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                                Full Solve

                       Typed up by: Remo Williams

Level 2 (where you start)
Once you wake up, go into combat mode. Beat the nursebot, and kick it
into the force bars.
Pick up the logbook, and the hunk of meat.
Go toward the front of the next cell down from you. (the blue guy's cell)
Drop the hunk of meat near the entrance.
After he grabs it, run in the cell. (waiting for the bars to flicker)
While he's distracted, grab the logbook, and the fork.
Beat the snot out of him, and grab the photo he drops.
Go toward the end of the hallway, and try to open the large doors.
Ok, you've just seen the panel short out next to the door. Use the fork
on the panel to open it. The correct circuit sequence is: 4-3-2-2-1.
Open the doors to the guard room.
Push the red button on the wall once.
Go up the stairs and examine all the monitors, turning
off the force bars in every room that you have access to. (one of them
you cannot shut off from here.)
Now go down the stairs and examine the monitors in the little security
alcove (there are 3 of them.)
One of them will be have a damage report written on it, repair everything
you can.
Another one of them will be the remote for another nursebot. Access the
controls, and maneuver the bot out into the hallway, and have it pick up
the severed arm.
Move the nursebot into the guard room (same room you're in) and position it
so it is right in front of the access panel to the sealed door.
Read through Cayman's (blue guy) logbook. In it you will find an access code
which must be entered through one of the terminals on the floor. If the bot
is positioned right, and the access code is correct, you will get a message
saying "Insufficient weight to access door" or something similar.
Step on the panel near the nursebot and open the door.

Once you enter the hallway, you will hear thumping -- there is a large
guard robot lurking in the corridor. Run down the hallway until you see a
doorway on the left, and run into it until the 'bot passes.
Once the bot passes you, continue running down the hallway until you enter
the cryo chamber (on the right.)
In the cryo chamber, head toward the far side and you will see a button,
and a valve/wheel.
Push the button, and you will open a hatch. Then turn the valve.
Now run back to where you first entered this room, and there will be a
display to the left of the door. Look at it, and look specifically at
chamber #1.
There will be warning sounds saying "Chamber 1 is becoming unstable."
Just keep looking at the monitor, and a Cyberraptor will break free of the
Enter combat mode, and knock the Raptor unconcious. While it is out, turn
off the valve, and close the hatch.
Position yourself a little behind the hatch, so when the Raptor wakes up and
you are fighting him again, he is standing on the hatch.
Beat the Raptor again, and this time, when he snoozes, he should fall
squarely atop the hatch. When he does, push the button to re-open the hatch.
Once he falls in, and noises start coming from down there, turn on the
valve again. Once it's silent, climb down the ladder.

Once down the ladder, run down the plank as far as you can go until you
come to a spot where there are three holes in the walls. Push towards the
right hand hole (tough to find the right spot sometimes) and you will climb
up it.
Now you're in the cell you couldn't access previously. Once the marine
wakes up, beat the stuffing out of him and pick up everything there.
(Especially the gun!)
Now make your way back to where the robot is patrolling the hallway, and
enter the little alcove again. (It's actually an elevator shaft) There is
a small panel near it, push it to open the doors, and enter the elevator.

Level 1
Now, you have two choices here -- you can try to pick these robots off
one by one, or you can just make a break for it. Whichever you choose,
once you exit the elevator, turn and run down either corridor beside the
When you see the guard cowering, kick him around a bit, and eventually he'll
tell you that he'll put the main gun back online.
When he does, use the cannon, and destroy the dropship flying in. (You have
to hit it the first time, then re-use the cannon, and shoot the second one
that comes in as well.) Once you've done that, re-enter the elevator.

Level 4
Time to make a little sidetrip. Now that you have the gun, take the elevator
to level 4. The only thing to do here right now is secure the area for later.
Once you exit the lift, destroy the robot, then re-enter the elevator.

Level 3
Take the elevator to level 3, and destroy the robot lurking outside of it.
Go down the corridor and take the first left-hand door. You'll get a rather
lengthy cut-scene. Once it's over, grab the medical device from the floor.
Also, get close to the panel on the operating table, and try to access it.
You'll get another battery, which you can then switch with the one you
have currently if it's running low.
Leave the operating room, and enter the room at the very end of the hall.
NOTE: This room may have a funky 9-square lock on it. (It might be this
room, but I can't remember.) The goal is to have all the blocks lit up
_except_ for the center one. This may not be the lock to this particular
door, but at some point, you'll encounter this lock.
Beat the marine up on the dais, and take whatever is left over. Examine
ALL the panels here, as some of the information they contain comes in handy.
Up on the dais, to the left is access for a pressure suit.  Enter it,
and you'll wear the suit automatically.
From there, walk over to the far side, and down two short flights of stairs
(one from the dais, one to another level down)
Examine the panels, (VERY important! One of these panels has a 3-digit
code you will need to shut down the reactor... and since it changes from
game to game, well, just find it) and when you've gotten all the information
you need, choose Icarus access from the panel.
Beat the marine that's there. There is a battery in the front of the ship
that you can switch off with. It is _very_ important to have at LEAST one
useable battery here for later in the game.
Walk around to the back of the ship, and pick up the alien artifact.
Now, head back to the room where you got the pressure suit, and access the
display panel with the forklift.
Use the forklift, and get it out into the hallway. Drive the forklift to
the _first_ door you saw when you entered this level. (Using the forklift's
perspective, it would now be the furthest one down on the left.)
There will be another door past that one, which will automatically open as
well. When it does, you will see a robot guarding the entrance to the
Drive the forklift into the bot, and both will go plummeting.
Now (with the pressure suit on) leave the control panel, and enter the room
you just drove the forklift into.
There will be another guard outside the door, if you notice you don't have
your gun anymore, well, do the enterprising thing and take his. :)
Once you beat him, enter the reactor room, and take a couple pot shots
from afar at the alien across the bridge. (Might I recommend saving the game
right about now?)
***This is TOUGH***
You HAVE to hit him from this distance, because as soon as push the
second panel (which opens a bridge to the reactor) you are on the clock.
Once you hit him, access the bridge button, and run across it.
He will start to follow you back across the bridge if:
a.) you hit him once with the gun
b.) you ran far enough up the screen
Once you do those 2 things, he will start to follow you if you back up
across the bridge. When he does, push the button that activates the bridge
and send him on an unwanted base jump. :)

VERY quickly, re-access the bridge, and run across it. To either side of
the main console are two levers, push them both, and then access the main
console. Enter the reactor shutdown code, then hit shutdown.
Doing this last sequence without beating the alien _may_ seem to work,
but then try to leave across the bridge again. :)

Once the reactor is shutdown, you're ready to explore the outside world.
Go back into the elevator, and head down to level 4.

Exit the elevator, and make your way past the flaming 'bot. Open the doors,
and head to the left and down another little elevator.
Once you exit, you'll almost immediately be attacked by more little robots
(like the kind where you blew up the dropship)
Once you come out of the first tube, you will see two large blocks near
the bottom of the screen. Walk off the ledge and down onto the blocks.
Ready the Alien Cube you picked up near the Icarus, and use it. It should
swing you across the blocks to another area.
When you get to the second pile of blocks, just climb through in logical
fashion until you come to the wreckage of the ship.
Enter the ship, and explore around a bit.
Eventually a marine will come out from the front of the ship (may need to
step in a certain place to trigger him.)
Beat him and take his stuff. (a BIG gun!) Use the "hey" device on the door,
and walk into the area.
Access the monitor in there, and fire off a missile to give the thing lurking
something to investigate. When he starts moving over to check out what's
going on, fire off another torp into him. Leave the dropship.

Outside, drop your gun somewhere, and ready the alien cube again.
Examine the warhead laying on the ground and you'll eventually pick it up. like hell under the wing of the ship, and towards the little
brick spot on the ground. Use the cube to go across.
Climb across the turtle-like thing, and climb up to the highest brick you
can go to. Again, use the cube. Climb up again, and towards the right hand
side of the screen. You will need to use the cube one more time here.
Once you've made it across to the other side, and the main walkway, run to
the right, down the walkway, and into the tunnel on the left.
Quickly hit "I" to put the cube into your inventory (confusion is the last
thing you want while holding a prepped and primed warhead) run all the way
through the tunnel toward the door, and drop the warhead outside of it. like hell all the way BACK, and make sure you get clear of the
door. You'll get a little cutscene, showing it blowing up.
Now, head back and get your gun, then return to the tunnel and enter it.
Step into the flightsuit chamber, and you'll have it removed on the other
side of the chamber.

The Alien City
Once out of the flightsuit, enter the area on the right. Walk down the
hallway, and into the room, and you will notice (once you walk far enough)
a crypt, with an alien in it. About this time, your dream date's twin from
the reactor room will burst out of the wall.
Pull a George Foreman on him, and eventually he'll run away, leaving you
to investigate the crypt freely.
Pull open the door to it, and you'll have a little puzzle to solve.
(Pretty simple, make the bottom row of 9 squares the same as the top row.)
Once you finish that, you'll get another alien device.
Now, re-enter the main room, and toward the far side you'll see a bot
guarding a woman. (As soon as you entered this room, you should have also
seen your alien friend access the shimmering tunnel as well.)
This is Dr. Escher, who you will have heard about (via
Mustaba's babbling) by now. She can help you. Get rid of the alien,
(punch him a bunch, and eventually he'll leave you alone somewhat.)
Use the healing device on Escher, and she'll give you the Alien equivalent
of a secret decoder ring.

Now, head back into the suit, back out the tunnel, and down the walkway
toward the blocks again. This time you're climbing over the far side.
(You'll be able to see a little doorway in the background)
Pass the blocks, and you'll come to a room with a sphere in the middle.
On the west, east and south walls of the sphere are runes. Access the
decoder near each wall, and you'll get some more info on the history of
the aliens. (What good this does, I have no clue.)

Head back to where you just where (with Escher) and use the device you got
from the crypt on the shimmering tunnel. Once you exit the tunnel, access
the keypad (looks like a pile of bricks) in the center of the room.

The display pad is set up like this:

     1            For sanity's sake, I've numbered them, just for
   2   3          ease of use. Push 4-9-6 and then the center button (5)
 4   5   6        and you'll open up another shimmering portal. Make sure
   7   8          you have your gun with you, and enter it. Once inside,
     9            Use your gun to fire at the walls for momentum, and
                  get yourself into the tunnel at the opposite end.

Once you've done that, you'll be revisited by your alien friend. (The guy
is like a Timex) Rough him up a bit, and grab what he leaves behind.
Use the device you just picked up, and you'll phase into a new, wild-looking
form. In this form, pass through the blue force field, and you'll be in
the company of Gen who you've read about in the runes.

Access the small display and you'll be presented with another puzzle.
The trick here is to make a path along the hexagons without retracing any
steps. The direction the next hex will travel reverses with every step,
so you'll need to press the pad in the direction you want to travel, then
alternate with the reverse direction.

Once you've finished this, Gen will appear, get up on his soapbox, babble
for an eternity, and give you a battery.
IMMEDIATELY switch out your other battery so you can take this one with you.
You _will_ need this one.
***It is VITALLY important that you do NOT drain more than 1/4th of the
charge from this battery, as the game becomes unwinnable if you DO drain it.

Exit back through the rooms, and back out to where the 8 tunnels are.
Access the keypad in the center, and this time press numbers 3-4 and then
the center one. Enter the tunnel, and you'll come to the gravity ring that
Gen spoke off.
Yet another puzzle. The trick here is to line up the rows that have the
blue-lined glow on them so they are vertical on the bottom.
     /       \     Ok, so my ASCII sucks. :)
    |    o    |    X is the column where you want to have them all
     \___X___/     lined up.
                   There are 6 arrows, and 6 rows of symbols.

If I remember right, the arrows on the floor make the following changes:

       <       <       <       <       <       <
     Inner    2nd &   3rd     4th &   5th     6th &    
     (1st)    5th             1st             3rd

As long as you align the 2nd, 4th and 6th columns first, it's very simple.
Once you've cleared the ring of debris, head back through the tunnel,
and access the keypad again.
This time press 3-4-9 and then the center button.
Toward this tunnel (it'll be flickering) you will see another panel (looks
like more bricks) to the right of it.
Drop your gun in a corner (away from the tunnel and pad) of the room.
Access the panel, and push the top button to raise the sphere.
When the marine gets curious and looks into the passage, send it crashing
down onto his head. (Nasty!) Raise the sphere again, and the second marine
will send you a little Christmas present.
QUICKLY grab the grenade, and face the tunnel it just came out of. Toss it
back down the tunnel, and you'll hear it going off. (and the marine going
with it)
Now, making sure you're in your strange, shimmering form, grab the gun and
enter the tunnel you threw the grenade into. Exit the door, and climb the
blocks. Head back toward where you blew open the door with the warhead
from the downed ship (using the alien cube as necessary to get across the
gaps in the blocks.)
From here, make your way back to the Icarus inside the base. You will have
to fight 4 marines, but they are all fairly easy to handle. The last marine
you beat will have a log book. Examine the log book, and it will tell you
the configuration needed to open the lock on the door into the base.
(My game it was in twin horizontal pattern, but this may change from game
to game.)
Once you open the door, make your way back to level 3 through the elevator,
and back down to the Icarus (the ship.)
Pick up one of the batteries you left here earlier,
and exchange it with the alien battery Gen gave you.
Stick the alien battery in the ship.....

               You've beaten Bioforge!
Shhhheah. Is this really the ending?  Good game. BAD ending.
What about it, Origin?
Bioforge II?

                                               3/29/95  (>Remo Williams

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