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       The Solution


Pick up the Rubber Tail Warmer
Pick up the Invention Book
Pick up the Jam Jar
Walk to the Hall.


Pick up the Candelabra
Walk down stairs.


Pick up the Broom
Put the Broom in the Tea Cup Rack
Put the Candelabra on the kettles
Put the Rubber Tail Warmer on the Candelabra

Flames Bedroom

Pick up blue bottle of Hair Lotion
Speak to Flame
Catch Kiss in the Jam Jar

Kings Bedroom

Pick up the Pipe Cleaners
Pick up the Magazine

Castle Entry

Talk to dragon in Information Booth and get the Magic Map.


Burniverre Bottom Left
Pick up a Magic Bean


Give the Kiss to the man eating flies, he turns into a frog.
Pick up the frog.


Sir Blaze top left
Release the frog and Sir Blaze gives you a Mirror and heads for the castle.


Dragon mid left
Sir Gas Flame
Plant Magic Bean in soil below balcony.
Bean grows Sir Gas Flame recognises the King.
They give you Peruvian Coal.

Streets of Camelhot

Go to the Arena
Go to the Practice Range
Complete the Cata-pult arcade and pick up the Cat.


Put the Pipe Cleaner in the Termite Nest

Mad House

Give the Hair Lotion to the lady, she cuts her hair and it falls to the floor.
Pick up the Hair.
Walk into the house
Put the Pipe Cleaner with Termites in the flute, this distracts Freud
The Dragon escapes and gives you a ribbon.


Dragon Loungealot
Pick up the Pitch Fork
Walk along path to the Black Dragon.

Black Dragon

Release the cat and the dog chases it into the Black Dragon, which the moves off down the hill and
runs Sir Loungealot over.

Sir Loungealot

Now your are a squire to Sir Loungealot and he gives you Soap for his clothes.

Flames Bedroom in the Castle

Put the hair out of the window, and Flame climbs down.
Watch the meeting with George, Wizard and Chancellor.
Flame is captured by George.
Chancellor takes your bag for the invention book.

Chancellors Room

Get your bag back.
Pick up the Stamps from the table.

Flames Bedroom

Pick up the Chest
Pick up the Ghost costume.


Talk to Trivet he will turn you into a Princess
Return to Trivet
Use the mirror turn him into Princess
Use the Chest to dress him
Show him to the King.

Map Mountains

Map Streets

Put the Pitch fork in Lance the Moles way
Pick up Lance the mole


Use the mole to lower the Tournament sign
Pick up the Stilts, mention Eddy Ember

Lady of the Lake

Use the stilts to cross stream to washing machine
Pick up the Oar

Black Dragon Hill

Walk along path to top of hill.
Pick up the Bone.


Talk to the librarian and ask for a book, she then goes into the store room.
Pick up the Feather Duster.


Tickle the Pizza dragon with the Feather Duster, he fall over.
Pick up the Pizza Paddle.

Mad House

Talk to the lady, who swaps the Hair Lotion for the Shears.


Stamp the endangered poster with the Do-do Stamp, making it illegal to
hunt do-do.  The Hunter the gets arrested.

Down town Grim

Enter the Juice Pub.  Accept the job you are offered.  Pick up the
comics on the centre table, and you are challenged to a dance
competition.  Win the dance competition by pressing correct buttons in

Down town Grim

Give the Crackers to the Cricketer, who then goes into the Juice Pub
for a drink.

Juice Pub

Serve the monks and pick up some prunes.

Down town Grim

Use Peruvian Coal on the Straw Sir George, an watch it burn.
Pick up the Sir George mask.
Pick up the Paddle.

Down town Grim

Walk to Castle Grim, the Do-Do is there.

Castle Grim

Ring the Bell and Guard answers.
Tell him you have a delivery for Sir George.
Put the prunes in the comics, tie the parcel up with the Tartan Ribbon.
Give the parcel to the Guard this empties the moat and reveals an electric eel.
Pick up the Electric Eel with the Salad Tongs.
Enter the back of the castle.


Release the Electric Eel into the water, the fisherman catches it and
gets an electric shock.  The Lady of the Lake thanks you by turning
off the waterfall in front of the Cave of Dilemma on the morning of
the Tournament.

Down town Grim

Put the Sir George mask in the manure.
Walk to Castle Grim.

Castle Grim

Enter the back of the castle, and go into the bathroom.

Castle Grim - Bathroom

Show the Sir George mask to the blind Valet.
He puts Sir George's Armour on you.
He gives you a bottle of Rust-be-Gone.

Back of Castle Grim

There is a Dog waiting, give him the bone he fetches it and you pick
it up again.

Castle Grim - Courtyard

Close the Castle gate.
Walk down the stairway to Mervin's Lab.

Castle Grim - Mervin's Lab

Pick up the Code sheet from Mervin's table.


Use the Rust-be-Gone on the Trap to release the ant.
The Ant gives you a Whistle which he will answer to.

Castle Grim - Courtyard

Give the Code sheet to the guard, he launches the Black Dragon, which then crashes into the closed
Mervin enters the Courtyard.

Mervins Lab

Throw the Bone into the cell, the dog runs and fetches keys.
Flame is free. You return to the King and have to collect the Knights.

Entrance Hall

Look at the map, the Knights are at the Monument.


The Knights are trapped. Speak to the Knights, they tell you to stop the humans from raiding the mines.
Look at the map.


Pick up the amonium nitrate powder.
Give the magazine with the Kings speech to the Canary, who falls asleep and the miners leave the Mine.
Pick up the Pickaxe.
Pick up the Canaster.


Go down thruogh the trap door.
Use the Pickaxe to get the wooden peg from the top of the wooden spindle.
Go to the Juice Pub.

Juice Pub

Give the wooden peg to the cricketer, he gives you the cricket bat.
Go to the Monument.


Give the Cricket bat to the Knights, this frees the Knights.

Flickers Bedroom

Cave of Dilema's

Test of strength - Whistle the ants to move the rock.
Test of dexterity - Use the clippers on the porcupine then spin them.
A wee bit scary - use the soap then the amonium nitrate on the cloud.
Keep your eye on the healthy rabbit.
If you win all four you get a Cubic Zerconia.


Give the Cubic Zerconia to the King, he Knights you. Then take part in the tournament, against Sir Loungealot.
When you win the Tournament the Black Dragon appears, you have to destroy it.

Royal Gardens of Camelhot

Put the Ghost costume over the wooden cross near Arena entrance. This creates a scarecrow and the crows are off.
Pick up some Corn.


Walk across to the washing machine. Switch it to delicate and put the Corn in the machine this dries it.
Put the popping corn in the Canaster.

Practice Range

Put the Canaster in the Cat-a-pult and shoot at the Black Dragon,
this destroys the Black Dragon. Sir George gets changed into a dragon
and eats the king, flicker Mervin and flys off.

Inside Sir George

Look at the indicator lights, move the lever your side.
Use the clicker, Mervin slows down until stalls. Use the shears to cut the starting rope. Sir Gearge crashes on the Chancellor.
Watch the ending !

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