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Welcome to the Discworld II No Spoilers Walkthrough!

The point of this game is to use your head. However, it makes it really hard for you
to do that. Firstly, you can't even see half the items you're supposed to pick up.
Secondly, the hints are very obscure and hidden in a load of rubbish. Third, you
can't even see whether or not it's possible to walk to a certain place all that well.

So here are my tips to help you do it yourself without resorting to the Spoiler

TIP NO.1. SUPERTIP. When you're stuck (which will be about 90% of the time), and you
don't know what you're supposed to do with half of the seemingly useless items you've
accumulated, just pick it up and use it on another item in your inventory, or try
looking at it or Using it. You'll get some of the clearest messages in the game.

TIP NO. 2. When Rincewind says that something might be important later on, he's
usually trying to be funny. When he says that something's a hint, IT IS. When he says
that you're on the right track, or that it's a good idea, he's right.

TIP NO. 3. It might be easier to remember hints the game throws out if you leave the
subtitles on. This does ruin a few nice one-liners, but hey, you can't have


Intro Screen: X selects/enters, Triangle cancels.

During Animation: X cancels.

During Speech: X cancels segment, O skips to next piece of text. (A segment is the
whole speech for a single character; a piece of text is defined by the subtitles. In
other words, pressing O makes the next subtitle appear and skips the current one.)

(For the following keys, I set "Action" to O and "Examine" to Triangle.)

On Regular Screen: Square walks to the cursor position if possible. O picks up or
interacts with an item. Triangle gives a description of the item. Select brings up
the menu screen (menu controls are the same as on the intro screen; Select closes the
menu). Start pauses the game. L1 (or pressing Square on the Luggage) brings up the
Luggage inventory screen. R1 (or pressing Square on Rincewind) brings up Rincewind's
inventory screen.

When Cursor Is An Item: Pressing O uses the item with whatever the cursor's on.
Everything else is the same.

When Cursor Is A Hand: Pressing O fades the screen out and in to the next
destination. Pressing Square walks to the edge of the screen and THEN fades out to
the next destination. Pressing Triangle tells you where the hand is pointing to.

On Inventory Screen: Pressing Square on an item picks it up; pressing it again puts
it back. Pressing Circle Uses or touches the item. Pressing Triangle gives a
description of the item. Pressing X closes the screen.


Since it's so hard to tell just where all the items are and which ones are just
background, here's a rundown of all the necessary items in the game and their
locations. How and when you use them is up to you! These are only the NECESSARY
items, not ones that give you hints on how to proceed. Keep in mind that you may have
to use an item twice. Also keep in mind that you may NOT have to use an item twice.
Also remember: You MUST look at everything. And just because I say "Nothing" doesn't
mean you don't have to go there and look at things and talk to people! ("Walk off"
means the cursor turns to a hand. Items which are not there at the start of the game
are marked with a *.)


UU DINING HALL: Food, *Librarian.
UU HIGH ENERGY FACILITY: Magnet, Test Tube, Bellows, Hex, Accelerator.
UU GARDEN: Hoop, Mallet, Mallet, Mallet, Rooster.
UU BEEHIVES (walk off and left in the garden): Flowers, Hive.
UU DUMP (walk off and behind the maze to the right in the garden): Compost Heap, Imp,
TOMB (walk off and right in the cemetary): Slab, *Teeth.

Note about the three Shades: The first time you enter, no matter which one you pick, you'll
end up in the middle Shades. If you leave and come out, each Shades will drop you in
a different place. They're still all connected. Keep walking right from the left
Shades and you'll end up in the second and third Shades.

MRS. CAKE'S HOUSE (door in the left Shades): Genie Bottle, (walk to the left for the
rest) Scissors, Dummy, Petticoat, Ironing Board in closet.
MORTUARY (between left and middle Shades): Knife, *Mirror, *Bunsen Burner, Slab.
MIDDLE/RIGHT SHADES: Can, Saw, Pot, Vile Smell.
TROLL'S HEAD BAR (door in middle Shades): Matches.
GIMLET'S GRILL (door in right Shades): Chili, Menu.
PLAZA: Milkmaid's Dress.
TRAVELING SHOP: Flamingo, Incense, Stuffed Fish, Candles.
FOOL'S GUILD: Brick, Hooter.
FIRST POTHOLE (down from Fool's Guild): Nothing.
SECOND POTHOLE (right from First Pothole or left from Third Pothole): Nothing.
PORK FUTURES WAREHOUSE (up from Second Pothole): Ice.
LEFT POTHOLE: (right from Second Pothole or left from First Pothole): Grate.
DOCKS: Net, Hook, Bird, Hammerhead Shark, *Ship, *Snow Storm.


(You can keep walking right on the First Screen for a while.)
FIRST SCREEN: Mail Box, Weight, Paint, *Imp (in set), Camera.
COSTUME ROOM (walk off and inside castle): Horse Suit.
MAKEUP ROOM (walk off and left just before you reach the trainer) Nothing.
MAIN SET (walk off and right from the end of the first screen): Door.
TRAILER (walk off and right from the Main Set): Nothing.


(You can keep walking left on the First Screen for quite a while, then up for a bit.)

FIRST SCREEN: *Saddlebag, Candy Rock.
CAMEL MERCHANT (walk off and up near the start of the First Screen): Camel.
PYRAMID SHOP (door near middle of First Screen): Poster.
STONING GROUND (walk off and up at the end of the First Screen): Stake, *Hole, *Rope.


Bone Idle.


Rotten Arm.


Glue Pot, Bandages.



XXXX (sail off to the left on the main map screen)

(You can walk right for a while on the first screen.)

FIRST SCREEN: Surf, Sticks, Basket.
SECOND SCREEN (walk off and right from the First Screen): Anthill.

ANCIENT CAVE (from XXXX sea (not using ship)): Cave Paintings.



UNDEAD ROOM (from door in left Shades): Black Sheep (in wardrobe).


STABLE: Rope, Saddle, Binky.
GARDEN: Hive, Pond, Fishing Rod, Toy Cart, Dots.


MAIN HALL: Umbrella Stand, Curtain.
KITCHEN (door on left on first floor): Old Rag, Sugar Pot, Pot-Bellied Stove.
LIBRARY (door on right on first floor): Book, Alcove.
STUDY (door at bottom on second floor): Inkwell, Cord.
SUSAN'S ROOM (door at left on second floor): String, Bunny.




Fountain, Sand.


Raven, Broom.


Most people in DW2 are just there for laughs, so it's tough to weed out the people
who are just talking nonsense, and the people who are also talking nonsense, but
giving you hints as well. You should write down EVERYTHING these important people
say. Here is a list of the important people in the game ONLY as regards hints. (This
does NOT mean that they are important to the story! People who are important to the
story often do not give you hints! You'll still have to talk to everyone to find out
how to advance the game.)

ACT I: Imp, Mrs. Cake, Mad Drongo, Chuckie And The Jester, Beekeeper, Dibbler,

ACT II: Dead Collector, Mortician, Troll (in Main Set), Skazz, Uri Djeller, Makeup
Girl, Granny Weatherwax.

ACT III: No one, really.

ACT IV: Uri Djeller.

EPILOGUE: No one, really.


Only use this if you're totally stuck! I'm STILL not just giving away answers!

Q: Where is...
A: Hold it! First explore everything, everywhere. Interact with all the "important
items" listed above. Listen to everything all the "important people" have to say.
I'll wait. You back?

Q: Where is...
A: One more thing. Sometimes you'll be doing things from the end down (looking at
your goal and working up to it) and sometimes it'll be easier to do it from the
ground up (just putting things together and hoping something will come out of it.)
Just because you don't see any dribbly candles around doesn't mean you're on the
wrong track. Try everything you can think of first.

Q: Fine! Now, how do I get those damn mallets away?
A: The players are stupid. Replace it with something else while they're not looking.

Q: How do I catch the rooster?
A: You'll need a lure, and something to incapacitate it.

Q: Why can't I get the mouse blood out?
A: You need something designed for SUCKING blood. Know anyone who does that for a

Q: OK, I've found it, but how do I get him to give it to me?
A: You've got to catch him sleeping. Get him to think it's sleepy time!

Q: How do I get the glitter dust?
A: You know where it is if you've been looking at List 2. You'll have to find some
way to shake it off or blow it off.

Q: How do I get rid of the beekeeper?
A: He seems overenthusiastic about bees. Get him to tell the world about it!


Q: How do I get my pulse to stop?
A: Haven't we seen an artificial limb somewhere?

Q: How do I make that model pyramid?
A: Models are usually made of wire. Seen anything made of wire anywhere?

Q: How do I make the one-ton weight heavier?
A: It doesn't actually have to BE heavier, just THINK it's heavier.

Q: What do I do with the Suffrajester?
A: It's not nice to steal stakes. Put it back where you found it. Knowledge of Monty
Python's "Dead Parrot" sketch may help, as well.

Q: How do I help the troll?
A: C'mon, there aren't that many ways to pull a tooth! Think about every TV show
you've ever seen!

Q: How do I lure the ants into Hex?
A: Think back. You need something sweet, and there's no sugar in this part of the
game. You using that clay pot for anything?

Q: How do I get into the Elven castle?
A: Listen carefully to Granny Weatherwax. Only three things can get in there. You're
not the first one, you can't be the third one, why not give the second one a go?

Q: Where the heck am I supposed to find a stunt double?
A: Well, who do you know who's dead?

Q: Where's my proof for the sheep?
A: Well, you could start off in some foreign climes. You've got to go overseas. No
ship... how's "Cowabunga" for a clue? (DAMN! And I said I wouldn't give anything away!)


Q: Is there somewhere I'm supposed to go first?
A: Try the kitchen in Death's House.

Q: Where can I get more ink?
A: All you have to do is dilute it, really. That stuff'll make anything as black as
it is.

Q: Where am I supposed to get a deep voice?
A: You don't need a deep voice, you just have to make Albert THINK you have one. Have
you ever talked into a potbellied stove?

Q: Why can't I cut the corn?
A: Because Rincewind is a bloody weakling. You'll have to modify the scythe to do it
without breaking his back.

Q: Where the hell am I supposed to get a hundred souls?
A: Read the ledger in the study for a clue. Souls look like little dots.


Q: What the hell am I supposed to do here?
A: Use the skull in Bonestock for a hint. I hear Djelibeybi's very sandy this time of

Q: How do I track the prospector?
A: Why not use the vultures for something useful for a change?

Any more questions should be done by yourself, but if you're truly stuck, try e-
mailing me at .


--Dan Orner

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