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               Soleau Software

Hi! I'm Kewlio. You want to know some stuff about Crusher Castle? You got it!

For one thing, I'm gonna tell you just a brief description of the game.

Crusher Castle is a DOS game made around 1993. It's a strategy game in which
you have to push blocks so that they surround (or "Crush") these ghosts found
in every room. Once crushed, a ghost fades away, leaving a candle somewhere in
the room. Candles are VERY important to the game! If you reach 0, you're GAME
OVER no matter how many guys you have. There's a lot of other stuff, so we'll
get into that later. Now, on with the walkthrough!


I.     What's new?
II.    Walkthrough
  1)      The 10,000 Point Barrier
  2)      Here, Kitty, Kitty!
  3)      For A Big Ol' Place Like This You Need A Map... (Part one)
  4)      For A Big Ol' Place Like This You Need A Map... (Part two)
  5)      The Key To The Solution
III.   Tips for playing and winning
IV.    High scores and where to post them
V.     Credits and Copyright


I.                                What's new?

Version 1.0 (August 5, 1999)

Everything! Even the section on GameFAQs is new!


II.                               Walkthrough

This is the walkthrough for Crusher Castle. If there is some kind of error,
e-mail me at:


1)                          The 10,000 Point Barrier

Welcome to Crusher Castle! This was a great castle once, but now it's been
overrun by ghosts... They only send people here for murder... And that's what
you did. Now you have to find a way out of the confines of the Crusher Castle
and back in the open world. For one thing, you have to prove your bravery. In
other words, NO CHICKENS ARE GONNA WIN! To prove your bravery, simply get
yourself 10,000 points, possible in three rooms. Yeah, that's right. All you
need is to complete three rooms! The way to do this is to crush every ghost you
find, take every item there is and open any closets you discover. If you find
BONES, no problem. You're collecting everything. You're going to retaliate
those lost candles anyway. I always get my 10,000 points inside three rooms,
except if I find a passageway. So once you get the 10K points, we can move on
to finding the Magic Cat.


2)                            Here, Kitty, Kitty!

You got 10,000 points and that extra life. Now what? We search for the Magic
Cat. It can't talk, but it can make you forget and also vanish in thin air.
You'll see. For starters, you'll have to go in one of these rooms: 1, 5, 21,
25. Why? They're the corner rooms! Once you reach one of these, "sweep" all the
rooms for any closets that may contain the Magic Cat. Yep, the Magic Cat is
inside a closet. Poor thing. "Sweeping" is when you go all the way to one side,
then change rows and go all the way back to the other side. Or you can start
from a corner and spiral in or go to room 13 and spiral out. Your choice.
This is sure to find you your Cat. When you pick it up, it'll tap you on your
arm # times, the # sign being a room number, 1 to 25. It'll stop and then tap
you again ?? times. Why "??" ? Because that's what it actually says in the
game. These two rooms are where you'll find the two Map Halves.


3)           For A Big Ol' Place Like This You Need A Map... (Part one)

You got your 10K points AND your Cat... and the Cat just vanished. No more help
from it. Now is the time to introduce... Rush rooms! In these rooms, speed is
the key. No blocks. Only five ghosts and a closet or two... or three. Try to
avoid these rooms. But once you got your first Map Half, you may want to take a
quick look. Now this part is easy and not even worth going in detail. Simply go
to whatever number the Cat tapped the first time (If it tapped you 7 times, go
to room 7). You'll find the Map Half near the center of that room.


4)           For A Big Ol' Place Like This You Need A Map... (Part two)

10K points, a vanished Cat and half a Map. What's next? Another Map Half. But
before you try to find it, you should stock up to about 75 candles. It seems
like a lot, but candles go fast. Now to find the second half of the map, sweep
the castle again. Do you remember how? Go to a corner room and then from one
side to another. You're sure to find it. Where I found it was in a Rush room.
That's why I said to take a quick look. Oh yeah... Get a lot of bombs. You'll
see why in the next part.


5)                          The Key To The Solution

10K points, a vanished Cat and a Map. Don't try following a pattern, it's
hazardous to your mental health. Anyhoo, the key to the solution must be, and
is, very well, a key. The map would tell you where it is, but the room number
is illegible, so... I didn't get any farther than this at this date. I don't
know if it's out in the open or inside a closet, just check everywhere in every
room. Sweep. You will find it. Now is the time to introduce... Stockpile rooms!
This is the opposite of a Rush room. In a Stockpile room, you have nothing but
time. And you better have a ton of bombs if you're planning to get anywhere!
It's totally full of blocks and has only small areas at the exits. Of course
there are ghosts, but since they're stuck in tiny tiny tiny tiny rooms, they're
no harm. They're a good place to save.


So what did we learn today?

We've learned about: Sweeping, Rush and Stockpile rooms, how to get the 10K
points easily, how to get the Cat, Map Halves and Key, how Stockpile rooms are
the best possible place to save and to understand what the Cat means by its

At the next update there will probably be exactly how to get the key and what
comes after.


III.                       Tips for playing and winning

These tips are by Kewlio (

If possible, always keep your candle quantity over your bomb quantity and keep
your bomb quantity over your mission number X 10 (If you're at your 4th mission
(2nd Map Half), keep your bombs and candles over 40).

Don't uselessly move around, it uses up your candles.

When entering a room, make yourself a small room of blocks so that no ghost can
get in. Then, save. If, then, you lose a life or you nearly don't have any more
candles, load.


IV.                    High Scores and where to post them

Well, you have three choices: Either go to the Soleau Software Website...

...and follow the links, or e-mail me your high score with the information in
the table below (except entry #)...

...or do both. Here is my High Score table for Crusher Castle. Complete ranks
over Incomplete, no matter what score. You can have your name up at three
places max. Fourth entry for one person erases first, fifth erases second,

                      Top 50 High Scores

|Initials|Name            |Date     |Score  |Entry #|Status         |
| K E W  |Kewlio          | 5/9/99  | 87500 |   2   |Incomplete     |
| K E W  |Kewlio          | 5/9/99  | 86500 |   3   |Incomplete     |
| H E Y  |This could be U!|   Now   |9999900|  776  |Complete X 268 |
|        |                |         |       |       |               |


V.                           Credits and Copyright

Walkthrough by Kewlio

Tips for playing and winning submitted by Kewlio

Game by Soleau Software Non-violent Games for the Whole Family

Hosted by GameFAQs

(C) Kewlio 1999-2000

Oh yeah, special thanks to YOU from Soleau Software for playing! Cya!

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