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   1) The game starts in the middle of a 4-way intersection. Going up or down
just wastes time (it is there to make it look complicated). Going right or left
is the ONLY ways to go. They both take you to another level inside the castle.
Once past the staircases, going either left or right will eventually take you
around the castle in a circle.      
   2) In this circular area there are 2 intersections that allow to go down.
Going down takes you back to the staircases which lead you to the beginning
(4 way intersection). 3 intersections will allow you to go up. The 3 are:
Vivi's Funeral Salon, Moose (The Stairway) and The Garden.
    3) In the 'famous 3' are hidden secrets that MUST be accomplished
correctly on the FIRST try. If you fail, you may be forced to start over
from scratch.
    4) There are clues (if you can figure them out).

     1) Vivi's Funeral Salon: When Vivi asks if you want a 'shave'
or 'something else', look at Lance's face carefully. You will see one of
his eyes change momentarily. This clue will reveal the correct move (to
the right) every time. The final move has a hidden secret move. In the
final move, Lance is sitting in the chair when Vivi activates her remote
control. Well, instead of moving left, press the button and figure out
the remaining moves to successfully defeat Vivi for good.
     2) Moose (The Stairway): When Fritz pulls the ropes that bring
you to the top, the ending moves are 'left, left'. Well, instead move
left, right' and figure out the moves to defeat the sports player and
escape Fritz.
     3) The Garden: When you swing to the ledge of the statue, you
must go right to avoid the statues poison. After that instead of going
up, go right and figure out the moves to defeat the statue. If you do
this successfully, the statue will toss you back to the castle unharmed.

     1) When you cross the bridge (left) or (right) (((YOU MUST CROSS
BOTH))), you will end up in an intersection. DO NOT GO UP OR YOU WILL
DIE!!! Instead go in the direction that Lance is running. After Lance
climbs the ladder, go up to avoid the cat's attack. When the witch
approaches, move in the direction Lance is facing, otherwise SECRET I
won't work. When Lance gets to the tunnel and it looks like you have to
go up, don't just yet. Instead go down. When Lance takes the eyeball,
leave the room. You will end up in that tunnel again. This time, go up.
After defeating the first witch, you will end up in a 4-way tunnel. Go
up and follow these same instructions in reverse for the evil twin

      2) After defeating the second evil twin witch, you will end up
in that 4-way tunnel again. Go up. When you find yourself in that
intersection again, an elevator will appear. Go up!!!


      1) Pick up the sword and prepare to fight your way up the stairs.

      2) When you get to the top of the stairs and enter the room
with Dr. Nerosis, you will find yourself with 3 possible decisions. You
can go Right or Left, Left just to waste time. When you are ready to finish the
game, go Left, Right and try your best to learn the moves (timing is the most
critical here) and you will defeat Dr. Nerosis for good. To leave the castle
before it explodes, press any button or move in any direction (it doesn't
matter because its the last move in the game).

 If you would like to comment on this game, e-mail me and I will reply.

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