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Written by Uque Novas

Hi I'm Uque this is the walkthrough for "ARK OF TIME" a great game for
his graphics , story , characters (except that stupid editor oh men I hate
well enough bla bla bla let's play the game. OK.  


After talking to editor (stupid), leave office and (map screen) go to Carib
Talk to painter and get cup. Go Right to museum. Try to use cup with
fountain, tap can't be used without knob.

Enter museum. In Gallery, notice the Pirates wall hangings and the compass
set on East (with message about South wind). Go up stairs to gunnery.
Notice cloth in wall and the shield on wall that seems like it should turn.
Go thru alcove to library. Open window (see car below) look at ancient book
and read letter in it. Return to painter and ask about Pirate.

Go to Beach: See flat rock in lower left of screen, with crack in it and crab
crawling around. Open bungalow door and examine jacket (piece of cloth missing).
Take the dirty mug and Mexican coin. Read Prof's note....about
ancient tomb and church.

Return to museum. Use coin with fountain tap. Use cup with fountain.
Take clear water to Painter (she "owes you one.").
Take dirty pot back.

Go to boat pier: Talk to sailor (learn about brother Tobias and his hunt for
pirate's treasure). Get professor's magnet. Return to museum. and go to
open library window. Use dirty water out window. Then use magnet on
pirate compass (south) then go to gunnery. Turn shield on wall.
Pick up piece of cloth and then enter passage to hidden room.

Hidden room: Pick up dagger. Take and read Columbus Manuscript.
Open trunk with rags sticking out. Take Pirate's parchment.

Go to pier and talk to sailor again. Show him manuscript and find out about
his good luck crab. Bargain for trip.

Go outside museum. Use dagger on gum tree. Use bungalow mug on resin.
Get more fresh water for painter.

Go to beach. Use resin on flat rock and then use crab bait. Walk away.
(crab emerges and gets stuck). Pick up crab.

Go to painter: use crab. Use pot of clean water. Use crab again.
Give rum and get crab.

Go to pier: Give crab to sailor and go diving.

The Dive

Go screen Left to "sub/ship". in lower right corner of ship,
discover compartment. Take the black box.

Go all the way to screen Right to see gate, portal and
"machine" with slot for entry.

Return to mooring rope. Use mooring rope to return to map.
(You won't be coming back here until almost the end of the game.)


Return to London and use black box with your editor.
Listen to the recording. Map now has church on it.
Go to church.

Go all the way to screen Right to find the cat and ladder and girl.
Talk to her. Go back left and take leaky bucket.

Go around behind church corner to Farm. Use cloth with resin cup.
Use sticky cloth with bucket. Use bucket with cow to get milk.
Return to cat and use milk on cat. Pick up cat.
Use cat on broken window in church. (automatic scene)
Use ladder.

Inside Church

Take urn with ashes. Unbolt door. Take bolt. Look at confessional booth.
"Use" confessional booth. Use bolt on booth to pry it away from wall.
Enter secret passage.

Notice rat that's lurking under stairway, near iron bars.

Walk into the archeological dig "tunnel".
Look at hieroglyphics on wall. Use urn/ashes on hieroglyphics
(you may have to use a paper first). Look at sculpted picture of Stonehenge.
Look at sculpted head, like Easter Island.
Look at alcove...see bones, take medallion.

Exit. Exit church (automatic scene of weather). return inside church
and pick up "strange object" from window rubble.

Exit to map.


Map should now have Easter Island and Stonehenge on it.
But go back to your editor and give him the ash rubbings.
He'll recognize dialect and talk about Prince from Algiers
(this puts it on map).

Exit and go to Algier Desert.

Desert Fort

Talk to woman outside tent. Go to other, larger tent.
Try talking to him (get kicked out). Go to fort. Talk to guard.
Talk to prisoner. In this conversation, you should find out abut
the Holy Man of the mountain who can translate your
hieroglyphics (this puts cave on map) and he should also give you
a ring for his wife so she will help you.

Go into Bazaar and talk to merchant (can't do much now).
Go back to L (wife) and give her the ring. Enter the tent.

Look at broken pot on floor. See hole in tent wall (caused by bullet).
Exit and talk to L. She should tell you that a crash awoke her.
Re-enter tent and look at base of pole and "take" this
hotspot to see bullet (you should be able to line trajectory up
with top of fort).

Go back to other tent and try to talk to the guy.
Exit and talk to wife again. Get food for prisoner,

Re-enter fort. Notice locked door directly behind guard in the far wall.
Give bread to prisoner. Ask him how food was. He should give you
lock pick.

Desert Mountain/Village

Look at jeep tire marks. Enter building. Talk to holy man
(find out that the man with the eye patch stole gem that protects
the tribe -- and that the jeep took off toward "village").
Ask him to translate rubbings.

This should tell you about "strange object" from church.
Go to the door in the cave, Lev. locator works. Ask holy
man about door. (He'll tell you about sacred word to open door
to cave of mysteries.)

Exit cave and "use" tire tracks to follow thief to village.
See jeep. Notice rusty hole in jeep, above front tire.

Enter butcher shop. Notice little bottle and rat bait.
Talk to shopkeeper.

Go behind building to square and talk to one-eyed man.
You can play the game as often as you want, but there is
no reason to play until you have ability to rig game in your favor.

Return to butcher shop. Ask shop keeper about rat bait.
He should let you take a croquette.

Return to cave area and exit to map and select Easter Island.

Easter Island

Talk to petty thief. It's Tobias, the sailor's brother, a crazy guy. Ask about
Then exit screen right to statues. Take shell necklace from the first statue.
Go screen right (lower corner) to get to lighthouse. Take glass jar
off milestone.
Enter lighthouse. You can't do anything with broken light right now.
Return to statues and then take screen right path (higher up than
lighthouse) to take path to Tobias's shack.

Talk to Tobias. Get the island picture from him. Take rubber tubing near
the petrol can. Show the "M" parchment
to Tobias. Show him rubbings paper...he'll tell you about batcave at
end of path (off screen left). Go to path and cave.

At cave, see termite hill and try to enter cave (too dark).
Use rat croquette with empty jar (in inventory). Use bait/jar with
termites. Take jar of termites.

Go all the way back to airport and exit to map. Go to Stonehenge.


See standing rocks and notice central rock. Nothing to do here now.
Go to (upper screen left) to worker's hut.  Talk to worker.
Use lockpick on hut door and enter. Take metal file from table
and take plumb line from boxes in right corner.
Exit back to map and return to Desert.


Talk to wife and ask her if she knows magic word for cave door.
(royalty knows it.)

Ask guard why turret is closed. (locked door). Talk to prisoner
and ask him if he knows the magic word for the cave of Mystery.
He does, and makes a deal to tell you if you save him.

Create a snake by combining the rubber tubing, the plumb line
and the shell necklace. Use this fake snake on camel.
Go into first tent and tell man that his camel, bolted.
He will send you to Bazaar merchant. Go to Bazaar and
deliver message. He leaves (but you still can't get past dog).

Leave Bazaar and take dish of dog food from open cell -- do NOT
feed this to dog until you can put drug in it.

Go to (now) empty tent of man and take shoe. Notice rifle.
Leave and go back to cave.

Use metal file on "strange door" to get filings of
the lev. metal.

Exit to map and go to Carib Island.

Carib Island

Talk to painter two times. Give her photo of Easter Island.
Give her "M" parchment to use as canvas.
Go to pier and tell sailor that you've found Tobias.
Exit and go back to Desert Cave


Go to Village beyond the cave. Enter butcher's shop.
There should now be a piece of meat on dish on counter.
Talk to butcher. You should find out that this is a camel carcass.
Use jar of termites on the hunk of meat. After shopkeeper faints,
take narcotic powder and the rat bait.

Go to Fort and use narcotic on dish of dog food. use on dog.
Take small safe. Enter door and notice large safe.
Use chest -- it moves to reveal a passage. Enter.

Take the silencer from floor. Use wall-steps to go to roof.
Take cartridge case. Take telescope lens. Use shoe from
tent with footprints in the corner.

Return to fort area and talk to guard. You should be starting to
tell him about evidence. But he still needs more proof.
Exit to map.

English Church

Return to the archeological dig below church and find rat --
either below stairs or all the way at the iron bars at
right end of dirt floor. Use rat bait on rat. Take the sleeping rat.
(you won't need him for quite a while!).
Return to map and go to Easter Island.

Easter Island

Go to Tobias' hut and give small safe to him "to crack"
He will tell you combo is 517. "Use" safe and it should open.
Get key inside. Return to Desert Fort.


Go to fort and use duplicate key on jeep which is once again parked
by jail cells. Take contents of jeep -- drive belt and flares.
With back hatch open, you can now see license plate 517 - 462.
(First number should be familiar).
Enter Bazaar and hear two conspirators talking. Listen to tale of
death of cursed camel. Follow them to back door and "use" door
to observe them and hear their plot and about their contract --
which is in large safe. When they go down passage, go to large safe
and use combo (462) to open. Just set each number by using dials.
Take contract.

Go talk to guard. This conversation "gives" the guard
the rifle (you can't do it directly). Then give him silencer.
Then talk to him about plot and show him contract. You get key
to free Prince (automatic scene). You get magic words of Open Sesame.

Return to cave. Tell him sacred command. Go to inner cave and hear
about myth of gods fallen from sky. Notice mechanism, compartment
and hole. Exit and return to map. Go to Stonehenge.


Go to construction yard (worker's shack). Use drive belt (from jeep)
with worker. (automatic scene) Once he's on the phone, you can
click anytime, while he's talking, which "releases" you
to leave shack. Lever on the tractor to lift stone.
Enter underground room.

Take strange green object off pedestal and take thin bronze tube
and take cracked crystal from center altar.
You can now combine tube with cartridge case to create a
make-shift blow pipe. Return to yard and then to map.
Go to Easter Island.

Easter Island

Go to lighthouse and enter. Use flares (from jeep) in lamp holder.
Turn handle to shine light on cave. -- but now air balloon
blocks light from reaching cave. Exit back to map and go to
Carib Island.

Carib Island

Get completed picture from painter. Take this fake treasure map
back to Tobias at his shack.

Easter Island

Give fake treasure map to Tobias (automatic scene). Enter hut.
Take chrome paint can and car jack and shard of glass
that is in the broken window over washing machine.
Leave hut and use gas burner on balloon to deflate it.
Go to bat cave.

Enter bat cave (now lit by lighthouse). See graffiti, fountain
and stone head carved in cave. Notice small hole inside mouth
of head.

Use rubber tube with fountain, to divert stream of water, and
enter secret passage. Pick up ancient parchment,
use car jack with tombstone. Take medallion.

Return to head statues and talk to Tobias who is digging.
Exit to map and go to Desert.


Return to the inner cave and use Magnetium object
(from Stonehenge underground) on hole in mechanism.
Doesn't power up. Holy man should tell you about sacred gem
that was stolen, again.

Go to Village

Use telescope lens on rusty hole in jeep to start
burn-through to tire. Go around to square and start to play game
with crook. (automatic scene). Take mother-of-pearl snuff box
under middle cup -- you can't take the wooden boxes
under other cups. With box in inventory, use lev. filings with it.
Use this with dirty cup on table to return it to position.
Crook should return.

Ask to play (automatic scene...keep playing) He gives you gem.

Return to inner cave and give gem to holy man (automatic scene).
Mechanism is now powered up. "Use" helmet to
see transmission from medallion that is *already* in the compartment
(don't worry about instructions for reading other medallions,
all you'll have to do is insert them and use the helmet).

Open compartment and remove the medallion (that was already there,
that you just heard) and insert medallion from Batcave.
Use helmet. After this transition, use parchment from her tomb
and you should "see" co-ordinates that put Yucatan
on map.

Open compartment and remove this medallion and insert medallion
from Church. This gives you instructions on how to recharge
the Lev. finder at Stonehenge-- (Lev finder on center stone,
put crystal cube on finder and when Red color, it's charged...
take finder away). Exit to map and go to Yucatan.


Look at sun-bleached rock and at plants. Go off screen R to
Mystic's hut. Look at marks on stone idol outside hut --
these are a musical score.

Talk to Mystic..."Come back with precise question"

Go back to forest and exit screen left ("above" rock)
to Pyramid. See boa constrictor by Mayan Head. Go to
(chamber) door "behind" Mayan head ...see four buttons
and push them to learn that they control movement:

left up right down

Return to Mystic's hut and talk to him about what you have discovered.
He will tell you the secret to entering the pyramid:
You need a snake, a yellow flower of sun, egg of bird
and bone of animal cursed by man (this last item should
remind you of your desert carrying-ons).

Return to pyramid and approach boa. Use sleeping rat on it.
Take snake. Go around behind the pyramid(left corner),
and see nest up near top of pyramid.
Use make-shift blow pipe (bronze tube combined with cartridge case)
on nest. Examine fallen nest and take egg. Return to forest area.

Use chrome spray with shard of glass (from Tobias' cabin)
to make mirror. Use mirror on sun-drenched rock to turn flower
yellow with sun. Pick the flower. Return to mystic with snake,
egg and flower. Exit to map and go to butcher shop in
Desert Village.

Butcher Shop

Talk to butcher. Look at thigh bone. Talk to butcher again
and buy the bone. Take bone. Return to Yucatan.


Go to Mystic and give him bone. (automatic scene).
Talk to Mystic, when he finishes (you now have musical pipe
in your inventory). Use pipe with Marks on Idol
to play the pipe.

Go to snake room in pyramid and move mechanism:
Up, up, right, up, up, down, up.
This opens back door of pyramid.
Exit and go round to opened back door.
See painting of medallion being thrown into water.
Return and ask Mystic about drawing (automatic scene).
Exit on path to Lake that now appears. You can't get past crocodile.

Metal Net

Easter Island: go back to Tobias who is still digging and talk to him.
(automatic scene).

Carib Island: go back to sailor on pier and tell him Tobias has found
treasure. He leaves. Take metal net and return to small lake
in Yucatan.


Use metal net with crocodile. Notice stone idol by lake -- and the way
the faces are facing. Go tell Mystic that you have trapped crocodile.
Enter his hut. Open his "coffer" trunk, see and take the
eight stone faces. Return to back of pyramid and enter inner chamber.

Place faces in 4-square tile openings, on either side of door,
to match the stone idols.

1. Top is two smiles, facing inward toward each other
and bottom are two frowns, facing outward.

2. Top is two frowns, facing outward
and bottom are two smiles, facing inward toward each other.

This opens door at top of stairs in the front of the pyramid.
Go to it. See heads/masks along the wall. Notice that touching
crystal in mouth changes its color. Nothing you can do now.

Return and talk to Mystic. Ask him about his swim,
he will give you medallion. Ask about crystals. Exit to map
and go to desert cave of holy man.

Desert Cave

Take medallion to reader mechanism. Use in compartment. Use helmet.

This transmission tells you that to enter his tomb,
you need lev. finder, fully charged and you need to solve the
logic problem of the colored crystals in heads on walls.
After transmission, remove medallion from mechanism. If
you click on it in inventory, he will repeat the logic rules.


Return to pyramid mask room and set crystals in head/masks:

Head Black Blue Red Green Yellow

Crystals Blue Red Green Black Yellow

Enter tomb and take (uncracked) crystal cube from altar.
Exit and return to map and go to Stonehenge.


Go to central rock. Put lev. finder on central rock.
Use crystal cube on it. Click on this stuff, to pick it up, when
color shown is yellow (with the delay , this will really pick it up
when color is red). Inventory should say
"recharged lev. finder".
Return to tomb in pyramid. Use charged lev. finder with octagon-hole
in tomb. Inside tomb, pick up dolphin disk.
Exit and go to map and go to Carib. Island.


Go to pier, sailor should be back. Talk to him. After he tells you story,
ask him to take you out to ocean again.


At bottom of ocean, go screen right to gate. Use dolphin disk
in portal lock Enter (automatic scene).

See broken control panel near door. Try to open door -- dialog with occupant.

Open drawers in large filing cabinet. Then use filing cabinet to
climb the pipes. Walk to air vent on right, and use your press pass
on vent. Return to door and talk to Helen.

Go down hall on screen left to elevator room. Read journal near skeleton.
Use button to go down. Notice 3 locked doors to screen right,
with colored disks above each. Also notice canister mechanism to screen left.
Take elevator up and up again -- to prison room. (automatic scene)
He should give you key to filing cabinet that holds instruction to
canister mechanism on lower floor.

Ask prof how to free should hear about
"They have key" and "Need something to knock them out from
far away." Go to air vent and use it, to overhear their conversation.

Return to Helen. Use key (from prof) to open drawer in small cabinet to get
instructions. Look at them. The white one is the general instruction
and each color is the code for that colored/disk door. Return to mechanism
on lower floor.


Buttons under canister send contents of above canister to the canister of
that (button's ) color.

Red: White fills Red canister (only when all are empty) with 8 units.

Green sends liquid to Green (up to 5 units).

Blue sends liquid to Blue (up to 3 units).

Green: Red sends liquid to Red.

Black empties Green canister.

Blue sends liquid to Blue (up to 3 units).

Blue: Red sends liquid to Blue.

Green sends liquid to Green canister.

Black empties Blue canister.

Blue Door: Code of Red/0 Green/3 Blue/3

Fill Red (white button).
Send Red to Green.
Send Green to Blue & empty green.
Send red to Green.

Go to room and take water. Use control to open airlock door.
Exit room.

Red Door: Code of Red/0 Green/2 Blue/2

Fill Red.
Send red to green.
Send red to blue.
Send green to red.
Send blue to green.
Send red to blue.
Send blue to green.
Empty blue.
Send green to blue.
Empty blue.
Send red to blue.

Go to room. See empty fridge, take container of white powdered lime.
Take alcohol. See beaker, beaker valve and thermal heating device.

Green Door: Code of Red/0 Green/1 Blue/1

Fill red.
Send Red to Green.
Send Red to blue.
Send green to red.
Send blue to green.
Send red to blue.
Send blue to green.
Send green to red.
Send blue to green.
Send red to blue.
Send blue to green.
Send green to blue.
Empty blue.
Send red to blue.
Empty blue.
Send red to blue.

Go to room. See pumps schematic and notice pipe with rubber valve.
This pipe is liquid chlorine. Use empty syringe with rubber valve
to get syringe full of chlorine.


Return to professor and show him chlorine, syringe, bottle of alcohol,
lime bottle and distilled water. He tells you that you have makings of
chloroform. Instructions:

Put water, lime and chlorine in beaker and boil.
(you get salts of lime chloride)

Dissolve these salts in alcohol.


Use water, lime and chlorine with beaker. Use thermal device.
Look at beaker. This is lime chloride. Use empty jar with beaker valve.
Use valve. Use alcohol with jar of lime chloride.
You should now have jar of chloroform.


Go back to professor and talk to him. Use jar of chloroform with
air vent outside the control room (automatic scene).
Use door lever and then enter room. Take small key on wall on right.
Return to professor and use key on handcuffs (automatic scene).
Go back into control room and open small doors on each side of control desk.
Take small weight from door on left to disable gyroscope.


Go to decompression chamber and discover the lever dilemma.

Use plumb line with water container. Go to lab room.
Put container in refrigerator. Close door and then open door.
Take frozen container back to decompression chamber.
Use frozen container on control lever. Use small weight on this set-up.

The finale is an automatic scene...
And I'm not going to tell you anything just see it for yourselfs.

Well mi dear friends I hope you had enjoy this Walkthroug that took me a lot of
Now if you had any comment , suggest , or some problem with this game or another
write me to

Good bye.

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