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"Arachnophobia" is an arcade-style action game pitting you
against a previously unknown species of spiders that is
lethally poisonous, extremely aggressive, and strangly
intelligent.  The U.S. Department of Agriculture has
retained your extermination firm to destroy the deadly Queen
spiders and their lethal offspring before they take over the
country.  Once you have wiped out the threat in the United
States, the United Nations hires you to destroy an entire
herd of South American spiders in the Amazon rain forests.

Fast action and loads of spider-busting sound effects.  With
the Sound Source you'll hear sizzling spiders,  creepy sound
effects, and blood curdling screams.  It's all part of the


IBM and 100% compatibles

       512K, 640K with Sound Source
       Sound Source
       Joystick or Keyboard input
       Available on 4x5.25" or 2x3.5" disks

Amiga Computers

       1 MB of memory required
       Joystick or Keyboard input

Commodore 64 Computers

       64K required
       Joystick or Keyboard input

ARACHNOPHOBIA - Finding the Queen Spider
LEVEL 1 - A Small Clue

In each town there is one Queen spider.  She is creating new
spiders that are taking over the town and terrorizing the
inhabitants.  In order to "clean" the town you must find and
kill the Queen.  Every location in a town will have an egg
sack.  When you destroy the egg sack, your Bug-o-meter will
tell you the compass direction to find the Queen.  Use the
directional clues of the Bug-o-meter to locate the Queen.

ARACHNOPHOBIA - Finding the Queen Spider

LEVEL 2 - A Big Hint

When you get a direction clue from the Bug-O-meter, use it
to your advantage.  You should not have to go to every
location in a town to find the Queen.  You may want to go to
each location to sharpen your bug-busting skills or to
gather additional bug bombs, but you should be able to find
the Queen's hideout after visiting only a few locations.

Say for example you start in the center location and destroy
the egg sack and the direction you get says that it came
from the southeast.  You have now narrowed the possible
locations down to two as there are only two locations that
are both south AND east of the center location.

Now, go to one of the locations directly to the east of
where you just were.  When you destroy that egg sack, you
will be told another clue that when coupled with your first
clue will tell you the exact location of the Queen.

Now all you have to do is face her!!!  Good luck, you're
going to need it!

ARACHNOPHOBIA - Finding a Flame Thrower

LEVEL 1 - A Hint

In addition to stomping, spraying, and bug bombing those
pesky arachnid invaders, you can also use objects found
throughout the town to construct a super duper flame thrower
the likes of which these creatures have never known.

To get a flame thrower, find a can (usually left on a lower
level of a structure) and then grab some matches.  FWOOSH!  
You've got a flame thrower!  Be wise when you use it
however, the can only holds enough spray for a limited
number of shots.  Foolish use may leave you with your trusty
but less powerful bug spray right when you need a flame
thrower most.

One more quick note, each flame thrower is good only for the
location in which you find it.  Once Delbert returns to his
truck, the flame thrower for that town is gone.

ARACHNOPHOBIA - Finding a Flame Thrower

LEVEL 2 - A Big Hint

If you are having trouble constructing a flame thrower
remember that you must have either the matches first and
then locate a can, or the can first and then locate the
matches in order for the weapon to work.

Only one can can be found for each town.  Although
ARACHNOPHOBIA will place more than one can in each town,
once one of them is found the rest "magically"'s our assumption that spiders got wise and
hid the remaining cans from you.

There is a way however to tell if a location has a can
before you even get the inside.  A careful player may learn
this on their own through careful observation.

If you want to know right now, read the LEVEL 3 clue.

ARACHNOPHOBIA - Finding a Flame Thrower

LEVEL 3 - The Surest Way

In order to know when a particular location contains a can,
listen to Delbert when he gets out of his truck.  The first
location he enters in each town will be preceded by him
saying something.  However, if he says something upon
entering any location AFTER the first one, that is your clue
that that is where a can can be found.

Once you have the can jump over all sets of matches that you
find until you are sure that you are about to face the
Queen.  That way you'll have a monstrous surprise for her
unsuspecting highness when you confront her.

Note that there is ALWAYS a set of matches in a room next to
where the Queen is lurking, so if you already have the can,
and you know you are in the location where the Queen is
hiding, be sure to grab the matches and then go after her.

Good luck fellow arachnid busters!

ARACHNOPHOBIA - Killing the Queen Spider

LEVEL 1 - A Small Hint

You must kill the Queen spider in order to move on to the
next town and your final conflict with Big Bob and then the
grand daddy of them all, The General, in South America.

Once you find the Queen, you can use bug spray, a flame
thrower, and bug bombs to kill her.  You will have to fire
bug spray repeatedly to kill the Queen or give her one good
blast with the flame thrower.  

ARACHNOPHOBIA - Killing the Queen Spider

LEVEL 2 - The Surest Way

The best way to kill the Queen is to use the flame thrower.  
Locate the can in one of the other locations and then pick
up the matches before you enter the room with the Queen.  
There is always a set of matches in a room next to the egg
sack, but be sure when you are carrying the can that you
jump over matches until you are ready to confront the Queen.

Once you have picked up the can and the matches and are
equipped with the flame thrower, give the egg sack one good
blast (you can be about half way across the room to do
this), then walk towards the door while the egg sack blows
up, then turn and give the Queen a good solid shot of
flaming munchies to eat!  Congratulations on your victory
over the evil arachnids, and as Delbert would say "On to the
next town!"

ARACHNOPHOBIA - Winning in South America

Level 1 - Bug Bombs

The key to winning in South America is the proper use of bug
bombs.  There are two queen spiders that you must defeat
before you face the King of the Spiders.  Use a single bug
bomb to stun the Queen spiders temporarily  and then blast
away with your bug spray.  You only have five bug bombs, so
using them wisely is the key to winning.  If you can stun
and spray the first queen several times before the bomb
wears off, the second bomb that you drop to stun the second
queen will kill the first.  Then blast the second queen
several times with your bug spray until she dies.  Once you
have killed them, you should have three bombs left to do
battle with the King of the Spiders.  You are going to need
them!  Use them one at a time to stun him and spray like mad
to kill him.  Try not to waste shots with your bug spray,
you are limited you know!

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