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1. Get in boat.  Raise Sail.  Untie boat.
2. Take vines.  Take logs.  Make raft.  Take pods.  Get on raft.
3. Take underbrush.  Burn underbrush with glass.  (Don't worry if you miss the
4. Take either.  Either one will end up near the SE of the castle, unless you
Put out Pods when the Coldrake, in which case you'll go to the overgrown trail.  
Be sure to take tanna leaves SSE.
5. Ignore this guy and move south.
6. Kiss woman.  Get tooth.
7. Use torches.  Move south.
8. Move rock.
9. Examine skeleton.  Take ring.  
10. Ask Hawkwind for help.  Get treebear.
11. Ask Hawkwind for help.  Show tooth.
12. Break lock with sword.
13. TAke encyclopedia.  Throw encyclopedia (before going down).  Unlock book
with key (need key from skeleton in cave).
14. Don't eat the pate, unless you want to go to the doctor again.  Be sure to
buy elixir.
15. Play the keys. (ADFS worked on one game, FADS worked on another.)
16. Buy cowls.  You'll need three eventually, but for now two are enough.
17. No, there is no way to play Dragonstones.
18. Sit at a table.  Pay bartender.  You'll end up at the Doctor's again.  If
you are broke, talk to doctor.  Give glass to him.
19. Ring bell.  Talk to alchemist.  Take ring.  When the fire starts on your
departure, open furnace.  Enter furnace.  Return later, examine ashes.  
20. Show tooth.  Clean out the treasure trove.  Go back and pay off the Doctor,
and, if need be, the moneylender.  You did get stone to the east of here, didn't
21. When you have the money, buy rope.  Pour wine on rock to free Starsword.  
Buy Starsword.  
22. Don't go into the maze to the west.  It's endless--you aren't.
23. Leave this red herring alone, he can be rough.
24. Pry ivory with dagger.  Take ivory.  Don't enter the hole.
25. The drawbridge will lower when you approach if you wear cowls.  Make sure
that you get the ivory and the jade key from the strong room.
26. Put plank on pit.  East.
27. Use stone.
28. Give cowl to prince.  Wear cowls.  There is a minor bug here if you have
more than three cowls.  If you are bitten, drop cowls.  Take cowls three times.  
Then give cowl to prince.
29. Ask Hawkwind for help.
30. Hit tuning fork.  The entrance from the Cenotaph just leads into the
assassin's castle, as does the cell in the garrison.
31. Put treebear on branch.  Be sure to get the ivory at the palace treasury.  
Return Alyn and visit the king.
32. Go behind waterfall.
33. Climb spikes.  Open trapdoor.  Up.
34. Throw rug in pit.  South.  Unlock door (need Jade key).
35. Hit tuning fork.  Use sword.
36. Put cauldron in fireplace.  Take wood.  Take sticks.  Light fire.  Rub
sticks together.  Put elixir in cauldron.  Put tanna in cauldron.  Put
dragonscale in cauldron.  Throw rope.  Climb rope.
37. Put ivory in pattern (need all three pieces).
38. Break chain with starsword.  Give potion to dragon.  Say "Darkness fears the
flame" and become a hero.

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