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This FAQ was made by me, Wan Zafran. Permission to use it on a website
without my permission is allowed, but only if all parts from this FAQ
remains unchanged or my name undisturbed. If I do find it plagarised,
I shall have to take legal actions on you. Thank ye for using this FAQ.

AZURE DREAMS BEGINNER GUIDE v1.0: For the to-be greatest monster tamers...

I found out that Azure Dreams would be too hard a game to start with
because of it's no tutorial setting, so I decided to make a guide for
it. If you need further help, you can contact me at the e-mail above,
but PLEASE, NO SPAM. I've got too much of that.

After the intro and cutscenes, you'll start out with 0 money. When the
priest asks you if you need help, say YES. He will explain you the basics
of the monster tower and some other important rules of the game. When
he's finished, talk to your Mom and take the Pita fruit.
Now go out of your house, and familiarise yourself with the town. This
is the old town, later in the game, you can upgrade it to become to look
a lot more cooler and modernised, fully equipped with a fountain if you

The house with the sword on it is the Weapons Shop.
[sells Copper Sword and Medical herb only, never new one.]

The house with the Monster on it is the Monster Eggs shop.
[can only sell here, no eggs can be bought.]

The house with Sunflower on it is Madame Shiela's shop.
[you can fortunetell your girlfriend or your life here by
just answering some questions.]

The house with furniture on top is the Furniture shop.
[you can buy furniture for your house here, and also a new bike
or some new jacket.]

The house with cross sign on top is Hospital.
[the Medical Herb is cheaper here, and also you'll be needing to
upgrade this place to heal Cheryl later; read Billy Sauls FAQ
for more info]

The house with cup on top is Bar.
[nothing much, drink Milk or Orange Juice, or try to get Vivian
as girlfriend later]

The house with Wood on top is Carpenters.
[Talk to main man behind desk to upgrade some parts of the town,
the best to upgrade is the Temple first.]

The house with spinning head beside is Restaurant.
[Eat for fun and annoy Ghosh, or just try to get Patty.]

NOTE: The best way for finding info on all these stuff is to read
Billy Sauls FAQ. Later in the game, you can also build new places.

Now go north on the bridge into the monster tower. Kewne will greet
you, so name him. Go into the tower. One thing is to never press the
Reset button, or quite without going back to the title screen. Your
temp. data on the game will be deleted, and if you start back, you'll
end up in the city back again with all of your found items in the
tower, so do it only if you don't care about your items.

Now here's another important tip: If you find a fruit which can level
you up, DON'T. Instead, use it on your familiar, because every time
you exit the tower, you'll lose your current level, no matter how high
you are and go back to LV1, but your familiar keeps the level and thus
you can higher up the tower because even though you are nearly the same
weak as a new monster tamer, your familiar might be inhumanly strong
enough to dispatch about anything in its path.

A type of monster called Blume can brainwash your familiar, thus making
it act against you. If you have a strong familiar with a high attack
power, be aware and try to have a good shield on, or if you're really
wounded, don't be a square route and just use that Wind Crystal you've
been saving, or you might just lose that precious +37 Diamond Shield
you've been keeping for days.

Alright, and if you ever step into a Monster Den without an Acid Ball,
use the Wind Crystal ASAP, unless you have a really good shield and
sword and want to try out your skills and levels. But if you just want
to kill yourself, go ahead and waste some turns. If you had an Acid
Ball, it would do a nice job of leveling you AND your familiar up
because the Acid Ball kills everything in the room in a single hit.

Girlfriends? They do nothing in the game for you, but they're a cool
and neat addition if you don't have one in real life (no offence!). Hey,
a cool thing here is they don't bother you much before you defeat Beldo
(uhh, can't tell who he is or I'll just ruin your game), but after you
do, prepare to be waked up and disturbed by your girlfriends every time
you come back from the tower. The best time to get them is after you've
built about two upgrades, and also the Temple upgrade. Because I do not
have info on any of the girlfriends, please refer to Billy Sauls FAQ for
the best info on Azure Dreams.

OK, what else? Hmm... now about rare items. A Roche fruit? What does it
do? It simply turns your monster back into an egg, so what's so useful
about that? Say, you found an egg in the tower, and want to know what it
is, but you can't find a Truth Glass. You hatch it, only to find that
it's a Barong egg, one of the most priceless eggs in the game. And if a
monster is hatched in the tower, it can't follow you back. So what do you
do? Give a Roche fruit to it, and once it turns back into an egg, simple.
Just bring it back home.

Swords are practically in the game for adding some kaw-kaw (slang in
Malay for raw-power)to your strength, and they work best with mixture
magic. Unfortunately, some swords, such as the Dark Sword, Holy Sword,
and the Training Wand are really hard to find. If you do find one, keep
all the red sands you have and when you're ready, use it on the weapon
for some strong attacks.

Well, that's all in the update for the moment. See you in the next
update, if anybody's still playing this game. Oh yes, I've also played
the demo for Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver. The graphics are looking
gorgeous, and the moves are really cool. I recommend trying the demo;
I finished it 7 times already, and I'm still playing it over and over
again. Wait for it; it'll be phenomenal just like FFVII.

1999 Wan Zafran. All rights reserved.

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