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Duke Nukem 3D


Hollywood Holocaust Secrets <13 in all>

1.Jump on the box and onto the ledge. Try to go through each window. When you go through one, go against the right wall in the room (not the one with the security). Open the wall.

2.Go by the Cinema sign. Turn on your jetpack. Go through the lowest window. The secret has a dancing woman, Grenade Launcher, Shotgun, Pipe Bombs and SMG's.

3.In the place where you enter the Theater, turn on your jetpack and fly as HIGH as you can. There will be 2 guns shooting at you. Keep flying until you enter a room in the wall.

4.Go into the theater. There is to openings leading to the same room. In that room there is a cash register. Go up to it and open it. You should see an opening in the wall to the top-right of you. This secret holds Armor.

5.In that secret there are 2 switches. While facing the armor, turn LEFT. Activate that switch. Go back on floor and you should see a new room. This secret holds a fire extinguisher that you can blow up and an atomic health.

6.Go in the bathroom. There are 2 ledges, each above a toilet. The right ledge holds a Portable Medical Kit and the Left Ledge holds a ventilation shaft.

7.In the ventilation shaft there is a corner. Face the corner and you should see a crack. Shoot it with the Grenade Launcher. The secret holds a HoloDuke.

8.Continue up the shaft. Break the ventilation door. You see a babe, 1 box of shotgun shells and it counts as a secret!

9.In the room where you turn on the projector, jump on top of it. A door should open containing a Grenade Launcher.

10.When you exit secret #8 go down the stairs. Before you open the door, open a wall in the wall behind you. This secret holds a Large Med. Kit that gives you 30 health.

11.NOW go through the door. You should be in the room with the cash register. Go strait then turn LEFT and you should see a garbage can and an elevator. Jump on the trash can, face the corner and press open then jump.

12.At the end to the right on the ledge there is a secret teleporter in the wall.

13.In the room to the right after the teleporter open the middle bookshelf.

Gun Crazy Secrets <8 in all and 1 secret level>

1.As you enter the "Gun Boutique" the right side is lined with bookshelves. Open the middle shelf and you will be treated with pipebombs, and armor.

2.Still in the "Gun Boutique" open the poster behind the counter.

3.Even still in the "Gun Boutique" go behind the counter to the very corner on the left jump on the shelf and open the wall.

4.Now go to the bathroom in the back of the "Gun Boutique" open the hand dryer and that will open a door to the left containing night vision goggles.

5.Enter the locked door in "Gun Boutique". Just before the elevator turn to the right. There is a secret room.

6.When in the poolroom go to the bathroom. Walk toward the toilet a message will say "Unlocked" now open the wall and enter the sewer.

7.When you enter the attic go to the edge and look to the right jump across to the ledge to get the secret.

8.Just before the end you should see light on the ground and partly on the wall. Go up to the wall and open it.

Duke-Burger- Once you enter the attic jump on the first box you see. Then look back the way you came, and there it is.

Death Row Secrets <11 in all>

1.Once you begin enter the booth to your right and press the button on the left. Go underneath the chair and thatís the 1st secret.

2.Now open the curtain and open the left wall on the other side of the curtain.

3.When in the hall turn left in to the secured area door. Now go in to the door to the left. Go toward the recording thing and open it move backward and enter the secret on the right.

4.Exit through the way you came then enter the cell on the left. Go to the bed and open it then enter the tunnel.

5.Open a door in the 4th secret.

6+7.Go to the red keycard door and enter open the red door and go strait open the wall. Doing that will open two compartments on the right and the left.

8.Enter the yellow keycard door. Now get on the second level. Then jump on the slanted part attached to the green building. Now go strait in to an invisible ledge.

9.Go to one of the ends of the area one will have a crack in the wall.

10.At the back entrance to the large area jump on the slanted part with the switch and open the secret door.

11.In the sub go behind the crate and open a door to the engine.

Toxic Dump Secrets <16 in all>

1.As soon as you exit the sub look around for an underwater cave. Enter the cave and blow up the crack. Enter the hole you made and surface at the end of the tunnel.

2.Jump in top of the sub and run across the fire. Now re-enter the sub and go all the way to the top. There should now be a secret compartment above the water in the sub.

3+4+5.Go outside the sub and enter the above ground cave. At the top of the cave there should be 2 turret guns in the wall on the right and left. Destroy the guns and enter the holes. Open the back left wall of both of them and there will be shotgun shells in a secret extension of the holes. The one on the left has a secret room accessed by opening the right wall in the secret extension.

6.Enter the blue keycard door and you will see 3 silver strips going up the wall and across the ceiling. Open the wall between the 1st and 2nd strips. It is closer to the 2nd one.

7. Once you enter the large room with the crane things let one grab you and take you. Then when it drops you let the convaerbelt move you to the other crane. Then when the other one drops you follow the convaerbelt. You will see a pool of acid on the right, go in it and open the wall strait ahead.

8.Once you enter the large room with the crane things let one grab you and take you. Then when it drops you let the convaerbelt move you to the other crane. Then when the other one drops you follow the convaerbelt. When you reach a room with 2 silver tube things press the switch in the very back of the room. That will open the tubes. Enter the tube that is closest to the switch and use the jetpack to reach 2 atomic healths on a secret ledge.

9.When you enter the large submerged area go to the top of the slanted ground turn right and jump across to the ledge and jump again on to the dark platform in the back of the ledge for the secret.

10.Go to the slanted ground and jump across to the area with the large red tube and open the wall to the left of it.

11+12+13.Blow up the wall with a crack near the red tube, and the next one, and the next one.

14.When you pass the two huge underwater gears surface and go down the river until you see a crack in the wall blow up the crack and enter the teleporter.

15.There is a acid fall coming out of a vent at the beginning of the acid river that leads to the end enter the vent.

16.Further down the acid river is a wall on the right with a crack in it.

Launch Facility <4 in all>

1. After the room with the two force fields, go back to the room with the small slime pond. The wall in the side of the pond should now be open.

2. .In the large green room, there is a fan in the ceiling above the ramp. You'll need a jetpack to reach the hidden items.

3.In the control room near the large door, a section of the wall opens

4.Open the computer monitors before the acid river to reveal healing atoms.

The Abyss Secrets <6 in all>

1.In the small "bump" in the wall on the left side, before you reach the fire pit area, there is secret door concealing some steroids.

2.Jump into the fire pit to be teleported to the locked room by the destroyed bridge.

3.In that same room, jump up to the ledge with the Dum dums on it.

4.After climbing up along the lava falls shoot the crack in the wall. It opens a long passage with a variety of ammo on the ground. The area near the far end of the passage is the actual secret.

5.Pressing a switch at the top of the lava falls opens a passageway. Follow it to a cave with a large fire, some healing atoms, and a dancing girl!

6.On the wall right outside the entrance to the spaceship, you'll find a secret door leading to an elevator leading to a babe.

Spaceport Secrets <6 in all>

1.Check the column of broken screens in the room with lots of monitors showing the Earth and Moon.

2.Walk to the monitor in the dead end near starting point, a niche will open to your back.

3.Jump into the vent in the room with a blue key.

4. In the blue door on the left is a red vent enter it and open the wall in the back. It is an elevator.

5.At the top of the column with the force field go strait when you see an atomic health.

6. As you enter the large room on the second floor is a shelf (area) on your right and up. Fly to it and land to get the atomic health. As you jump off the shelf you will hear a door open. Run and fall down the shaft and out of the water. Come out of the shaft and turn to your right 180 degrees and look between the elevator shaft and the door leading to the red access card room. A timed door will be open.

Incubator Secrets <5 in all>

1+2.In the opposite direction of the yellow switch, open up the little niche, get into it and search the inside wall again.

3.Jump into the Earth Defense emblem.

4.Search for a door left of the rising console in the lower dark area.

5.Open a panel in the upper dark area.

Warp Factor Secrets <4 in all>

1.As you enter the first door of the level open the wall on the right

2. After the elevator with the laser bombs go in to the door strait ahead and then to the left and open the wall.

3. After entering the yellow access door go through the big door at the top of the escalator. Turn to your right and open the lighted panel. Locate the switch on the upper right wall in the panel and back up towards the big door again. Shoot the switch and turn to your left and run strait. Just past a small light gray door, on your right a column will be down (timed). Go in and open the gray door and enter the elevator. This big room is the secret area.

4. Still in the first secret area facing the planet earth. Go through the door on your left. Stand behind the desk and push the computer sitting on the desk. This opens the door to the secret area.

Fusion Station Secrets <7 in all>

1.In the squishing lightning columns area, search the wall facing the columns on the other side of the entrance.

2.Turn left from the secret area described above and jump up for another secret.

3.Get down in the first of the entrance lightning columns from the entrance and search the wall on the opposite side facing the narrow tunnel.

4.In the rotating water driven motor area, walk in front of the monitor. You'll then hear a door open quickly rush across the water to the other side of the room a secret room is opened.

5.On the third level in the central complex enter the left room upon entrance. Search the column at a corner.

6.On the third level in the central complex enter the double door and fly up to the ledge, there is a crack in the cave to your right.

7.On the same ledge, go to the secret place to your right.

Occupied Territory Secrets <4 in all>

1.After opening the door from the control room bend down and go through the opening in the right door jam. Pick up an atomic health.

2.As you enter the room with the first incline leading to a door walk up the incline on your right to the vent. Shoot it open.

3.As you start to walk the first incline to the door a secret door opens letting drones out. You will need a jetpack from a previous level to get to it.

4.Behind the blue access card are monitors. Open the one on the very right to get two trip bombs, and an atomic health.

Tiberius Station Secrets <8 in all>

1.In the supply room push the wall between the two armors, and grab the medical kit.

2.When you first enter the main hallway. Look to your upper right and blow the crack in the wall to get the shotgun ammo.

3.Go around the corner by the mirror turn left at the first hallway then right at the next one. Walk through the wall opposite the drinking fountain.

4.Go to the depression in the wall left of the door that says radioactive above it. Open it.

5.In the blue access room there are four platforms that can be moved to the center. Open the wall behind the near right one to find two atomic health atoms.

6.Open the wall behind the moveable platform on the far left.

7.After you have crossed over the acid with the red access card. You will go up an elevator and down a narrow hallway. Blow the crack in the wall on your left, and grab the jetpack.

8.With the jetpack, jump down to the right in the hallway. Fly through the vent and face the hallway. Turn off the jetpack and a door will open in the hallway. Fly through this door.

Lunar Reactor Secrets <7 in all>

1.In the squish room (two moving panels), run to your front right and grab the shotgun shells and health. Next, turn and face the squish room. Go to the front left corner and push it to get two atomic health atoms.

2.On the ledge (through the vent) open the right computer panel.

3.Come back out of the computer panel and jump to the beveled wall straight across the canyon.

4.Enter the cave to the left of the vent pipe going across the canyon.

5.Behind the gold turning gear is where you will get the red access card. As you are facing the red access card, open the computer panel on your right.

6.In the Reactor Core room, you are facing the slime pit. Go around the walkway to youíre left and jump onto the ledge.

7.Go around the walkway back to your right and jump on the ledge.

Dark Side Secrets <4 in all and 1 secret level>

1. Go down the first elevator, through the door and strait ahead to the big monitor. Open it to get two atomic health atoms.

2. In the room where you see the Shrinker gun ammo in a water tank turn to youíre right and open the gray wall. Go up the elevator and jump into the tank.

3. Through the Beta door, get on the subway and start it. Go to the door and hold forward. Halfway down you will fall in to a secret room.

4. At the end of the cave you are transported into a greenish room. The wall on your left has a crack in it. Blow it, and jump into this area.

Lunatic Fringe- The exit is in secret number four.

Dreadnought Secrets <3 in all>

1.When you swim to the surface, swim to either one of the biggest red walls, and go through it.

2. Swim out of the water and go up the ramp to the rear of the room. Once you have lowered the lightening bolt platform with the switches jump onto the platform (you will hear a door open) and run to the front of the room. The front side of the pillar will be opened (timed).

3. In the room with the waterfall, jump across the water. Go up the ramp, and jump in to the waterfall.

Overlord Secrets <1 in all>

1.When you open the huge door to find the Boss, run to the area where the map is. Turn around and run to the opening in the back of the level.

Raw Meat Secrets <7 in all>

1. When you enter the building, start straight down the hall. Face the first gray wall on your right and jump through it.

2. Continue down the hall and push the first poster on your right. Jump up and get the shrinker gun.

3. Enter the last blue curtain on your left. Blow the crack in the right wall.

4. At the end of the hall is a black board with a red handprint on it. Push it and jump up to get the armor.

5.Behind the blue access door turn right to a moving bar. Turn right and you will see a little cabinet. Open the cabinet and push on the left inside wall.

6. When you come back out of the cabinet, push the red handprint on the wall of the vent shaft above the cabinet. Turn and go to your front right and you will see an opening in the wall on the right with a security monitor.


Bank Roll Secrets <5 in all>

1.Outside the bank, go to the ATM machine and open it.

2. When you hit the switch on the desk to get the blue access card the painting on the wall opens.

3. As you enter the blue access door, turn to your right. Shoot the switch up high on the wall. Turn around to get a Holoduke located behind the phones.

4. Blow the trip bombs and open the painting behind the desk.

5. When you come into the safe area you will see a crack (in the large opening) on the left wall next to the safe door. Blow it and get the atomic health.

Flood Zone Secrets <5 in all>

1. When you jump in the water you will see seaweed to your front. Blow the wall to the right of the seaweed and enter.

2. On the ledge where the blue access card is, jump through the wall behind it.

3. Go through the yellow access door on the roof turn to youíre left and jump up on the ledge. The back wall will look lighter. Open it to get the jetpack.

4. From the roof, go towards red access door and turn right. Fall to the ledge below and land on it. Open the window.

5. When you enter the red access door, you will see a yellow sign on your left that says "HARD HAT AREA". Push it and the left side of the crate will open. Go in and grab two healths.

L. A. Rumble <3 in all>

1.After you get the pipe bombs jump through the hole in the wall. Blow the crack in the right wall, and go in to get the freezer gun.

2.In the room you locate the blue access card go to the counter with the knife on top. Bend down and push the bloodstain to open the counter next to it.

3.By the red access card, the painting on the wall opens.

Movie Set Secrets <4 in all and 1 secret level>

1.To the right of you are two registers. Push the back of the one on your right. Turn to your right and run to the opened snack machine by the blue access card and go in (timed).

2. Behind the blue access door (crate room) jump up the crates to the vent. You will hear a door open. Go to the front of the tall crates to your right, push them and a door will open half way up (timed). It may be easier to use a jetpack here.

3. By the red access card, jump through the black wall. Grab the shrinker gun and the jetpack.

4. Out side is a billboard of Duke. Go through his head.

Area 51- Find the locked studio 17C. Now go to the door locked by a red key-card unlock the door. Go back to the door for studio 17C. It will now be open, and there will be a movie set that says. Go to the blue screen and push the red handprint below it. A small door will open in the corner right of the stage.

Rabid Transit Secrets <6 in all>

1.Go to the duke poster and open it.

2. Behind the blue access door, jump on top the trash can and open the poster above it.

3. Behind the red access door, go down the right side stairs. Blow the wall to the right of the bookcase. Jump on top of the bookcase and the other bookcase will lower.

4.Walk towards the drinking fountain and open the wall on your left.

5.There is a baggage claim to the right near the beginning. Go through the black door on either side. Open the right locker.

6.Enter the broken train through the top.

7.Past the entrance to the broken train to the left is a ramp to a platform. Open the red poster.

8.Open the rightmost coke machine near the phone and look right.


Fahrenheit Secrets <5 in all>

1.In the house near the "Innocent" sign, search the painting.

2.Blast all the bottles in the same area and jump into the shelf.

3.Rush into the invisible curtain in KNAW broadcasting station.

4.Go in to the fire station and flip the switch in the janitors closet. Then go through the "Innocent" sign.

5.In the bedroom in the fire station open the chart on the wall.

Hotel Hell Secrets <3 in all and 1 secret level>

1. Search the wooden wall on the 2nd floor bar.

2. In the same area, search the wine cupboard.

3.Go into the waterfall that flows into the swimming pool. You'll then be teleported to a jungle. Touch the bloody handprint and go in to the cave.

Freeway- Behind the trees in secret three is the nuke button.

Stadium Secrets <0 in all>

Duke-Burger <5 in all>

(Accessed through level 2 Gun Crazy)

1.As you exit the building go across the alley to a basement and follow the right wall until you reach the second vent.

2.After the force field go in to the room on the left with the crates. Destroy the chair and flip the switch under the desk. It opens a compartment in the wall on top of the crates stacked against the wall.

3.At the drive through window go to the wall across the street and turn around. Jump on the slanted vent at the bottom of the T shaped building and jump again to enter a space above the drive through window.

4. In the room at the end of the convaerbelt, the light switch will get you to a cool room. It's essential which way the door rotates: To the right you'll get to the secret area, to the left, nowhere.


Lunatic Fringe Secrets <0 in all>

(Accessed through level 13 Dark side)

Area 51 Secrets <8 in all>

(Accessed through level 22 Movie Set)

1.When you begin enter the metal double door. Go strait and turn around you will see a counter with a computer on it. Open the computer and jump over the counter and run to the elevator on the other side of the room. A panel will be open.

2.Go back to the computer and enter the door to the right. Go down and to the right until you reach a computer panel with a switch on the wall over it. Jump on to the panel and back up turn right and enter the panel in the next room.

3.Fall down the elevator and enter the force field room. Open force field number two. In the right wall is a crack.

4.Press the bloody handprint and enter the teleporter. Go across the bridge.

5.In the next room with the crane deactivate the crane and go strait along the convayerbelt and enter the teleporter.

6.Get the blue keycard and enter the door on the right that opens. Fly strait up to find a compartment.

7.From secret 2 jump on to the computer panel in the left corner and open the wall.


Freeway Secrets <7 in all>

1.Go to the right end of the freeway (relative to your starting position) jump up to the left ledge and search the leftmost window.

2.On the "upper" freeway, search the window opposite the blue key console.

3.Blow up the crack near the blue key.

4.Search the shelf near the blue key.

5.In the conveyor belt building, jump into the yellow and black strip sign facing the Terminator.

6.On the upper freeway, go to the dead end with the police car. In the corner are crates stacked leading to a ledge. Jump on the ledge and follow it to a stair-like area. Take the stairs to the top and enter the office on the left. Go behind the desk and push the button. A compartment in the back right corner opens.

7.Go out the door and blow up the crack by the armory.

If you know a secret that i dont please e-mail me

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