop in
front of the statue... jump to that island. After you made that jump, there
should be a platform like thing which you can jump to on the right (if you are
facing the statue). Jump over, go in the teleport, and grab the atomic health.

     After that, go back where you started and head back towards the city.
     In a small open area, next to the burning car, should be some blaster ammo
and an SMG by the way. Now you should also be able to see three main  things in
this area: A doorway leading into a building, another doorway that is on fire,
and where you just got the SMG.

     SECRET #2 OF 3

Now head over to the burning door (on the right) and simply grab the body armour
behind the flames.

     Next, go in the other door (also on the right). This reminds me of
Resident Evil or somthing: once you start walking down the hall on the right,
zombies will start tearing their doors down. I reccomend you simply punch them
to death, since you probably don't have enough blaster ammo for all of them.

     BABE #1 OF 9

Here is what you can find in all the doors:
on the right side of the hallway, the first door has shotgun shells in it, the
second door has a babe, and behind a chair, a SMG. The thrid door can't be
On the left side of the hallway, the first door has blaster ammo. The second
can't be opened, and the third also should have ammo. The fourth door has some
stairs going up it. Go up the stairs and you will be in another hallway, which
leads to a sawed-off shotgun. This weapon is very helpful, since the second you
pick it up a zombie starts tearing down the door to the right. One sawed off
shot up his, and then more zombies will start tearing down doors. Through all
the doors on this floor that are opened, you should find:

     BABE #2 OF 9 10 health, and shotgun shells.

     After that, go back to that room to the right of where you got the
shotgun. There should be a hole in the wall, and you should be able to jump from
the hole to the ledge in front of you. (don't bother falling down, since there
is nothing special except blaster ammo) Jump across and go right up the ladder.
Follow the path up here, jump across to the wire walkway, and then from there to
the ledge with the body armour.
     Next, fall down to the immediate left of where you got the body armour,
and walk forward to grab the shotgun, and hop down. (hmm... this looks familiar)

     To the left is Duke-Burger, and inside behind the counter is a medkit. Go
down into the subway across from Duke Burger and keep your sawed off ready. When
you get down there and turn the corner, you should be toe-to-toe with two road
hogs. Kill them and then go left... there should be a 'power cell' right in
front of a fire. After you pick up the cell, however, you will suddenly be
mobbed by a set of badguys.
     After the badguys are gone, go right and climb the ladder behind the train
to get on top of it and get the pipebombs. Then go up the ladder next to the

     BABE #3 OF 9

At the top of the ladder she should be right in front of you...

     After you rescue the babe, deal with the enforcers and pig cops, then go
right off the ledge leading down to night vision goggles and some snow. Now go
forward and you should be back at Duke Burger.


Go past Duke Burger and head towards where the strip club was (next to the
broken down car) and follow path to the time machine part, and the babe right
behind it. But be carful of the Venom Gunship... but you can take it out with 2
well placed sniper shots. After that, return to Duke Burger.

     Caution: Before you go up the ladder be aware that there is a War Pig with
a grenade launcher. Snipe him... or else he will make short work of you. Next,
go up the ladder and follow the path back into the zombie building.

     BABE #5 OF 9

The last door on the left... she's in there. After you rescue the babe go
downstairs and head outside.

     Outside, go right over to where the garbage strike is, grab the shotgun,
and jump down. Quickly race forward and to the left and climb the defaced stairs
with 30 health on them. Get your sniper rifle ready. Once you reach the top, two
sentry drones will pop out and start fireing from an above building. Take them
out, head forward and take your first right.
     BABE #6 OF 9

Follow the path, and kill the two pig cops, grab the SMG ammo, and rescue the
babe on the left by the two fires. Then head back up and go left.

     When you turn the corner three sentry drones will pop out... quickly kill
them and then jump to the pillar with the havoc multilauncher... Yay... you can
test your new toy on the venom gunship that comes out as you continue forward.
After that, go forward until you reach an intersection.
     Go right, and enter the first door you see that has another War Pig with a
grenade launcher in it. After that, head forward through the teleport into the
parking lot where you started the first level. In here  is a venom gunship, a
recharger, a power cell down one of the two pathways, and some ammo. Then head
back to the teleport which is now guarded by a war pig and enforcer.


     Go back outside and go right. Follow the path past the first doorway and
go left. There should be a babe and Vitamin X in this area. After that, go down
the first path that you skipped to get the babe and Vit. X. Immediatly hide in
the right area (with the medkit) and kill the oncoming zombies. Then get out a
powerful weapon (i.e. Sniper Rifle, Havoc Multilauncher, or Grenade Launcer) and
kill the Venom Gunship on the left. Then destroy the crack on the left wall, go
inside to rescue the babe and get the stuff next to frosty the snowman.

     After that, head into the subway area and go left for 30 health and
heatseeking rockets. Then go right and swim through the water (or jump across
the trains) over to the service accsess grate on the right. Inside, shoot the
grate and fall straight through it and land on the pipe. Then carfully go right.
Follow the pipe over to the ledge and jump onto the second pipe that has the
third and final power cell on it. Then jump onto the rocks on the right, climb
them all the way up, climb the ladder, go through the grate on the left at the
top of the ladder, and exit the subway system and go back outside. Follow right
and go back to the intersection, this time taking the other path (on the right
from the direction you are currently heading).
     You shall now encounter the most annoying and possibly deadliest enemies
in the game. Snipers. There are two: one on the ground near you, and the second
will appear in an open window above and in front of you. Kill or dodge them, and
keep going.


Up top, there should be a burning car, a huge burning rock, a doorway which you
saw when you got the last power cell, and a few enemies. In a small alclove
behind the large burning rock (next to the door) should be the babe. After you
rescue her, go in the door, kill the enemies, and go up the ladder with the
elevator shaft.


Once you go up the elevator shaft, and though the teleport, and up to the
railroad tracks, SMG ammo, and two Brain dudes, you can either jump off the
railroad track and go right to find the exit down in the water, or you can
follow the railroad track to the comm system. (the secret exit is a spinning
duke nukem logo) Either way, you beat the level. (I reccomend the alternate
path, jumping down, since you get an extra level... and later come back to the
comm system so you can get the cheat code)

              3.0) Credits / Outro "You guys suck!"

                  Oh yeah, Hey Ivy, Alex, Kevin, Nathan, and all my other

Copyright 1999 Tom Freeland and Please don't copy this FAQ
without putting my name on it, I wouldn't do it to you. Thanks.


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