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Date: Thu, 15 Oct 1998 21:44:53 EDT

"Clock Tower"
Walkthrough for Scenario One --Jennifer

Another wonderful thing written by me =)
Use this however you like, just give me credit for it please.

~~Lenore =)

I. Notes
II. Places to dodge Scissorman
III. Items you'll need
IV. Places to FIND Scissorman

I. Notes
There's really not much to passing this level. All you have to do is keep
dodging Scissorman when he comes and get the two items listed here. After you
have everything, I recommend you search the rest of the level.

II. Places to hide
I'll start off by listing some places you can hide from Scissorman:
1. Floor one-
A. Security Room: under the lounge chair (the room is at the far right of this
floor next to the elevator), but after you use the lounge chair, break for the
elevator or the bathroom, he'll follow you out of there!
B. The bathroom: In the middle of the first floor, has a picture next to it
like those in buildings. Hide in one of the stalls.
C. I THINK (I don't remember) there's a fire extinguisher next to where you
enter after Scissorman chases you.
D. The elevator: hit the button to go up. It's a good way to dodge him, but a
bad way to find him. [don't use the elevator too much or it will break!]
E. The storage room: there's an empty box in there you can hide in, but
Scissorman can still kill you. The box maneuver isn't very reliable (but
that's my luck).
2. Floor two-
A. The fire extinguisher: I think (again I don't remember, I don't use those
things too often) its at the far left of the second floor.
B. The bathroom: these will always be in the middle of the floor with a
picture next to it...and like all the others, you hide in the stall.
C. The elevator: all of these are in the same places. And like I explained on
1D, don't use it too often.
D. The Laboratory: If you paid attention to where you were in the Prologue,
you should know where it is. If you don't, it's a couple of doors to the left
of the bathroom. Inside, there is a key on Helen's desk. Use it on the door to
the therapy room and go inside. On the shelves next to the bed, is a can of
ammonia. You can use that.
3. Floor three-
A. Bathroom: see 1 or 2 about it.
B. Elevator: same as the ones above.
C. I KNOW there's a fire extinguisher on this floor! Go to the far left and
enter the door to the lounges. There will be a fire extinguisher next to the
door to the women's lounge.
Those are a few of the places you can hide from Scissorman. I'm sure there are

III. Items you need to complete the level:
LEVEL WITHOUT THE OIL CAN (you will not get the best ending).  The oil can is
on the first floor in the storage room. Check the shelf at the right. The
storage room is at the left of the building near where you first enter.
Ladder Key-It's in the security room on the table. The security room is on the
first floor to the far right next to the elevator. You use this on a box with
a rope ladder to exit the level. You go ALL the way up the stairs and you will
come to a box-looking thing and use it on that.

IV. A few places where you can FIND Scissorman:
A. In the lockers on the first floor to the left of the level.
B. Clicking any of the elevators repeatedly.
C. On the third floor, go into the computer room at the far right. Scissorman
may be in there. When he clashes his giant scissors a computer monitor will
switch on and a white screen with the word "KILL" will come up.
D. Sticking around in a single room for too long.
E. On the second floor, enter the room at the far right. You'll be in the
waiting room. Then enter the room at north and you'll be in some room like an
office or whatever. Scissorman can pop out of the locker. Return here later
and you may get a fax from him too.
F. In the storage room on the first floor...he'll pop out of a box.
G. When you're trying to dodge him and you choose the box maneuver, he may be
IN the box you are trying to get to.

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