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Walkthru for            DRAGONSPHERE           by G.J.Woeginger

Essentially, you cannot make fatal mistakes.  In case you die, the game
jumps back to several seconds before your death and gives you another
chance.  In case you forget to take anything anywhere, you can return to
this place anytime you want.  There are five regions: (1) the castle, (2)
the shifters' land, (3) the dessert and oasis (4) the fairy maze and the
(5) the wizard's tower.  My solution will not give you the full score of
250 points; e.g. there are treasure hidden all over the game (goblet,
music box, nugget, crystal flower, rare coin, birdcall) that are not
important for solving the game.

Go to the council room, receive the shield stone and take your sword.  In
the courtyard talk to the fairy, the shifter and the ecliptus.  Visit the
three countries.  
   (Fairy Maze) To enter the maze you must talk to the fairy and always
choose the `polite and gentle' answers.  To pass the two guards on the next
screen, you must solve the puzzle of the sprites: there are eight sprites
that switch their colors from red to blue to yellow all the time.  There is
one color that makes them tell the truth, one color that makes them lie and
one color that makes them tell the truth or lie.  In the next screen, you
meet the Butterfly King.  Answer his quiz (easy, he is only interested in
the words and not in their meaning) and receive the first powerstone.  
   (Shifter's land) To enter, give the guards the signet ring from your
inventory.  To leave lateron, ask them about the ring.  To pass the pool,
invoke the shield stone and then take the tentacle parts.  Talk to the wise
shifter on the next screen and receive a polystone.  Enter the cave and
receive the doll.  
   (Dessert) Walk till you meet the merchant and take a bone from the
ground.  The ecliptus in the courtyard, the Butterfly King and the wise
shifter told you several words in the ecliptus language.  Combine your
knowledge to communicate with the merchant.  He tells you the way to the
oasis; shab=north, falla=south, ecliptus=west.  In the oasis talk to the
shamans and receive the second powerstone.  Visit the caliph and win several
games against him.  He gives you dates, a statue and a ruby ring as prizes.

Walk to hightower, talk to the girl and get the amulett.  Climb up and take
a feather.  Climb up and walk to the west.  Talk to the shak and take some
mud from the ground.  Walk back east and climb up again.  Walk to the door
of the tower and answer the questions of the vines (red, leg, beef). Inside,
throw the mud on the eye.  Walk to the right and take the music box and the
vortex stone.  Walk to the right and apply the vortex stone to take the
magic from the rope.  Take the rope, the flask and the dead rat.  Put the
dead rat in the freezer and take the frozen rat.  Put the flask on the
metal plate and fill it with acid.  Walk three screens to the left and north.
Take the torch, pour the acid on the trap door and fasten the rope at the
manacles.  Take the elevator down and use the torch to lighten the dark room.
Take the elevator up, and climb down the rope.  This give you the third
powerstone.  Take the elevator up.  Cool the doorframe of the teleporter with
the frozen rat and pick up the teleporter with the tentacles.  Walk to the
infernal machine and put the teleporter in the water.  This cools the floor
of the right corridor.  Before you visit the sorcerer, transform the
polystone into the blue powerstone.  The sorcerer takes two powerstone and
the polystone from you.  At your next chance to move, throw the blue power-
stone at the sphere.  This kills the wizard.  Collect everything from the
room - crystal ball, black sphere, map and spirit bundle - and leave the

Return to the shak.  Now he lets you pass.  Use the map to cross the 24
pillars.  Get the magic belt, jump down and visit the cave behind the
waterfall.  Use the spirit bundle on the girl and talk to her; find the
right path thru the maze of words; THOU ART A ROSE - BUT NO! FOR NO ROSE
AS FAIR DID EVER GROW.  Then heal the girl with the help of the doll.
   (Dessert) Play two more games against the caliph.  This brings you a
bottle with flies and a soporific drink; when you drink the tea with the
caliph, use the doll to heal yourself.  Produce another spirit bundle from
the feather and the bone and use the vortex stone to put magic into it.
Now the shamans take you to the spirit plane.  The first puzzle is to cross
the 25 pillars with the help of the map; reflect the map at its vertical
axis.  The second puzzle is to cross the snake pit with the help of the
crystal ball; another solution is to shift into a snake with the shifter
ring.  In the third puzzle, you must first take the magic from the magic
grapes, and then give the dates to the bird.  Take the soul egg and replace
it by the black sphere.
   (Fairy maze) Open the bottle of flies and take the crown.
   (Shifters'land) Bribe the guards with the soporific drink.  Heal the
green slime shifter with the help of the doll.  In the village, talk to
the woman and get your shifter ring.

Talk to the captain and choose the path where you are allowed to "give"
something to her.  Use the doll to heal her give her back her eye.  Enter
the well.  Shift into a seal to cross the river.  Enter the trapdoor and
put the heavy statue on it to avoid the spears.  Shift into a bear and free
the king.  Give the soul egg to him.  Open the secret door by wearing the
crown.  Fight against the evil brother with the sword and use the amulett.
Enjoy the ending sequence of the game.

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