GameSurge Strategy Page

Azrael's Tear Walkthrough

Level 1 Instructions  
Hold the right mouse button down and you can look around. If you hold
down the left mouse button at the same time you will move in the
direction you are facing. You can also use the cursor keys to move
backwards and forwards. The left and right cursor keys turn you left and
right. If you hold Shift doen whilst walking you will run. On the HUD,
the top left button is used for scanning objects (this is only needed if
an object can be actioned, otherwise you automatically scan when you put
the cursor over something), the button below this is used for the map
and the right hand button brings up the load save box and is used to
adjust the volume. The box on the left is used to list any objects you
are carrying and the arrow keys are used to scroll up and down through
Pressing the space bar toggles you between combat mode and normal mode.
Whilst in combat mode a target will appear on the screen. Left clicking
shoots at a target. Pushing the cursor off the side of the screen causes
you to turn, you do not need to hold the right mouse button down. You
can still move in combat mode but only with the arrow keys. The
resolution can be altered by using the keys 1 to 4. 1 puts you in the
top resolution but you move at the slowest speed. 3 is the lowest
resolution and the fastest speed. 4 is used to auto select, when you are
moving it is at resolution 2 and when stationary at resolution 1. If you
press 5 the HUD text and wireframes disappear after a short time, but
will reappear when updated. Q quits the game. M can be used to bring the
map up.  
During conversation the up and down cursor keys move you through the
conversation options and the press RETURN when you have selected your
response. You can also you the mouse to select a conversation option.
You can only get out of a conversation by hitting the END CONVERSATION
response or one of the obvious 'goodbye' responses.
Starting Point [r00]  
You start in the entry corridor.  
Mirror Puzzle [r01]  
The wash room is to the south of the entry corridor. In the wash room
there is a mirror. Light reflects off of the mirror and illuminates a
patch on the wall. If the mirror is actioned then it moves so that the
light now reflects onto a patch of moss on the opposite wall. The light
dissolves the moss and eventually reveals a locked compartment. The
outside of the compartment has a map of level 1 on it. The compartment
can be opened with the key from the mine head machine puzzle. Inside you
will find a shield that is needed in the orrery puzzle.  
Mine Maze Chest Puzzle [r03]  
The mine maze can be accessed through the wash room. There is a hole in
the floor by the door next to the mossy plaque. There is a chest in the
mine maze that is locked. To open it you need the key from the well.
There is a monster called Sasha in the well. If you try to pick up the
key with your hands the monster will attack you. To get the key you must
use the tongs from the mine head. They can be found at the top of the
ramp. Inside the chest is Niamhs amulet (used in a later level). There
are also 2 characters in the Mine Maze. The first you meet is Lincoln.
He will shoot you if you dont shoot him first. The other is Lurka. He
will ask for your help to get off of the ledge he is stuck on. It is all
part of the test and he can actually get out without your help but the
player does not know this. To help Lurka you must go to the MineHead
where he will answer questions before you help him out. On the floor in
the Mine Maze are a bag of ammo, a piece of tapestry (used in the
Baptistery puzzle) and an ancient elephant gun. The ammo is from the
Raptor Lincoln and fits your gun. The elephant gun has 1 shot and can be
used to kill Tallum, normal bullets have no effect on him.  
Mine Head Machinery Puzzle [r07]  
The machinery in the mine head must be powered up before you can use it.
There is a stop cock on the upright pipe in the spa room. When the stop
cock is turned a pipe in the spa room moves. It connects to one of 2
pipes. Each pipe controls  the power to either the crusher or the saw in
the mine head. If you stand at the top of the ramp and look north you
get a good view of these machines. Using the crane in the centre of the
room you must pick up the key block, which is not the one directly under
the crane. The key block is the block that, when scanned, reports having
an unknown metallic substance in it. Using the controls at the top of
the ramp you can pick up the blocks and move the crane so that the
blocks are dropped into the crusher or saw. You need to drop the block
with the key into the saw. If the block is dropped in the saw a key will
fall out through the grating beneath it. If the key is dropped into the
crusher the key is destroyed. Once you have the key you can use it to
open the plaque in the mirror puzzle. The car in the centre of the room
is used to retrieve the chest from the dock area. This cannot be used
until you have opened the double doors in the mine head which is done
with a lever in the dock location. Lurka is trapped in a chasm here. He
will shout out to you. If you walk up to the side of the chasm you will
be taken into conversation with him. If you question him correctly you
will be able to find out a bit about the temple and the guardians.  
Baptistery Puzzle [r06]  
This room contains 3 mirrors. The right hand mirror is broken and allows
access to a secret compartment behind. There are stairs at the back of
the baptistery that lead up to some loose pieces of tapestry and one
piece hanging up. The piece hanging up can be rotated to reveal a
message. The other pieces must be placed in the empty slots next to the
one hanging up. There are four slots and only three tapestry pieces in
the room - the fourth piece is in the mine maze. The tapestry piece that
is already up can be rotated and on its back is a clue that the bath
with murky water contains an item. There are 2 baths in the room. One
has murky water and one has clear water. Above the murky water is a
plaque with symbols that show you how to solve the well room puzzle
which drains the bath. To solve the puzzle you must go to the well room
and adjust the pipe settings in the puzzle there. The levers pull the
pipes in and out, and the wheels either move the pipe up and down or
rotate it. Match them up with the diagram on the plaque and the bath
will drain of water. You will hear water running sound effect when you
solve the puzzle.. Once the bath in the baptistery has drained you will
see a lens lying on the bottom. This lens must be placed on the stone
bible which is part of the font in the middle of the room.. When you
stand on the pad infront of the font and action the lens you will see a
movie clip and a secret door will open to your left with a shield. This
shield is used in the orrery puzzle.
Orrery Puzzle [dont teleport here, goto r04 and walk]  
In the orrery room there is a computer like device. If you click on this
it will start off a puzzle. You must guide the ball to the centre of the
puzzle. If the ball is half way through a hole it will stop that ring of
the puzzle rotating. Between each ring you must pause and rotate it
more. The ball can be moved towards the middle using the button at the
top right of the screen. If you fail you can exit the puzzle and start
again. Once you have guided the ball to the centre of the puzzle you are
automatically exited from the puzzle. This starts part of the orrery
rotating. You must also go to the theo chamber and press the button on
the inside face of the northern pillar to finish the puzzle and start
the whole orrery rotating. There is a theo in the middle of the room. It
is constrained by spears. There is a lever on the outside face of the
north pillar that moves the spears and kills the theo. Once you have
pressed the button the orrery will stand up properly. It reveals a
shield shaped hole underneath it that must have a shield inserted into
it the door to the chapel will open. You can use the shield from the
baptistery or the one from the wash room. To finish level 1 you only
need to finish one or the other of these puzzles. This is the end of
level 1. To enter level 2 you must go to the cloisters and down the
Tunnel beyond Orrery [r08]  
Tunnel section contains 2 parchment pages.  
Chapel [r10]  
There is a parchment page on the organ keyboard. investigate the NE
corner and you'll find a confessional, click the curtain to draw it
aside, then look at the keyhole - shows a flic of Tobias and Lurka. If
you return here at the end of level 2 (having been in the dock) it'll
show you a different flic of Tobias posing as Baphomet. Go west out of
here into the vestry.  
Vestry [r11]  
If you have picked up the note from the organ Philip addresses you here.
You need the key from his seat in edgar's court to open the barred gate
and get through to te north door.  
Cloister [r12]  
There sis a parchment page here beside the wellshaft. Stand in the hole
and action the ladder to climb down to the drain and level 2.  
Level 2 puzzles  
Entry point - Drain d1. (r27)  
Tallum is in D1 between the ladder from the cloister and the T junction
which leads to the Edgar's court. He challenges you and will attack you.
If he 'kills'you, you'll be brought round by Tobias in the library. The
only way to avoid this is to shoot him using the elephant gun from the
minemaze. past him is the entrance to Edgar's court, outside which is a
portcullis with a shield behind it and a nodule sticking out from the
wall. You need to get a winch handle to make this work. The winch handle
is in the hold of the ship, in the barrel of winches. If you attach that
handle and action it, the portcullis will go up and you can take the
Edgar's Court R21 (r15)  
Edgar's in here. You can talk to him. he offers to strike a deal with
you which explains some stuff later. He asks you to get a chest for him
from the dock. If you refuse, he gets angry but doesn't attack. If you
accept his deal, he's happy, and if you later enter the minehead with
the chest he'll tell you to put it in the saw. If you don't obey his
commands, he'll attack. If you obey them all, he'll stand by the saw
device and wait. when you come over to him he'll turn, shout at you and
attack.. Some of the seats open (5, I think) and contain various objects
that you can pick up. The objects include - a half-eaten biscuit from
the L3 puzzle, some pages, a pot of ink, a small pagan curse-object and
the key to the vestry gate. Edgar should finish the conversation by
going through the guardian door into the gibbets room. The player should
not be able to follow him or use this door.  
Lurka's rooms (D3 and D9) (r28)  
These are split in half. The player cannot be able to pass from one side
to the other. The D3 side borders D1 (the level 2 entry drain) and the
D9 side borders D7 (which leads to the lab, gibbets, sanctuary and the
attack corridor. The D9 side contains a stick of sealing wax (used in
L3) and a corner of a plaque that is a clue to the wafer puzzle in the
L3 shield alcove. It also contains the pianola roll, which will sit on
the table. This is used in the chapel to start the tobias message and to
open the altar. Level 3 lies below the altar but there are bars in the
way. To remove the bars you must place the second shield in the orrery.  
Library R11 (r13)  
If you get iced by Tallum in D1, you wake up here and there's a special
conversation with Tobias. If you walk in from the drain, Tobias isn't
there - he's behind a screen. While wandering about in the library you
can: Look at the spy device, listen to the listening tubes which are
arranged at the centre of the tables, and steal and read the Vision of
Hugh book. The spy device is behind the red curtain. If you action a
mirror it'll move. If you then action the lens you'll see one of 3
animations; a view of the execution room, or the cathedral, or a figure
walking along in cobweb's lair (level 3 location). The view of cobwebs
lair shows the path you must take to avoid the venus fly traps. There is
also a key which is used to open the Tobias gate in D5.  
D5 (r29)  
This has a  gate halfway down it. which is opened by the key from the
library table.  
The Dock - (r70)  
This is the bit of the dock you arrive in when you get here from D5. The
lever beneath the tracks on the west wall opens the big double doors to
the mine head. At the north end of the wharf is the ladder down to the
sluice, at the south end is the fissure that leads to the small boat. In
the middle is the fisure to the interview room. As soon as you appear on
the wharf, sasha will appear in the water near you.  
The Dock Track & Deck (r70)  
Although this is the same location as the dock you can only get here if
you've unlocked the doors from the wharf and driven across from the
minehead on the pincer device. Drive up to the end of the tracks and
retrieve the chest from the hold of he ship. You get this by going to
the ship location, controlling the crane from the poop deck, and dipping
it first down into the hold of the ship, then litfing it, with the
chest, swinging it over the tracks as far as it will go, and then
lowering it there. Then you take it back into the minehead where Edgar
will be waiting for. Using the crane on the ship will drop the chest
down onto the tracks just past the stop-point of the cart. You then grab
the chest on the front of the cart and pull the lever to go backwards
into the minehead. You will find that the lever has rusted and is locked
in place. To release it you must get the bottle of Aqua Fortis from the
hold of the ship. If you use this on the lever the rust will disappear
and you will then be able to take the car back to the minehead. The Aqua
Fortis is a type of acid and although it makes the lever temporarily
usable the rust was the only thing holding it together so once you get
back to the minehead the lever mechanism breaks and you cannot use the
car again. On deck, as well as the crane, there's the prieure sailor,
who you can talk to and 2 parchment pieces.  
The Boat (r71)  
As you enter this location from the dock and go down the ramp you will
see a plaque overhead which shows the correct orientation of pipes to
complete in the Well Room to pipe hot water to this location. If you go
to the well room and rig the pipes up, and if you then connect the hose
in this location to the transom of the boat, hot water will surround the
boat. If you action the winch, the boat will carry you across the dock
to the land at the other side. If you fail to do the trick with the
hose, sasha will attack you. If you do nothing, she'll kill you. There
are other ways to prevent Sascha attacking you: Solve the sluice puzzle,
use the Oisin amulet, ink or Aqua Fortis on the water. Once on the land
at the other side you can get into the lab.
R23 the interview room (r22)  
When you arrive here, Kurt, a raptor, is waiting in the other half of
the room. If you shoot at him, he'll shoot back at you. if you don't
shoot him immediately he initiates conversation. Consequent on this, he
might initiate combat (exiting conversation) or he might continue in
conversation. If it's the latter then a Theo comes in behind him. You
can choose to tell him about it or make some terrible pun. If you warn
him, he spins, fires, then resumes conversation. If you pun at him, the
theo then attacks him and Kurt dies. The Theo will leave the room if it
was not killed nad is crushed by a rockfall at the top of the stairs in
the next room. In Kurt's half of the interview room on the desk is a
ship's manifest that tells you about what's in the hold of the ship.
The ship hold (r20)  
There is a barrel of winches, a chest (unless it's already been taken by
the crane) and a bottle. The bottle's label should be legible and say
'aqua. This is used in the chemicals puzzle in the lab. In the barrel of
winches is one takeable winch handle. This winch handle is the one you
need to open the portcullis outside Edgar's court. You can exit the hold
using the door which gets you out onto the ramp back up to the deck.  
The sluice (r18)  
This is the way to trap sasha, who's supposed to follow you around
everywhere. Climb down the ladder and you'll find yourself on a ledge
above a door. If you pull the bolt on the door it'll fly up to floor
level and you'll get the sound of water rushing in. It'll then slowly
subside. Sasha will rush in with it, and your HUD should warn you of
this. Either at the top or the bottom of the ladder are some taps. These
let hot water into the sluice area. If you tuen the stop cock it
releases hot water onto Sasch and she will flee from the dock location
for ever. If you dont she will batter through the broken door and next
time you visit the location the door will be broken and Sascha will be
Tthe lab R27 (r23)  
Philip is standing here. He'll talk to you and may flee dependant on
your responses through the guardian door at his side. There's a blasted
dead alchemist in the corner of the room with some keys. You need the
keys to open either the door to the Attack corridor R28 or the grate to
the drain D7. The area around the alchemist is poisonous, and will kill
you before you take the keys. The poison can be neutralized by pouring
over it a cocktail of chemicals mixed in the following way:
On the table are three bottles, an empty flask, a book. The book can be
read in the normal way and gives instructions on the last pages on how
to mix the chemicals together. If you mix together moon+blood+aqua
fortis you get the right stuff to neutralise it. Anything with red salt
in it blows up, auqa fortis first or second in the mix rather than third
does nothing. You pour the chemicals into the top of the alembic (the
spouted kettle thing) and they will only pour out into the flask, which
you have to place in the wee flask holder. Unwanted combinations can be
aborted by pouring them into the sink in the corner. Next to the alembic
rest is a little cleft in the wall which contains Shield 2 (yes, there
are 2 of these, just like there were 2 shield 1's) - this doesn't look
like it should because it's covered in plaster and shite, and isn't
usable as shield 2 in the orrery room until it has been washed in Aqua
Fortis. Washing it creates the real shield 2 object which is usable in
the usual way, and on placement in the orrery room floor hole will
remove the bars in the space behind the chapel altar. More of this
The attack corridor R28 (r24)  
Edgar will initiate conversation in the attack corridor and then attack
you here. This corridor leads to some spiral stairs which go up to he
chapel. The door is bolted from this side - once the door to the chapel
is opened from this side you can open it freely from both. If Edgar
kills you, you wake up inthe Gibbets room trapped in one of the gibbets.  
D7 drain (r30)  
This just links up the lab, the attack corridor, sanctuary, the gibbets
room and the D9 side of Lurka's rooms. The player needs to take the
pianola roll from D9 to complete level 2 (use it in the organ in the
R9 Gibbets room (r25)  
If edgar attacks you and 'kills' you, you regain consciousness hanging
in a gibbet. You can talk to jack, then lurka, then jack. During the
second conversation with jack the worst result is that he buggers off
and it's game over - you die in the gibbet. The best result is that he
opens the bottom of the gibbet and you step out. you and he can then
walk to the sanctuary.  
R30 Sanctuary (r26)  
You only get in here if you followed Jack having been freed by him from
the gibbet - otherwise the door into here is locked. there's dialogue
with jack, during which he takes actions. That's it for this location.  
R18 Chapel (r10)  
The first time you enter here from the attack corridor stairs tallum is
in here making noises. he initiates dialogue, the best result of which
is he tells you what to do in this room and then leaves, the worst and
most likely result of which is he attacks you. take the pianola roll
from D9 lurka's room and put it in the side of the organ (there's a wee
door there in the side to put it in) This opens up the altar and plays
the tobias message. Inside the opened altar is a black space with bars
across it. These bars are destroyed by putting the Shield 2 in the
Orrery room floor. When they're gone, and the altar is open, you can
step through into level3.  
Azrael's Tear Guide to Lzevels 3, 4 and 5  
You can only get into level 3 from the chapel, by walking into the hole
at the back of the altar. This takes you to the entry drain.  
Entry Drain (r35)  
If you walk down to the end there's a slippery bit of floor by the
opening to the execution room, which  slips you out over the edge. By
the walls the floor isn't slippery. Take the pin up the ladder and use
it with the socket by the ladder top to engage the cogs. Use it again to
tuen the cogs which pulls the rope up. The rope was jammed under the
millstone and by pulling it you pull the millstone upright.  If you
action the millstone it'll roll off and 'kill' the Leo in the
exececution room. There is flour near the cogs which is used flour in
the kitchen puzzle.  
Execution Room  (r36)  
If you fall in here from the drain you land on the floor The Leo will
try to attck you but is quite slow so can be outrun. It is also blind
but if it does catch up with you it will kill you instantly. Cross the
room to the lift. stand in the lift and action the hadle, it'll go up.
The lever next to the lift can be used to recall the lift to ground
level if you fall off the rafters at any stage. The lift has 3 positions
- ground level, rafter level and the top level is to the Shield 3
Shield 3 alcove  (r46)  
When you first enter here a ghost will appear. Talk to Vince nicely and
he'll tell you how to get through the door. To get through you have to
make the correct 3 communion wafers in the kitchen and then feed them
into the hole in the gargoyle's mouth. wrong wafers will be destroyed.
If you use up all the wafers without opening the door, go to the clock
and hunt around for the master key, a sort of metal round wafer.  Once
inside, click on the statue of jaques de molay. You'll get a message
from Tobias and then a hand'll come out with a key. Take the key and
Geff talks to you, telling you that the shield you need is in the meat
locker. The key is used in the model room.
Kitchen  (r40)  
The door to the execution room has to be unbolted from the execution
room side. Use the ropes in the northern alcove to go to the meat locker
(it's a dumbwaiter). Open the oven and pull the lever to get the biscuit
tray/breville out. click the lid to open it. there are 12 biscuit moulds
with the same heraldic devices as in edgar's court in level 2, where
they were accompanied by names. The ones needed for the shield 3 grotto
are tobias' tallum's and malik's. The symbols of these knights are shown
on the wall in the cathedral, Edgars court and on a plaque that is found
in Lurkas room with the Pianola roll. These are represented as; a crown
of feathers or ornate fleur-de-lys, a cross and spear motif, and a lion.
Use the flour from the entry drain or the wax from lurka's rooms in
level 2 to fill indiviual biscuit moulds, then close the lid to press
them into the right shape, then open it up again and take the wafers.
There's a limit on the amount of dough and wax, so the player can only
make a limited number of wafers.  
Meat locker  (r42)  
If you visit here before talking to Geff in the Shield 3 alcove there
will be nothing here except the lift up to the kitchen. The door to
Geffs studio is locked from the studio side. If you have already talked
to Geff in the alcove he will tell you he has hidden a shield in one of
the carcasses. One of the carcasses will be actionable and when clicked
on it will open up to reveal Shield 3. This can then be used on the wall
in the Ziggurat to take you back to the Theo chamber.  
Geff's studio  (r41)  
Talk to geff for general info, take the notebook on the desk. If you
enter the meat locker from here.  
Tree  (r37)  
This is a maze. The only thing in here is a Scorpion. They are very hard
to shoot and it is best to run away from these.  
Cobweb's lair  (r38)  
You can get here from the tree only. This is the location shown by the
spying device in the library. walk down the branch until you get to the
flytrap without spines. walk across it to the branch beyond. There is a
mechanical fly trap here. When you action this it will open to reveal a
number of documents and a sword hilt.  
Ziggurat  (r43) & Flooded ziggurat  (r69)  
Use shield 3 in the alcove at the top of the curved stairs to rotate the
room and put you in the Theo chamber  (r55). There is a section of wall
that is false. When you action it it will sink into the floor. Take the
shield out of the recess again and walk through from here to the only
available exit to the orrery room  (r54), place shield in floor to open
model room.20  

Model room  (r44)  
Use the key from the shield 3 grotto on the obvious hole in the wall.
This reveals the models. This shows several locations in level 3. There
are various things you can do the models. Anything you do to the models
happens to the real rooms aswell.  
1) auqaduct, this will flood then drain out, killing the Theo which is
the only way through the location when you have the grail  
2) poison gas room & chimney, open the 2 doors to gain access to the
chimney and one of the escape routes  
3) cathedral & vestry, open the door in the vestry to get access to the
waterwheel chock alcove and screen lever  
4) execution room and ziggurat - either of these flood the both
locations and large parts of the temple blocking off big areas of level
5) waterwheel chock alcove, open the door to let you in here, so you
have to do the vestry one and the chock alcove one to get through to the
waterwheel area  
Once the key's been used in the wall, if you go to the little alcove to
exit the room and action the shield shape you'll get rotated to the
ziggurat, and you can then go back & forth between the 2 locations
freely by actioning the shield shape.  
When you enter here with the 4th shield, use it in the second shield
recess on the opposite wall to the key hole wall to rotate the room so
that the door connects with the orrery again. take th 4th shield again
and use it in the orrery room floor.  
Clock  (r39)  
From either direction, you can only get through by setting the pendula
going. then its a case of timing your dash through the gap. Hit a
pendulum and you're dead. There's a sneaky bit where you have to go
along one of the pendulum conduits and go through a connection tunnel
bit. The master key to the Shield 3 alcove is found down one of these
side passages.  
Cathedral  (r47)  
Avoid the Leo just like the one in the execution room. You can trap the
Leo by going into the organ box in the middle of the room. If you lower
the pipes the Leo will become trapped between them and the hole in the
floor. You can now freely move around the room. Lowering the pipes also
releases a brass lever that was jammed up with the pipes. This lever is
used in the water wheel chock alcove puzzle. Behind the shield screen is
an altar on the floor which can be slid back to allow access to a tunnel
underneath. the shield screen is raised by solving the water wheel
puzzle. Therer is a door with 4 shield outlines on it. This door is
locked until you place Shield 4 in the orrery. The image on the stained
glass window is jaques de molay giving out wafers to the three knights
needed for the wafer puzzle. Tobias and Malik are named on the window,
the third knight is tallum recognisable by his spiked shield.  
Crypt  (r49)  
When you go down the stairs by the railings and around the obstruction
there, the Leo from the cathedral will come into view looking down
through the hole in the ceiling. it falls in, and dies on hitting the
floor blocking your passage back.This releases claude from his
sarcophagus. The standing sarcophagus with the image of the knight which
is down here is the superpuzzle sarcophagus. it has 4 recesses on its
front surface. these are to be filled with: the masterkey for the wafer
puzzle, the sword hilt from cobweb's lair, the signet ring from the
swaddled body in the poison gas room, the stone dagger from the perilous
chapel. It then opens to reveal several documents.  
Pulpit  (r48)  
You need the key from the medallion in the cathedral vestry to open the
ornamental gate at the top of the stairs. The book is the templeisen
bible. From here you can look down into the cathedral and see the floor
mosaic which Colin refers to - a picture of 2 raptors holding up the
grail (you will meet him in the Theo Nest).  
Vestry  (r53)  
Action the hook to release the organ pipes. Use the model to open up the
door in here. once inside you can do the water wheel puzzle. The cog
that is not moving is connected to machuinery that raises the shield
screen in the cathedral. To raise the screen you must stop the spinning
cog, engage the cogs and start it spinning again. The first cog now
turns the second cog aswell and when you go back to the cathedral the
shield screen will have gone. To start and stop the cogs you must start
and stop the water wheel in the room down the stairs. To engage the cogs
you must use the lever you found in the pipes on the stump infront of
the cogs. When these 2 pieces are together you have enough leverage to
push the cogs together. There is also an amulet and scroll in here. The
amulet contains a key. There is also a secret compartment that contains
a brooch. This brooch is used to gain access to the chimney exit. The
key is used to unlock the door at the top of the stairs from the crypt
to the pulpit.  
Theo nest  (r56)  
Don't go too close to the theo and it will stay asleep. action the
portcullis to lift it, then action the lever on the wall or it'll come
crashing down on you when you walk underneath. take the 4th shield and
Colin notices you (he's the dead body on the floor).20  
Decision point  (r59)  
When you enter you get the tobias message. If you havent already flooded
the templ, Tobias will now do so and you hear the noise of water
flooding in. After this Geff will call to you. If you walk over to him
he will star ta conversation with you. If you say yes to geff, he'll
open the door and lead you to the chute down to the light room. If you
say no you can't open that door yourself and you'll have to go through
the Tobias door and into the scorpiontrap.
Scorpiontrap  (r58)

Avoid the scorpions, go around the maze to get to the stairs at the
other side. This leads to the flooded execution room. You shouldn't have
gone this way so don't come complaining to me if you keep dying.

Flooded execution room  (r77)

Jack poles a drowned Leo over to you. Jack gets killed by Sascha whilst
poling the Leo over. You can now walk across the Leo, but must be
careful not to fall in the water and drown. If you try to cross the
rafter Sascha will get you too. To scare off Sascha you must use one of
a number of things on the water. These are the Oisin amulet, Ink,
chemicals from the lab or the Aqua fortis.

Light room  (r57)

You fall in here from the slide/chute from the decision point. The
luminous fungus light the room and also the temple by a mirror system.
The fungus is also poisonous. All the time you are in the room you will
take damage from poison. Therer is a concealed door in the room. Its
outline shows up vaguely until you remove the fungus covering it. Once
all the fungus has been removed you can open the door and get out. If
you go down the stairs you will go to the poison gas room and get
continually poisoned and probably die. If you go up the stairs you will
be safe from the poison.

Malik's lab  (r60)

Therer are 3 switches in the middle of the room. If they are thrown in
the correct order the zombie theo starts moving. It will kill you if you
get in the way. The exit door from this room is locked and the zombie
theo opens it. It is the only way to open this door. Behind where the
zombie theo was lying is a secret panel. If this is actioned then a wall
panel will slide back to give access to a book and some notes. The
obvious way to get to the notes is via a narrow passage with scorpion
tails. This is a red herring and there is no way through here.=20

Waterwheel chock alcove  (r65)

You can press the lever to start and stop the water wheel. When it is
stopped you can walk across the water wheel. Once across there is a
large stone block preventing you going down the tunnel. This block is
removed by clciking on it with the brooch from the amulet in the vestry
or buy opening the door opposite it. this door opens a zombie theo will
charge out of the alcove and push the block out of the way and into the
water. The door will only open if you have released the zombie theo from
Maliks lab.

Poison gas room  (r61)

The door here holds back a wall of poisonous gas. The gas can be
released by clicking on the hatch at th ebottom of the door. The gas is
heavier than air and will flow into the grate in the floor. If you open
the door without properly draining the gas from the room you will be hit
by a wall of gas that will probably kill you. The poison gas room has
the body of a former grand master in it. He is wearing a ring which is
part of the superpuzzle in the crypt.

Chimney (r81)


Orrery  (r54) & Perilous Chapel

When you place the 3rd shield the 4th hole doesn't open up, but a
pressure pad is raised. Stand on the pressure pad and the shield hole
opens. then use the 4th shield with the hole and the floor drops away to
reveal the perilous chapel - a vertical tunnel of sruts with a spiky
floor at the bottom. jump from plank to plank until you can walk down to
the floor. The stone dagger for the superpuzzle is on one of the planks

Grail sanctum  (r62)

When you first fall into the Grail sanctum you are killed by the impact,
but the grail brings you back to life. Walf to the middle of the room
and take the grail. The floor will fall away leaving only pillars and
platforms. To escape from the room you must follow the map on the plaque
that the grail was resting on. When you get t the final pillar the roof
will drop down and you will be able to escape through a door in the
roof. If you go to the wrong pillar at any stage the roof will start to
fall down onto you. Make 3 mistakes and you are crushed by the roof.

Fight room  (r66)

If you have released Claude from the crypt then he will appear here and
fight with Tallum. After they fight you are free to cross the room. If
you have not released Claude the room will be empty. If you fall off  
the side of the walkway you will be killed by scorpions.

Tunnel junction  (r67)

If you've got the grail and if you took geff's path at the decision
point he's here and leads you to his exit If not then you cannot get out
Geff's exit and must go another way.

Ambush room  (r68)

If you go in here with the grail a small delegation of enemies kills you
and tobias does his megalomaiacal speech

Aquaduct  (r64)

If you try to go down the corridor you will walk into a trap. A
mechanical angel will spike you and you will die. Whilst you are dying
Lurka and Philip gloat and steal the grail from you. To the side of the
entrance is a theo in a cage. If you open the cage and are between the
theo and the exit it will kill you. If you open the door and the door is
between you and the theo it will run down the passage and try to escape.
It will walk into the angel trap and be killed. It is then safe for yuo
to walk through the trap. If you flooded the area in the model room then
the theo will be dead and there is no way to get out this exit. You must
go by a different route.

Exit rooms   (phil's exit3D r74, masonic exit3D r75)

If you come here without the grail you can't get through the door and
out because there's the grail image barring your way. If you approach
with the grail, it opens up and you can get out by actioning the door.
You have won the game. The outro will now play.
Geff's exit  (r76)

If you have the grail Geff's waiting here, when you get close Tobias  
charges out of the side passage. He attacks Geff and steals his supply
of grailstone. With his grailstone gone Geff experiences very rapid
ageing. He decomposes before your eyes. You are free to leave and wil
get the outro of the game.

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