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                    Guide\Walkthrough Version 3.0

written by Stijn Bolle (23-9-'99)

This guide was exclusively made for PC Gaming Addiction, the latest version
can always be found on

The author is also webmaster of PC Gaming Addiction, the drug for the gaming
addicts. For more cheats & walkthroughs (+3000), point your browser


 1 Updates
 2 Marine Guide
   2.1 Introduction
   2.2 Weapons
   2.3 Equipment
   2.4 Vision modes
   2.5 Tactics
   2.6 Walkthrough
 3 Alien Guide
   3.1 Introduction
   3.2 Weapons
   3.3 Equipment
   3.4 Vision modes
   3.5 Tactics
   3.6 Walkthrough
 4 Predator Guide
   4.1 Introduction
   4.2 Weapons
   4.3 Equipment
   4.4 Vision modes
   4.5 Tactics
   4.6 Walkthrough
 5 Enemies
 6 Cheats
   6.1 Full version cheats
   6.2 More full version cheats
   6.3 Beta version cheats
   6.4 More cheats
   6.5 Trainers
   6.6 Other files
   6.7 Cheat options
 7 Note on the patch
 8 Bugs
 9 Frequently Asked Questions
 10 Console Commands
 11 Links & Greets
 12 The Author of this file
 13 Legal Notice

I Updates

*** Version 3.0 (23-09-99)

Major update. I revised the whole structure and look of the guide and
did many spelling corrections. I added my new contact address and url of
my site, so people won't mail me at the old one anymore.

 The cheats section (VI) has been added
 Walkthroughs for the Marine Episode 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 have been added.
 Spelling corrections have been added
 New contact information has been added
 A note on the patch has been added

*** Version 2.3

 The Cheat options have been updated
 The Full Version Cheatcodes have been updated
 The Beta Version Cheatcodes have been Updated
 The Other Cheats have been added
 Information about the patch has been added

*** Version 2.2

 Full Version Cheats have been added
 Other Files have been updated
 Cheat Options have been added
 Various corrections have been made

*** Version 2.01

 Various Spelling corrections have been added

*** Version 2.0 (Major Update)

 Lots of changes and spelling corrections have been made
 More Questions have been added to the "Frequently Asked Questions"
 Console Commands (8) have been added
 More in depth information on everything has been added
 The Alien's abilities have been added
 A Trainer has been added
 The Tactics Section has been added

*** Version 1.3

 Links Section has been added
 Vision Modes for all races have been added
 The Enemies section has been added
 The Cheat Options sections have been added
 The Bugs section has been added
 The Frequently Asked Questions section has been added
 Marine section has been updated
 Alien section has been updated
 Predator section has been updated
 The Cheatcodes have been updated
 Various corrections have been added

*** Version 1.2

 Cheatcodes (3.1) have been added
 Trainers (3.2) have been added
 Other Files (3.3) have been added
 Demos (4.1) have been added
 The weapons section has been updated
 Various spelling corrections have been added

*** Version 1.1

 Various spelling corrections were added.
 Some sections have been updated
 Some information has been updated

*** Version 1.0

 The First Version, all information has been added.

II Marine Guide

 2.1 Introduction

 If you're new to 3D-shooters, the most obvious choice is the Marine. If
 you played any other game, you'll find the two other races more
 challenging and fun too play with. After all, the most important feature
 of AVP are the alien & the predator, not the marine, because you can play
 with that character in every ordinary 3d-shooter. Once you get the hang
 of the marine, switch to the predator and then later to the alien.

 This doesn't mean the alien is better than de predator, he's simply
 more difficult to play with, but you can do some great attacks with every
 character, it just depends on your way of playing.

 If you put the three races together, the marine seems to be the weakest,
 but that's until he has found some weapons. Only some really good guns
 make him a dangerous foe. Unarmed, he has a minimal likelihood of survival
 Still, he's the best choice for the beginning player, because he does the
 most logical actions. Although the marine is quite easy to play with, the
 early stages of the game may be a bit hard because there's no new weapon
 behind each corner. You'll need to have a good aim with the pulse rifle
 already in the beginning of the game, because one shot won't kill anything

 The Marine is also quite slow compared to the Alien, so you should always
 use long distance attacks and not let anyone get close to you.

 Fox Interactive succeeded in balancing all three types of characters, so
 choosing any character won't disappoint you. Simply choose the one
 that suits your playing style best.

 If you taunt when playing as the marine, you can draw the attention of
 other marines (it's useful).

 2.2 Weapons

 The marine has balanced weapons: both for close & distance combat. In
 open spaces, the marine are the most powerful of the three races. Just
 make sure you enter no narrow spaces though.

   M-41A Pulse Rifle

   Frequency: Common
   Ammo Type: M309 10mm x 24 AP rounds, M40 grenades
   Ammo Capacity: 99 rounds per clip
   Fire #1: Standard AP rounds fire
   Fire #2: Underslung M40 grenade launcher
   Against aliens: Good (if you aim for their heads)
   Against predators: Poor

     Although it's the default weapon, it's pretty good. Don't hold the
     primary fire button long, because you'll waste all your ammo. Use
     small controlled bursts to shoot off limbs from opponents.

     It's no use aiming for opponents far away. At close distance, keep
     walking backwards while aiming carefully for vital parts. If you can
     keep your aim on an alien head for 1 full second, the alien will be
     killed and you won't have much ammo.

     When you find a dead marine lying on the ground, there's a 80%
     chance he's carrying a pulse rifle.

     When you're out of ammo, you can use the gun as a club.

     This is NOT Quake, so don't try grenade-hopping (jump higher on top
     of the explosion of the grenade), it won't work, the secondary fire
     mode is similar to the secondary fire of the Submachine gun in Half
     Life. Use the secondary fire when multiple enemies approach you and
     they're quite close. The grenade has a strong blast radius that will
     protect you from approaching enemies. Don't aim to low with the
     secondary fire though, two metres is the minimum distance if you
     don't want to hurt yourself.

     Although it's the first weapon your find in the game, you'll often use
     it, it's quite good and it's a good choice when you're walking in
     small places and you don't want to waste the ammo of your minigun on
     every opponent you encounter.

   M-56 Smartgun

     Frequency: Uncommon
     Ammo Type: M250 10mm x 28 caseless rounds
     Ammo Capacity: 500 rounds per clip.
     Fire #1: Auto-tracking mode
     Fire #2: Free-fire mode (disable auto-tracking)
     Against aliens: Very good
     Against predators: Moderate

       The Smartgun is similar to the Pulse Rifle, but with more power and
       a faster firing rate. The disadvantage is that it has no grenade

       The smartgun is an auto-tracking weapon (unless you press the
       secondary fire mode). If no enemy is nearby, the crosshair will
       be green. When an enemy comes into your sight, the crosshair will
       turn red. That doesn't mean you just have to press "Fire" then to
       hit the enemy, the crosshair will only help you aiming for opponents
       so you can use it to locate enemies in dark rooms.

       You can help your tracking system by moving the crosshair over the
       centre of the target. It will lock on a lot quicker. The tracking
       system should not be used to target enemies, just see it as
       fine-tuning your shot. The locking doesn't work like a missile lock
       in flightsims, when you're locked on an enemy, that doesn't mean the
       enemy can't avoid your shot anymore.

       Especially in Single Player missions, this is the best weapon
       against the alien facehuggers.

       The auto-tracking mode is often useless against aliens at close
       distance, because they move too fast, especially when they leap or
       move laterally.

   M240 Flamethrower

   Frequency: Uncommon
   Ammo Type: Napalm canisters
   Ammo Capacity: (100 per canister)
   Fire #1: Standard fire
   Fire #2: None
   Against aliens: Moderate
   Against predators: Very Poor

     Use the Incinerator at close distance to stop aliens or predators from
     getting close to you. NEVER walk forward while using this gun,
     because you risk walking into your own flames.

     Concentrate your fire for more damage.

     Your ammo depletes fast, so keep an eye on your ammo. You don't have
     to fire until opponents are killed, a little burst is usually enough
     to ignite creatures.

     When you set an opponent on fire, make sure not to touch him or you'll
     be on fire too.

     Once your opponent is ignited, run away and let him die. The moment
     he's burning, your opponent still can attack. Just run away until he

     To put out the flames:

       * Aliens: Run around quickly
       * Marine: Use a medikit
       * Predator: Use the medicomp

     You can use this weapon also as a distraction. The moment your
     opponent is on fire, he will stop attacking you and try to restore his
     health, use that moment in your advantage.

   Grenade Launcher (Incendiary Grenades, Fragmentation Grenades, and
   ----------------  Proximity Mines)

   Frequency: Rare
   Ammo Type: Incendiary Grenades, Fragmentation Grenades, Proximity Mines
   Ammo Capacity: 6 of each grenade type
   Fire #1: Standard fire
   Fire #2: Switch grenade type
   Against aliens: Very Good
   Against predators: Moderate

     Throw them around corners or into populated rooms. Never use a
     grenade in close combat unless you're a good strafer.

     The grenade is the only weapon you can use to sneak on enemies. When
     enemies are above or below you, just toss a grenade towards them and
     get out. If your opponent isn't dead, return to kill him off.

     The Normal Grenade will detonate after 3 seconds or when it touches
     a creature.

     The Fragment Grenade will also explode after a timer goes off, but
     when it explodes, it will explode with four times the strength of a
     normal grenade and it will shoot fragments in different directions.
     These fragments can hurt you too, so don't stand too close.

     The Proximity Grenades will stick in any surface. They explode with
     the strength of a normal grenade when anything comes in their range.

     In Singleplayer, grenades are not useful because Aliens are so fast,
     you almost can't hit them with a grenade unless they approach you in
     a straight line.

   M83A2 SADAR Rocket Launcher

   Frequency: Rare
   Ammo Type: Anti-personnel rockets
   Ammo Capacity: 1
   Fire #1: Standard fire
   Fire #2: None
   Against aliens: Fatal
   Against predators: Very Good

     Don't use this weapon at close distance, the radial damage will hurt
     you too.

     If the enemy you shot still lives after eating a rocket, quickly
     switch to another weapon to kill him off, because it takes a long time
     to reload the rocket launcher.

     The SADAR is a very big weapon and it covers a big part of your view.
     This isn't really a disadvantage, but still, be careful for the blind

     In Singleplayer, use the SADAR against multiple enemies or against
     very strong ones (like the Predators and Xenoborgs) in open place. In
     multiplayer, use the weapon in crowded rooms to score multiple frags
     with one shot.


   Frequency: Very rare
   Ammo Type: Specifications unknown
   Ammo Capacity: 800 rounds per belt
   Fire #1: Standard fire
   Fire #2: None
   Against aliens: Fatal
   Against predators: Fatal
   Further Notes: The most lethal weapon in the game.

     Ammo depletes very fast, but it's the ultimate weapon in the game.

     BIG Disadvantage: as soon as you start to shoot, you're not going to
     be able to move, so choose a safe place to use the gun.

     You will rip apart any alien that touches a bullet of the minigun, so
     release the trigger then after hitting them once.

     The Minigun kicks upward as you continue firing, so you must adjust
     your aim downward to stay on the target (just like the Machinegun in
     Quake 2)

     In Singleplayer, you'll won't get your hands on this weapon very often
     so save it for special encounters, like Predators and Predaliens. In
     Multiplayer, use it whenever you get your hands on it, every frag

   Sentry Gun

   The Sentry Gun can be found on Singleplayer Levels. Use them to save
   your ammo, but beware, they have a limited amount of ammo.

   If you're really out of ammo and no enemies are nearby, you can also
   lure enemies further on to the sentry gun and then finish them off.

 2.3 Equipment

   Motion Detector

   The motion detector is a hand held radar you can use to track opponents
   in front of you. Anything that moves will be displayed, including doors,
   flares and body parts.

   Use this radar often, because you need to use it to track possible
   aliens in the dark environments around you. If you track one, don't
   hesitate: shoot in the dark and use the lightning effects of your gun
   to find out where the bastard is hidden. It's also very useful to
   track down cloaked predators. The only disadvantage is its range
   (approx. 30 metres). It also does not take into consideration the
   elevation of enemy signals. For example, a signal might show an
   opponent approximately 2 metres ahead of the Marine but this does not
   mean the enemy is directly in front of him, it could be on a higher or
   lower level altogether, or travelling along a crawlspace between decks.

   You can only use the motion tracker in the normal vision mode, in other
   vision modes, you can see it on the screen, but it won't display any

   Spin around regularly to check for any movement behind you too, the
   motion detector only scans in front of you, not behind you. Enemies will
   appear as blinking dots.

   Don't rely on your motion detector too much. It should never happen
   that an Alien is leaping right for you face because you were too busy
   studying the dots on the motion detector.

   Image Intensifier

   The image magnifier is also useful. Use it in dark places to get a
   much better view of the environment. Use this device to spot aliens you
   can't see. Remember you can't use the motion scanner while the image
   intensifier is activated. You also shouldn't use it combined with flares
   because the combination will blind you, too much light.

   The Image Intensifier is a poor solution compared to the vision modes
   of the alien and the predator, but neither solution is perfect.

   I use the image intensifier more often than flares, because flares
   can reveal your position and flares can create even darker shadows.

   Because you need the image intensifier so often, playing as the marine,
   I usually put it on all the time (unless you enter very bright places,
   but almost never happens). You get used to it very quickly, but it's
   also a sad thing: because you see everything green all the time, you
   can never see the beautiful environment and the great lightning effect.
   It's really too bad Fox Interactive balanced the dark\bright rooms,
   although it's very realistic.


   The jetpack will lift you up to higher levels. You can also use it to
   slow down your fall. It's not default equipment, you can only use it in
   certain bonus missions.


   The Phosphoric Flares will light the environment. You have an infinite
   number of them, but you can only throw 4 of them at the time. Use them
   in the many, many dark environments to spot aliens. NEVER use it in
   combination with the image intensifier, you will be blinded. You can
   carry an unlimited amount of flares.

   The flares are also very useful to spot aliens in dark corners. Just
   throw a lot of flares towards the ceiling (they stick to any surface
   they touch) and within a second (you can throw two flares in a second),
   you can light the whole environment and leave your opponents open for
   an attack.

   You can only throw three flares at a time, you have to wait until one
   has been put out until you can use another one.

   For a fun effect, throw a flare towards an alien. The flare will not
   hurt the alien, but it will be really hard to hide when you're a
   walking flashlight.

   You can also use this tactic in multiplayer to annoy opponents.


   Medikits will give you up to 100% Health. You can't take a medikit with
   you, you'll find them along with dead bodies. If you have about 98%,
   don't take the medikit at once, but wait until you're hurt more badly.
   It will only restore your health up to 100, not higher.


   Armor will give you up to 100% Armor. Similar to the medikits, take it
   only when you're % is very low. You'll find it next to dead marine

 2.4 Vision Modes

 The marine has 2 vision modes

   Normal vision mode

   This is the normal, default mode, everything looks like any other 3D
   game. You will need flares all the time to light the dark environments.
   Your sight is very limited, so you don't see any movements in shadows
   or dark environments. Use this view only to look how the aliens die and
   how beautiful the graphics are. It's useless.

   Enhanced vision mode (image intensifier)

   If you enable the image intensifier, you finally get to see something
   in the dark corners of the game. When you enter a place filled with
   light or you use flares, you will be blinded by the amount of light.
   You also can't use the motion tracker while the second vision mode is

   Since Aliens vs Predator is very dark, you can play with the thing on
   all the time (I do so), but you'll miss the great graphics of the
   environment (and the image intensifier makes everything just plain

 2.5 Tactics

 Try to stay in open spaces as much as you can. It's also in your advantage
 to avoid places with a minimum of light. Otherwise, use flares to light
 the environment before you enter, both the predator and the alien have
 much more advantage in the darkness.

 Try to keep a situation overview. Never walk in small spaces (especially
 not when you have the SADAR equipped). Stay in open places where you can
 easily take down enemies. Aliens won't be able to sneak on you either then
 If you should get trapped in a cramped space, use the flamethrower. It
 offers a great distraction and causes other species to retreat.

 Line up with your back against the wall and check there's no possible
 way someone can attack you from behind. Just don't forget about the
 ceiling (aliens) and sound with no movement (cloaked predators)

 When entering a new room, always use the motion detector and then check
 the ceiling and walls for holes where aliens may be hiding.

 Do everything to avoid close combat with the alien. It's better to take
 a little damage and keep an alien away from you than engage close combat.
 The predator's weapons work best at mid-range, so don't let him get that

 The Marine needs every single weapon he can find, because his firepower is
 the only advantage he has.

 If you're looking down a steep drop-off, lob grenades over the edge.
 In cramped spaces, use the flamethrower. Use the smartgun to shred
 enemies from distance. You really need to known all your weapons and
 which one to use where. Soon, you'll automatically select the appropriate
 weapon for a certain situation.

   Marines vs Aliens

   The best weapons to defeat aliens are the pulse rifle and the minigun.
   Especially the minigun is powerful, because it has a fast firing rate.
   This means the alien won't bleed so fast (the alien's blood is like
   acid and can hurt you). Don't use the Rocket Launcher against aliens in
   small rooms. A hit will spray a lot of acid around and you will lose
   too much health. The auto-tracking of the smartgun is useless. A good
   alien player can move so fast you cannot track him.

   It's better to lose a lot of ammo while firing at an alien from distance
   than to let him close. Close combat will always be in your disadvantage.

   In the beginning, it's quite easy to take out aliens who pop up in front
   of your nose. Later, when they attack in group and are hidden in the
   dark (hanging on the ceiling), they're much harder to take out.

   If you can't handle the situation anymore and you decide to flee, you
   have to understand your limitations. You can't just turn your back to
   an alien and flee, you can never match his speed. So, when you're sure
   you want to flee, run away backwards while covering your back.
   Especially the rocket launcher has the large blast radius you need.

   Marines vs Predators

   Predators are easier to take out than aliens. They don't move so fast,
   so it's easier to track them and get a good shot. Still, they have some
   heavy armour, so it will take more shots to take them out. The
   predator's weapons work best at mid-range distance, so don't let them
   come that close.

   The best weapon against predators is the minigun. It does fast damage
   before he's able to reach you. Never use the incinerator, because the
   predator has fire resistant armor. The SADAR is quite powerful too, but
   it's often easy for Predators to avoid the rockets with some strafing.

   Try to finish off the predator at once. If you kill him with the pulse
   gun, there's a chance he'll enable his self-destruct mode. When he does
   so, get out and run as far as you can because it does a lot of damage.

   Marines vs Marines

   Battles between marines tend to be short, because of the powerful
   weapons. One direct hit of a SADAR rocket does an awful lot of damage.
   Usually, the best strafer wins the battle, because marines will attack
   each other from distance. Try to avoid all gunfire and take out the
   other marine with your minigun or smartgun.

   Hiding in the dark works well against marines, because you can take
   advantage of their vision limitations.


   I don't like playing with the marine much. The fact you have to run
   around with a motion scanner all the time only makes you scared. You're
   the prey, you're the one hunted down and I don't like that feeling.
   Never use the marine for close distance attacks, he has a great firing
   range. The predator can kill you at once with his best weapons and a
   sneak attack from an alien will cause so much damage you won't survive.
   There are medikits and armor, but it depletes so fast that you have to
   look for new ones very often. Especially in the early stages of the game
   you're only trying to survive and looking for ammo, but later on, when
   you get the good weapons, you stand a chance.

   If you play deathmatches, don't enter any small hallways where an alien
   or a predator might be hidden. You'll always get fragged. Look for open
   places where you can get a good shot from distance at other players. If
   you have to enter small rooms, work in teams and cover each other. (One
   uses the motion scanner while the other aims). If you're alone in a
   small room, quickly shoot inside the room and retreat at once. If
   someone comes after you then, move backwards while firing at him. If
   you hurt him enough, he will retreat to find some health.

   Don't forget the use of flares, they can make all environments brighter,
   so enemies will get a hard time to hide in the dark.

 2.6 Walkthrough

 I received an incredibly amount of questions from people stuck in the game
 so I decided to write a walkthrough. Please, do not mail me for
 information on a level that's not included in the walkthrough yet. Just
 wait until I've finished it. In the walkthrough, I don't mention much
 items such as medikits & armor, you can't miss them usually.

 Advance through the levels as quickly as possible. Aliens will keep
 respawning and you have a limited amount of ammo. There's no use killing
 them all.

 Some elevators have no button to activate them. Just jump up and they will
 be activated.

 Additions and corrections are welcome at

   A Episode I: Derelict

   You wake up after a frightening nightmare, you grab your pulse rifle and
   prepare for the mission. Listen to the chief first, there are some
   problems and you have to get out alive. Go through the door and go right
   You won't be able to enter any door. At a certain point, you see a glass
   box. Break it and pull the switch. Go through the door and up the

   You reach a balcony. Walk to the other side and take the elevator down.
   Your chief instructs you again, there are some serious problems. Hit the
   switch and go through the door. Go through the next door and go left.

   You'll now enter a room with eggs. Don't worry, they can't hatch. Go to
   the right, follow it to the end and press the button. Go through the
   doors and follow the tunnel. You'll hear the chief again. Go left and
   up the elevator.

   Normally, you'll meet the first aliens here. Go straight down the tunnel
   and up the elevator. Turn right and keep walking forward. At the first
   thee forks, continue straight. Go to the middle of the tower and into
   the next tunnel. Go down the hallway and turn left at the fork. Go right
   and hit the switch, it will open a door far below you.

   Now return until you reach the big ledge. On your right, you'll be able
   to see a big open place. Now, in the middle of that big ledge, there's
   a gap to the left. Stand on the floor in the gap and jump up.
   There's an elevator that will take you down. Go to the right and you
   will reach an artifact (your chief will talk to you again).

   Take the entrance to the left and keep walking forward. At the end, turn
   left and stand on the small gap in the wall. Jump up and an elevator
   will take you down (this is a room very similar to one in the film

   Down, there's a small entrance in the wall that will give access to a
   new room, it's to the right of the big creature in the middle. At the
   end of the tunnel, go down the elevator. Then follow the tunnel and the
   level will end.

   B Episode II: Colony

   Go up the stairs and straight forward. Your chief will instruct you
   again. You have to restore the generator. Go up the elevator. You reach
   an open area, advance here as quickly as possible, there are lots of
   aliens and you'll need the ammo. Leave the West lock and turn right.
   Walk forward and enter the tunnel on the right. Keep walking forward
   (you'll see an entrance to the right but don't go there). At the end of
   the tunnel, you see some lockers, a chair and a glass window. Shoot the
   glass and jump down.

   Hit the four switches and wait for the door to open. The power will go
   back online. Go upstairs and then right. Go back to the glass but this
   time go through the open door. Follow the catwalks all the way around,
   take the lift up, keep going. Duck to get through the vent, pick up the
   Smartgun. Go back through the vent and around the catwalks, riding the
   lift down.

   You have to leave the tunnel you've just entered now. It's a bit tricky,
   because a horde of aliens appears at the beginning at the tunnel if you
   want to leave it. Don't let them push you back too far, or you can start
   over again. Block their attack and leave the tunnel. Go right and right
   at once. You'll find a dead marine with a pulse rifle and some armour.

   Return to the open place again and walk right to the North Lock. Throw
   the switch to the left of the door and the door will open. Straight
   ahead there's a health pack and a pulse rifle. Now (when facing the
   exit through the north lock), go left. At the end of the tunnel, crouch
   through the small entrance to the right. Go up the stairs and take out
   the two aliens. Watch for your back, it's possible some aliens followed
   you through the small entrance. There's some armour on top of the stairs
   Go back down a bit, to the base of the stairs and crouch through the
   next small entrance. You reach a room with four garbage cans.

   Go to the left, you can find a health pack there. Then go to the door to
   the right, it will open as you approach it. Follow the tunnel to the end
   and turn right. Go up the lift, it will take you to Level 3. If you're a
   little short on ammo, you can stop at the second floor and get some
   health and a pulse rifle.

   At Level 3, walk past the hole in the floor and turn right. Turn right
   again and go up the stairs. Open the door to the Main Ops room to the
   right. Throw the five switches and your chief will give you a new
   objective. When facing the fifth switch, next to the computer screen,
   open the door to the left and go left. At the end, go right. You'll
   see some stairs now.

   Go down the stairs and enter the small entrance to the right, you'll
   find a smartgun. Don't start using the smartgun already, you'll need
   it further this level. Go further down the stairs to Level 2. Now follow
   the tunnel until you see a door with the word "Medilab" next to it.
   There's another health pack through the far right door. Now go through
   the Medilab door.

   Go through the near right door and get the Flamethrower near the end of
   the open room.  Go through the next medlab door, you'll see a hole in
   the floor in front of another door. If you have some saves left, save
   your game here. In the next room on the left, there will be some
   face-huggers. They're extremely dangerous and you'll be dead at once if
   they can reach you.

   Approach the door and as soon as it opens, aim for the little critters
   with your smartgun. Continue dong this until they're all dead (you won't
   hear any sound anymore). Then jump over the hole in the floor and enter
   the room were the face-huggers were.

   In the back of the room, there's a pulse rifle and some armour in a pool
   of blood. Grab the Manual Bypass, it's at a random location in the room.
   The, exit the medilab and look down the hole in the floor. You have to
   jump down and it's possible to do it without getting hit. Inside the
   hole, you can see a small ledge. Jump on it and jump further down. Take
   the entrance through the office on the left. Go out of the room and go
   left once again. Go through the tunnel and turn right to go outside.

   Now, you're back in the open space. Walk forward and then right. You
   will reach a big door, it's the south lock. Open the big door. You now
   reach a ravine. Follow the ravine and avoid the aliens underway (if
   you're quick enough, there's no reason to kill them). At the end of the
   ravine, you'll see an APC. Approach it to end the level.

   C Episode III: Invasion

   This is a difficult level: there are lots and lots of aliens and face
   huggers. Use your pulse gun to take out the aliens and save your
   smartgun for the face huggers. The structure of the level is quite
   difficult, but I'll try to explain it.

   You need to shut down the cooling systems. These cooling systems are
   controlled by five wheels. When you have turned the five wheels, you
   can proceed and exit the level.

   Wheel 1: Exit your APC through the door. Don't wait until your chief has
   finished talking or to aliens will rush in. Go up the stairs and through
   the door on the left. At the fork, turn right. Go through the door and
   then up the stairs on the right. Go to the other side and through the
   door at the end. You access a small tunnel. Go through the tunnel. In
   the next room, you can find some armor under the stairs. Go up the
   stairs then.

   Follow the hallway and go through the door. Go right, you can find a
   health pack and a pulse rifle in the tunnel. Go through the door and
   turn left, then go through the next door and turn right. Go through the
   tunnel and up the tiny stairs. If you go through the door, you find
   some items: a flamethrower, a health pack and some armor. It's in the
   left corner. Go the far left side of the computer, there's a wheel you
   can turn.

   Go back out the door and through the tunnel. Don't go through the door
   on the left, walk forward towards the blue light and go one level down.
   In front of you, on the ledge to the other side, you should see a wheel
   attached to the right wall. You have to be very quick here. Jump to the
   other wall and turn the wheel. Then, quickly jump back to the other side
   and run up the stairs. A bridge will be lowered. Jump over it (while
   it's still lowering, it gives you extra time) and enter the door on the
   right. There's a time limit on this action, so you can only try it once.
   You find some armor, a health pack and some pulse rifles.

   Wheel 2: Return through the door and go down the winding stairs to the
   lowest point. On the lowest level, there's an elevator. Jump and it
   will take you down. We encounter a tricky part here, there are some
   face huggers in company of a few aliens. It's almost impossible to get
   rid of the face huggers without the smartgun, so we'll have to try
   another tactic.

   Run through the tunnel (go right) and then straight ahead. Avoid all
   contact and don't shoot the face huggers. As your run straight ahead,
   some doors will open in front of you (the door consist of vertical
   bars). Run through the door and you reach a room with two big
   canisters. Run up the stairs and turn around. From there, shoot all
   aliens, the face huggers can't follow you on the stairs. Walk to the
   right and get the health pack & smartgun. Now, use the smartgun to
   take out the face huggers below you. When they're killed (you don't
   hear no sound anymore), stand close to the first canisters and press
   the 'use' key to turn the wheel.

   Wheel 3: Go back down and go through the door. Turn left and move
   towards the gate, it will open. Enter the tunnel and follow it until
   you can enter a passage on the right. New mission orders will appear
   on top of the screen. Go right and ride the lift up. In the next room,
   go to the other side and ride it up. Follow the small ledge. Go left
   into the pipe a short way to get the pulse rifle, then go up the stairs
   on the right.

   There's a health pack in the back. Grab it and go up the stairs. Now,
   before entering the next tunnel, turn around. Near the ceiling, there
   are two yellow lights. Shoot the second light from the left and a bridge
   will be lowered. Cross the bridge and go through the door. Jump on the
   stairs below you. Enter the door at the bottom. Be careful when going
   down, because you drop down and land in the middle of a bunch of aliens
   & face huggers.

   In the next room, collect the health pack and the flamethrower. Turn the
   two wheels, two more to go.

   Wheel 4: Go back through the door and up the stairs.  At the four-way
   fork go straight. Ignore the doors on the sides. When you reach a fork,
   turn right. Follow the corridor until you get to the health pack. Ignore
   the doors on the sides and turn left. Go straight and then up the stairs
   on the left. On the middle of the catwalk, there's another wheel. Turn
   it and the cooling systems have been shut down. The only thing left to
   do is getting out.

   Go down the stairs and follow the tunnel until you reach a fork. Turn
   left. Ignore all the doors on the sides and walk straight forward. At
   the next fork, turn right. You see a big door with a bright green light
   above it. Enter the door and follow the tunnel. You reach a small gap.
   Jump over the gap and open the door on the right. Ride the elevator up
   and you reach a landing spot. Wait a while and an aircraft will pick you

   D Episode IV: Orbital

   This is a rather short mission, compared to Episode 3, but it's quite
   tough. You don't have solve any puzzles here, there's just one way to
   get to the exit. In this level, you will meet two new enemies: the
   predators & the Xenoborg. You don't have to kill them, but run past
   them quickly then.

   Walk forward into the air lock. After a while, the other side will open.
   Listen to your mission and look to the right then. The docked ship will
   come loose and fly away in space. Go to the end of the walkway and
   flip the switch. The bar will rise and you can open the door. Walk
   forward, but get back to the tunnel when you hear the alien hissing
   sounds. There's a predator out there and he will deal with the aliens.
   An alien will probably pop up behind you, so finish him.

   Enter through the door again. Don't try to kill the predator, it's
   possible, but you'll waste to much ammo. Walk straight past him, he
   won't hurt you or come after you normally and walk through the gate in
   front of you. Around the corner, you find a SADAR rocket launcher and
   two pulse rifles. Deal with the two enemies and leave the room. Avoid
   the predator again and go right, through the gate down the stairs at

   Below the stairs, you find a medikit. If aliens followed you, finish
   them all off now. Go through the door on the right and walk straight
   while ignoring all the doors on the sides. Walk through the next door
   and keep going straight. At the end, flip the switch and go through the
   door. Follow the tunnel, it will bend to the right a bit. In the next
   room, there will be some aliens on the lower level. Walk to the left
   door and the chief will talk to you again.

   Extra: if you want more good weapons, jump down a level to where the
   aliens are and kill them. Then take the elevator up. In the next room,
   you can find some armor, a grenade launcher and a Xenoborg. Return to
   door where the commander gave you instructions.

   From where we were: flip the switch and go through the door. In the
   next room, there's a medikit on the right. Run up the stairs and turn
   right, go through the door. You'll stand on the edge of a bigger room
   below you. Wait for the elevator to rise, jump on it and ride it down.

   There's another Xenoborg here and you can kill it to test your SADAR
   (but you can run past it too if you want), just make sure he doesn't
   get a laser lock on you. Run to the corner at the far end and hook
   around it. Go up the stairs, you can ride another lift up. When the
   elevator reaches its highest point, stand on the edge close to the
   bars and they will open.

   To the right, you can find some armor and pulse rifles. Go across the
   walkway. Take out the predator with your SADAR. Go to the door and
   flip the switch. There's another Xenoborg here. You can kill it as you
   want, but it's possible to run past him if he doesn't get a laser lock
   on you. Walk to the other side of the room and throw the switch (strafe
   a bit while throwing the switch and waiting for the door to open, or
   you'll be an easy target for the Xenoborg). Run through the open door
   and drop down. Walk straight forward and step into the escape pod.

   E Episode V: Tyrargo

   Walk forward and listen to the orders of your chief. Flip the switch to
   the right and go through the door. Walk to the back of the cargo bay
   up the little slope on the left. Flip the two switches on the wall and
   you gain access to the door on the left. Walk to the back of the room,
   you find a pulse rifle, a smartgun and some armor. Go through the door
   on the left.

   Turn left and walk straight. Go around the corner. Some aliens will rush
   towards you together with a face hugger. Take them out. Go to the end
   of the room. Turn left, go to the end of the room and throw the switch
   to open the door. Turn right and follow the tunnel until you reach
   another cryo-sleeping room. Enter it, but don't go to the end. Near
   the end, go to the left and you reach a locker room. Go to the shower
   room on the left to grab the smartgun & armor. Now return to the locker

   At the end of the room, to the right, there's a small grate. Shoot it
   and enter the small passage. Turn left and go down the stairs. At the
   end of the passage, break the grate and enter the next room. You reach
   the dining room of the ship. Go to the left and grab the flamethrower.

   Go through the door on the right. Shoot the barrels in the back and go
   left. On the back wall, flip the switch on the right to activate the
   lift. Go stand on the lift and ride it up. Go straight, a bit to the
   right and back straight again. On the left, next to the window, you
   find some armor. Your chief will give you some new orders. Go around
   the corner on the left and flip the switch. Turn around and go right
   whenever you can. You have now access to that big door with the two
   blue lights next to it. Go through it and you enter the generator room.

   Go down the slope of stairs and walk through the big doors at the end.
   As soon as you're inside, turn around and run back to the previous room.
   Two aliens will pop up from around the corner. Kill them, nobody will
   attack you from behind now. Shoot the barrels in the back and go to the
   right around the corner. To the left, there's a health pack and some
   armor. Go up the stairs on the right and go left at the end. Flip the
   switch and enter the door on the right.

   If you think you just got through the toughest part, prepare yourself:
   the next halls are overpopulated with aliens. They pop up from
   every possible spot: ceiling, behind you, in front of you, ... Use the
   smartgun to kill them one by one or get them all together and use the
   secondary fire of the pulse rifle (grenade) to get rid of the bunch at
   once. At the beginning of the halls, you find a grenade launcher. After
   the first set of halls, you find a health pack and some armor. Make your
   way to the end and flip the switch. Go through the door
   Go down the lift. Next to the pipes on the right, there's a SADAR. Enter
   the next room. This is a very though part. There's a predator inside
   here and a lot of aliens. Run to the right and get the Minigun. Next,
   kill all the aliens with the smartgun. Make sure you keep moving or
   the predator will take you out. When are the aliens are killed, equip
   the SADAR and take out the predator with one shot. Your chief will
   give you an update on the mission. In the meantime, a PredAlien appears.
   Take him out with your SADAR. Now, your chief will open the big doors
   up the stairs for a very short time.

   Enter the next hallway and take out all the aliens you meet. Grab the
   armor. At the end of the room, flip the switch to the left and ride the
   elevator up. You're near the end of the level now, there are only some
   praetorians to deal with. Take them out with the SADAR or the minigun.

   Go through the tunnel at the other end and follow it until you see a
   switch. Flip it and get back to the front of the room. Stand on the
   elevator and jump up, it will take you down. Jump down to end the level.

   F Episode VI: Hangar

   This is the final marine level, you have to kill the queen here. As you
   enter the hangar, the queen will be in the back of the room. As she
   notices you, she will start throwing boxes at you. Strafe left or right
   to avoid them. There's no use firing at her. The only extra gun you can
   find is the flamethrower. No matter what you do, you cannot hit her.

   There are a pack of rockets at each side of the room. If you can get the
   queen near one of these rockets and you shoot them, the queen can be
   stunned for a short time.

   Since there is no way to hurt her, you'll have to find an alternative
   way. First, look for an airlock panel on the ground, it's near the
   entrance. Press the button and the panel will open, revealing two
   buttons. Now shoot the line of grates next to the panel. Jump inside the
   small tunnel. In the middle of the tunnel, you'll find a button. Press
   it and a panel on the floor of the tunnel will open. Shoot the two
   oxygen bars inside. Get out of the tunnel by one of the stairs and run
   back to the airlock panels. Press the two arrow panels and you'll hear
   a siren. An airlock panel will be opened. Run to the right, to the
   small entrance in the wall with the buttons. Press the button in the
   back and a glass wall will move in front of you. The air lock will
   suck everything in space, including the queen. Just wait some more time
   and the level ends.

   ---> The walkthrough for the bonus missions will be added as soon as
   possible. Don't mail me to get it earlier, everything will be added in
   the next updates when it's finished.

III Alien Guide

 3.1 Introduction

 If you want to rush in every room and kill everyone off at once, there's
 no use in choosing the alien. If you play as an alien, you have to be
 careful all the time and try to hide as much as you can. Playing as an
 alien allows you to scare your opponents a lot. It's really fun when
 you're hanging on a wall and you see a marine passing below you, shivering
 as he holds his motion scanner in the complete darkness. As you move a
 little, the motion scanner beeps and the marine is glued in his tracks.
 Before he even has the time to find out where you are, you jump down on
 top of the poor fellow and you use your razor-sharp claws to rip out his
 eyes, filled with fear and disbelief. I love it :)

 The big advantage of the Alien is undoubtedly his speed. You can move
 incredibly fast towards enemies, without giving them the chance to react.
 The view of the alien is also a bit strange, you have a convex view
 (called the fish bowl effect), but it doesn't affect gameplay much. Some
 people think this view is annoying, but in fact, it's a great advantage,
 because the view allows you to the left and the right without moving your

 There are 6 stadia of development for aliens: Facehugger, Alien (regular
 kind), Advanced Strain (or "Praetorian"), Predator Hybrid (or "Predalien")
 Queen, and Xenoborg (a man-made abomination).

 If you taunt when playing as the Alien, it's possible to scare marines and
 they'll flee.

 3.2 Weapons

 Note: You can't switch weapons when you're an alien, because there are
 no different weapons to use.

   Sharp claws

   Fire #1: Quick strike
   Fire #2: (see Tail Spike)
   Against marines: Very Good
   Against predators: Moderate

   Use your claws at close distance while sneaking up on a marine. A quick
   tap will cause a double strike. Holding down the primary fire button
   will work as a rapid combo of strikes.

   Don't underestimate the power of your claws. Although you have to get
   very close, they can do a lot of damage. You can do 4 to 5 hits in a
   second, which can finish off a healthy marine at once.

   Tail Spike

   Fire #1: (see Sharp Claws)
   Fire #2: Quick Strike (hold down for Hard Strike)
   Against marines: Very Good (Hard Strike is Fatal)
   Against predators: Very Good (Hard Strike is Fatal)

   Use the claws on marines and the tail on the predator. A few strong
   blows will usually kill them, it only takes some time to recharge for
   another blow.

   Secondary Jaws

   Fire #1: Decapitate
   Fire #2: N/A
   Against marines: Fatal
   Against predators: Very poor

   Remember the movie? Did you like the moment when a tiny, little mouth
   came out the Alien's jaws? This is it!

   This attack is useless against androids & turrets

   The Jaw Attack requires certain conditions to use: you have to line up
   the head of an enemy in the centre part of your screen and then wait
   until the jaws appear. Press the Primary attack button to decapitate
   your opponent

   With the secondary jaws, you can drain health from opponents if you can
   decapitate them, especially marines.

   You can also use this attack on dead bodies to get extra health. Of
   course, the bodies may not be decapitated already.

   Acid Blood

   If you get hit at close distance, try to touch your opponents and your
   your blood (which is actually acid) will cause much damage.

 3.3 Abilities


   By crouching, the alien can climb up walls and ceilings when it runs
   towards them. You really have to keep your sense of direction while
   climbing on walls, because you can get confused about what's the ceiling
   and what's the floor. If you really lost your orientation, just press
   the crouch key and you'll drop down on the floor. Don't worry about
   falling damage, the alien can't get any.


   Crouching prior to a jump allows Aliens to jump extremely high. You can
   use this tactic to flee from enemies where they can't follow you. You
   will use this tactic more than you may suspect, because the alien always
   has to perform surprise attacks. When the opponent discovers you before
   you get the chance to hurt him and he start firing, you're only chance
   is to flee. Never engage close combat with an opponent that is aware of
   your position.

 3.4 Vision Modes

 There are two vision Modes for the Alien

   Normal vision mode

   This is the default vision, you'll see everything like you were a human.
   Humans have a blue aura, aliens a red, and predators a blue one. This
   halo, makes it impossible for enemies to hide.

   Navigation sense

   Number two is the Navigation Sense. It enables you to see in the darkest
   conditions, so use this in your advantage. However, the auras around
   other creatures will be removed. You can also see in more bright areas,
   only the very strong light sources will blur your vision.

 3.5 Tactics

   Aliens vs Marines

   There's no use trying to kill a marine from distance (you can't). He has
   lots of powerful weapons with a great firing range and you have nothing
   to shoot back with. The only way to kill them is to sneak up on them.
   Don't forget that they have a motion scanner to track you down (about
   thirty metres). If you get hit at close range, move as close as you can
   to the marine because the acid from your body will cause a lot of extra

   The most effective way to deal with the marine is to hide and wait for
   a chance to take him out. Hiding is no sing of being a lamer when you
   play as the alien, it's the only way to survive. Whenever you see a
   chance to attack him, do so and try to finish him off. If he discovers
   you before you can finish him off, flee and try again later.

   Aliens vs Predators

   It's the same story as fighting marines. You're now good from some
   distance and you should only try to kill them using fast sneaking
   attacks. Especially coordinated attacks from different sides gets
   everyone down (in multiplayer).

   You can track down cloaked enemies, they will have a pheromone green
   "aura". This is extremely effective, because lots of predators think
   they're a bit invincible when they're cloaked.

   Aliens vs Aliens

   Coming soon, probably in the next update


   The alien asks for special tactics. Advanced players can make good use
   of it. Especially hanging on walls in very useful. If you play as an
   alien, everything looks a bit further away than it actually is, but
   luckily, you have this great speed that allows you to get rid of
   opponents on your tail.

   One of the best tactics is to get a marine behind you, enter a new room
   and quickly jump on the wall. As soon as the marine enters the room (you
   will have created a gap in distance because you're much faster), you
   take him out from behind (and you even get some extra health if you can
   decapitate him). Of course, this only works with beginning players,
   because advanced players never follow someone in small rooms, they're
   too much chance of falling into a trap like this one.

   You can't jump on walls running normally, so you have to stand still,
   crouch and then move on the wall. Then, no surface will be safe for you

   If you need to attack a team of marines, try to leave the shadows for a
   moment to finish off one, rather than trying to kill them all off after
   each other. This will make the marines feel really scared (and you feel
   really great)

   If you meet a marine from quite some distance, try to strafe left and
   right to avoid his fire while moving forward quickly. You will travel at
   high speed at him. This will cause the marine to retreat.

   You should always try to remain hidden. A soon as you're discovered,
   Marines & Predators with weapons will take you out in no time. Use
   surprise effect and quickly retreat then. You can say this is not
   possible in Multiplayer, because Deathmatching is a fast challenge, but
   I've seen to much armed players getting killed by master alien players,
   so you're very wrong :)

 3.6 Walkthrough

   ---> The alien walkthrough will be added as soon as possible. Don't mail
   me to get it earlier, everything will be added in the next updates when
   it's finished.

IV Predator Guide

 4.1 Introduction

 The predator is some sort of combinations of the two other races. He has
 some powerful weapons to take out enemies (marine), but on the other hand,
 he also has a cloaking device he can use to sneak up on unaware enemies
 (alien). You'll feel invulnerable in the early stages of the game, because
 you can take out any enemy using the cloaking technique. The only problem
 is that cloaking drains your energy source, and you get health and ammo
 from the very same source. You can replenish this source by breaking open
 control boxes though.

 You're not completely invisible for the other races. The Alien can spot
 you using his navigation sense vision mode, and the Marine can spot you,
 if you're standing in a certain angle of the light. Try to keep in the

 Playing as a predator is really fun while using the shoulder cannon. You
 can use this cannon to remove limbs from marines. The disc can also be
 used for this, especially to behead people.

 If you should run out of energy, use your spear gun, it has its own ammo
 supply. The only problem is that you have three red laser dots that
 reveal your position to opponents, but you'll just have to live with

 It's also useful to use your cloaking technique if you're almost out
 of power. Cloak yourself to travel to a power source nearby and replenish
 your energy.

 Keep in mind that you uncloak when using certain weapons.

 If you taunt when playing as the predator, there's a chance you will draw
 aliens towards you.

 4.2 Weapons

 You start with all the weapons except the energy pistol and the disc.


   Frequency: N/A
   Ammo Type: None
   Ammo Capacity: N/A
   Fire #1: Quick strike
   Fire #2: Hard strike (or trophy decapitation)
   Against aliens: Moderate
   Against marines: Good

     This is your main weapon. It's pretty weak, but if you sneak up on
     someone and hold secondary fire for a power hit, it can be quite
     effective. This doesn't affect your power source. Also, you don't
     uncloak if you use this weapon.

     Line up a marine's dead body's head and use the power punch
     (secondary fire with wristblades) to get the marine's skull. It's a
     trophy. You'll howl when you get one.

     This weapon should be your last resort. It's always hard to hit
     someone using the wristblades (especially the aliens with their acid
     blood). It's almost impossible to kill aliens with it. The same goes
     for marines, they will start firing before you get the chance to get
     close. Only cloaking can give advantage.

   Spear Gun

   Frequency: N/A
   Ammo Type: Barbed spears
   Ammo Capacity: (1)
   Fire #1: Standard fire
   Fire #2: None
   Against aliens: Moderate (head shots Fatal)
   Against marines: Very Good (head shots Fatal)

     The gun has a strong recoil.

     This gun kills an marine at once. Keep in mind that you uncloak while
     using this weapon. The ammo doesn't drain your field energy, it has
     its own ammo supply.

     It's the ideal weapon for predators to snipe.

     If you aim for the head, it's possible it severe it. Then you'll see
     a spear stuck into a wall with a head impaled on it.

     Don't use the speargun as your default weapon, because you have a
     limited amount of spears and there's no ammo for them (unless you
     respawn in multiplayer). Use them only when you need them.

   Shoulder Cannon (aka Plasmacaster)

   Frequency: N/A
   Ammo Type: Plasma charges
   Ammo Capacity: Dependant on energy supply
   Fire #1: Standard fire (holding down fire button increases charge

   Fire #2: Stored charge (works similar to Fire #1 except shot is stored
            for later use)

   Against aliens: Very Good
   Against marines: Fatal
   Further Notes:

     Requires vision modes for targeting.

     This is a useful weapon while cloaking because it doesn't affect it.
     Use it from distance and keep in mind that it automatically targets
     enemies. If you select a specific life form vision (marines: thermal,
     aliens: electric), the plasma caster will only target that life form.
     If you use the secondary fire mode, you save the current charge for
     later use.

     This weapon was much more powerful in the movies, you'll need more
     than one shot to finish someone off.

     With the Primary Fire, you charge plasma (hold the key) and then
     release it (release the key). With the secondary fire, you store more
     plasma (hold the key) and then you can release it (press the primary
     fire key).

   Energy Pistol

   Frequency: N/A
   Ammo Type: Electrical energy pulses
   Ammo Capacity: Dependant on energy supply
   Fire #1: Standard fire
   Fire #2: Electrical pulse orb
   Against aliens: Good
   Against marines: Good

     This weapon does splash damage, and the best way to use it is against
     face huggers because any face hugger hit by the blast radius will be
     killed. Don't stand to close while using this gun because the splash
     damage from the gun can damage you too.

     The marine requires a direct hit to kill him (and you can get a
     trophy), while a shot or two (direct hits) takes predators down.

     You will uncloak using this weapon.

     This is a very useful weapon against aliens. Aliens move so fast it's
     extremely hard to get a direct hit, so you have to guess a bit and
     shoot where you think the alien may be. The splash damage will do the
     rest for you.

   Homing Throwing Disc

   Frequency: N/A
   Ammo Type: N/A
   Ammo Capacity: N/A (1)
   Fire #1: Throw disk
   Fire #2: Recall disk (costs energy: 7 to 12 energy bars)
   Against Aliens: Fatal It's kills the final Xenoborg with only 1 hit !)
   Against Marines: Fatal

     Go into the desired vision mode to target your opponent. The disc will
     keep flying in the air until it has hit the target or something else.

     You can kill multiple enemies with one disc.

     The disc sometimes bounces of the walls and returns to you, but it
     also gets stuck a lot. Switch to the Predtech Mode (green) then and
     try if you can see it. If not, recall it (at the cost of energy)

     You only have one disc, so don't go doing strange this with it (like
     eating it or throwing it into dark pits).

     In multiplayer, it's also possible to get multiple disks. Throw your
     own disc, then while it's travelling through the air, grab another
     Predator's disc that is stuck in the wall, then let yours return.
     This will give you more discs.  

 4.3 Equipment

   Cloaking Field

   You can use the cloaking field to make yourself invisible, but don't do
   it too often, because it creates quite a gap in your power source.
   You're not completely invisible now. If any of the three species uses
   the proper vision mode, they will spot you.

     Addition by Spud 423 (

       I've noticed that you have wrote about that "bug" in AvP. The one
       where you said the marines sometimes act like you're uncloaked when
       you are actually cloaked (playing as the predator). My friend told
       me because of his cloaking device he bends light and curves it
       around him. Well, if you have ever seen him move, it looks weird.
       You can kinda tell he's there. To sum it up, moving around cloaked a
       lot produces a greater risk of been noticed. So, DON'T MOVE WHEN

     Addition by IICIoudII (

       That is true, I forgot about the part about only reflecting light,
       but also even in total darkness, they can sometimes see the laser
       pointer from your shoulder cannon and speargun. That is how marines
       notice me in some levels, because I generally use the spear gun, but
       the bending of light is true, it works less in light and when moving
       and also in water, because they can see your footsteps and the water
       shorts your cloaking system for a short time.

   Zoom Mode

   There also a Zoom Mode. You can zoom up to 3 times. In combination with
   the spear gun, this makes you a dangerous sniper. Aim for the head.
   Always switch to the proper vision mode for the proper species while
   sniping, it will make the aiming a lot easier.


   If you use the medicomp for extra health, do this at a safe place,
   because regenerating health will cause you to leave your cloaking mode
   and other life form visions. Secondary fire puts out flames. The
   Medicomp requires 15-20 bars for the primary healing, no matter how hurt
   you are, and always brings your life status to full. (The amount it
   takes depends on what your current level is. Full takes 15, having 20
   takes 20, having fewer than 20 means you have to wait until you get 20.)
   Secondary only takes 1.

     (Medicomp information added by DarkRaver (

   Grappling Hook (only in Bonus Missions)

   One of the most useful items is the grappling hook, it's a shame you can
   only use it in the bonus missions. The nice thing about the it is that
   you can use it several times in the course of one climb if you are fast
   enough. For example, if you are in a deep shaft with no footholds or
   ledges, you can fire the Hook up to a point in the shaft's wall, ascend
   to that point, then very quickly deactivate the Hook and fire it further
   up the shaft again just as you start to fall back down. By repeatedly
   doing this, you can theoretically climb any distance. When there's no
   other way to navigate the level, you'll have to use the grappling hook
   that way.

 4.4 Vision Modes

 The predator has 4 vision modes, that's 2 more than the other races.

   Normal View

   This is the default view, like the Marine and the Alien have.

   Thermal View

   Number 2 is the Thermal View. In this vision mode, anything that
   gives off heat stands out. When you see a human, he will have the
   colours of the rainbow corresponding to their heat emission. In this
   mode, auto-tracking weapons will track humans.

   Electrical View

   Number 3 is the Electrical View. In the second Vision Mode, everything
   looks dark red, but the aliens look bright white. Auto-tracking weapons
   will automatically track aliens in this mode.

   Predtech View

   This mode is for tracking other predators. Everything will look green,
   but other predators will look white with dark green highlights. Again,
   you will be able to track predators in this mode.

 4.5 Tactics

   Predators vs Marines

   The best weapon against marines is undoubtedly the shoulder cannon for
   instant death. If you have enough energy, cloak yourself, switch to the
   Thermal View (Blue) and use the Shoulder Cannon (auto aim). This is the
   gun you should always be running around with, don't forget to keep an
   eye on your power source, though. If your power source gets to low,
   switch to the spear gun. Cloaking works fine too, but keep in mind that
   marines still can be spot you, if you're standing in a certain angle of
   the light.

   Predators vs Aliens

   The best weapon against aliens is the spear gun. If you use it, you will
   launch the alien away and he can't spray blood on you. Never use the
   wristblades against aliens. You will cause them to spray so much acid
   you'll die at once.

   By the way, the alien's claws are way much better than your wristblades
   (unless you charge them). There's also another reason why you should
   keep the alien from getting close to you, many people charge their tail
   and then rush towards opponents to give them a final blow, make sure
   this doesn't happen to you.


   Choose the predator is you don't like sneaking much. In my opinion,
   the predator is better than the marine, because he can sneak too. The
   only problem is your power source and the 3 red laser dots that reveal
   your position. Still, it wouldn't surprise me if most players play as
   the predator. The Alien really should be left to the specialists.

   If there are a lot of aliens and marines in one room, use your disc as
   soon as you think some of them are at one line, the disc will cut
   through everything until it hits a wall.

   If you're hiding next to a door or behind a wall at a perfect ambush
   spot and you get hit, some blood may spray on the floor and even that
   little indication may prove useful to other players who enter that area.
   If you think you're trapped then, don't hesitate to use your grappling
   hook and get the hell out.

   You can also use the following tactic. When someone shot you and you
   bleed a little, move to dark place and launch yourself into the air with
   the grappling hook. Then (hanging in the air with your opponent below
   you), drop down on your opponent rushing around the corner and finish
   him off.

   When you're surrounded with marines, go to a dark corner and cloak
   yourself. Don't move. The Motion Trackers will not track you since you
   don't move and the marines will think you're gone. Don't do this in an
   area with much light, because Marines can spot you in a certain angle of
   the light.

 4.6 Walkthrough

   ---> The predator walkthrough will be added as soon as possible. Don't
   mail me to get it earlier, everything will be added in the next updates
  when it's finished.

V Enemies

There are 11 different enemies in the game

 Civilians (Human)

 These are not so tough and have little weapons. Playing as the alien,
 use your jaw attack to boost your life and with the predator, use your
 wristblades to save your field energy. They have a blue aura and can be
 seen in the Thermal View.

 Marines (Human)

 These are stronger versions of the civilians. They have more advanced
 weapons like the minigun, so you can't just use your wristblades or jaw
 with them. Playing as the alien, try to take him out with your tail or
 use advanced tactics if they're grouped. Playing as the predator, don't
 try to get in their line of fire, because the minigun does a lot of damage
 Use your shoulder cannon for instant kills. If there are too many marines
 around, cloak yourself and keep out of the range of their motion scanners.
 They have a blue aura and can be seen in the Thermal View.

 Android (Human\Robot)

 These are the robot versions of the civilians. They're not feared like the
 civilians are and they have more advanced weapons. For the alien, use
 the same techniques you use against civilians and marines. The predator
 will not be able to use his wristblades, use your weapons. They do not
 have an aura and they can be seen in the electrical view.

 Turret (Machine)

 Turrets are placed all over the level and they're quite dangerous,
 especially for the predator because he can see through cloaking. The whole
 point is to get behind them. Use strafing and dodging techniques (turrets
 can easily kill you) until you're behind the turret, then destroy it with
 a weak weapon. They can be seen in the electrical view.

 Facehugger (Alien)

 These are the aliens everybody knows from the film, they're similar to the
 head crabs in Half Life. Once you're hit, you may start the level over,
 because you cannot shake them off like in the films :(

 This is extremely annoying, so you should take them out on sight before
 they have the chance to leap towards you. The best weapons for the
 marine is the incinerator. Spray some fire towards them until you've set
 them on fire. Then wait until they're killed. You can also consider using
 the smartgun, because the auto-tracking function can help aiming. Playing
 as the predator, use a weapon with a blast radius, like the pistol.

 Preatorian (Alien)

 They look a bit like the queen (with their headlate), but you just have
 to fight them like normal marines. They are a little bit stronger but not
 faster in any way. Just finish them off before they the chance to use
 their tail on you. Cloaking won't work for the predator and they can be
 seen in the electrical view.

 Xenomorph (Alien)

 These are faster versions of the normal aliens. Just like the preatorians,
 try to kill them before they have the chance to hurt you with their tail.
 They can see through cloaking and can be seen in the electrical view. Just
 watch their speed, one moment of confusion and you're dead. The marine
 should use rockets and since they can see through cloaking, the predator
 should use his Disc or some spears. They can be seen in the Electrical

 Queen (Alien)

 The Queen Alien. She's the final alien and she has the ever lasting
 company of facehuggers (except for the final marine mission). She has 3
 kinds of attacks: her deadly claws, charging, and throwing broken
 stalagmites or boxes towards you. Strafing should help you avoid her
 attacks. She can see through cloaking and she can be seen in the
 Electrical View. The queen cannot be killed, you will need a special
 tactic to get rid of her

 Predator (Predator)

 Do not use your incinerator, it's useless. They're pretty close to the
 predator you can play with. As a marine, use SADAR rockets or the minigun
 to kill them. As the alien, use a charged tail to injure them. If you have
 damaged them enough, they will kneel a bit and self-destruct, that's the
 excellent time for the alien to use his jaw attack. Playing as the marine,
 simply get out of there before the blast hits you. They have a green
 aura that changes to a light silver one when they cloak.

 PredAlien (Predator\Alien)

 It's a mix of the Predator and the Alien. As the marine, use your
 smartgun or the incinerator (works fine). As a predator, aim for
 the head and place a spear in it. They're very tough so you will have to
 injure them a lot. They can also see through cloaking and they can be
 seen in the electrical view.

VI Cheats

 6.1 Full version cheatcodes

 First: You must have the Save Game Patch installed, otherwise, the cheats
        will not work.

 Secondly: Add -lampcxtr to the command line.

   Go to Windows Explorer. Right click on the avp.exe file. Select "create
   shortcut". Right click on the shortcut. Select "properties". Go to the
   Tab "shortcut" (if not selected already). Go to the line that reads
   "target". There add -lampcxtr behind avp.exe. It will look similar to
   this now:

     c:\Fox\Aliens vs Predator\avp.exe -lampcxtr

   Press "Apply" and then "OK". Now start the game with the shortcut. While
   playing, press the ~ key (it's the key above Tab and below Esc) to bring
   down the console. The following codes can be entered there:

  LISTVAR : Show all possible commands
  LOAD x : Load the game from slot x (x is a number)
  QUICKLOAD : Always load the game from the first save slot
  QUICKSAVE : Always save the game from the first save slot
  SAVE x : Save the game in slot x (x is a number)
  SAVESLEFT : Display how many savegames you have left

  CROUCHMODE : This new console command allows players to change
  the Aliens crouch/crawl to a toggle on/off key by typing
  "CROUCHMODE 1" at the console. "CROUCHMODE 0" changes back to
  the default setting.

  MOTIONTRACKERVOLUME : This is set at its maximum of 1.0 by default,
  the volume of the tracker can be reduced by changing this number (e.g. to
  0.75 or0.5)

  6.2 More full version cheatcodes

  First: You must have the Save Game Patch installed, otherwise, the cheats
  will not work.

  Secondly: Add -debug to the command line.

    Go to Windows Explorer. Right click on the avp.exe file. Select
    "create shortcut". Right click on the shortcut. Select "properties". Go
    to the Tab "shortcut" (if not selected already). Go to the line that
    reads "target". There add -debug behind avp.exe. It will look similar
    to this now:

      c:\Fox\Aliens vs Predator\avp.exe -debug

    Press "Apply" and then "OK". Now start the game with the shortcut.
    While playing, press the ~ key (it's the key above Tab and below Esc)
    to bring down the console. The following codes can be entered there:

    In this mode Multiplayer is not available, levels will not be flagged
    as completed, and no new official cheat modes will become available.
    This basically means that players can examine a level to which they
    already have access with invulnerability, infinite weapons, etc. but
    can't open up any new game levels or features.

    The following Console Commands are made available by this option,
    in-game help is available by typing in LISTCMD at the console:

  ALIENBOT : Create an Alien
  GIMME_CHARGE : Full Charge (Predator only)
  GOD : God Mode (you take damage, but do not die)
  LIGHT : Creates a light source near the player (can be repeated)
  MARINEBOT x : Create a Marine of type x
  PRAETORIANBOT : Create a Preatorian Alien
  PREDALIENBOT : Create an Alien-Predator
  PREDOBOT x : Create a Predator of type x
  SHOWFPS : Framerate
  SHOWPOLYCOUNT : Displays the number of polygons per frame
  XENOBORG : Create a Xenoborg

   Note: creating bots may cause crashes and unexpected game behavior. For
   a bot to be created its model must exist in the current level; however,
   the models may be forced to be loaded through a command line option.
   Add "-l" followed by a list of letters corresponding to the characters
   you want to load:

   The following CONSOLE VARIABLES are made available (replace the x sign
   with a number), in-game help is available by typing the LISTVAR command
   at the console:

  DOPPLERSHIFT x : Enable/disable the Doppler shifting on the Alien
  player's sounds.

  LEANSCALE x : Change the amount the camera tilts when side-stepping.

  MOTIONTRACKERSPEED : Allows the player to speed up/slow down the
  pulse rate of the Marine's motion tracker (range from 0-16, default is 1)

  SKY_BLUE x : Change the blue component in a sky
  SKY_GREEN x : Change the green component in a sky
  SKY_RED x : Change the red component in a sky

  TIMESCALE x : Change the rate at which time flows in the game, e.g.
  "TIMESCALE 0.5" will make time pass at half the normal speed. For those
  interested, the "JohnWooMode" cheat uses this effect dynamically, so that
  time passes slower the more action is happening on screen.

  WIREFRAMEMODE x : Display the environment and/or characters using
  wireframe graphics.

 6.3 Beta Version Cheatcodes

 All the cheats here are the ones for the Beta Version, not for the full
 retail version you can buy in the stores. These cheats will NOT work with
 the retail version. All cheats have to be entered in the console. Some
 people have trouble opening the console due to the different keyboard

 While playing, press and hold the F12 key. While holding the key, press
 the ~ key (it's the key above Tab and below Esc) to drop down the console.
 In some versions, only pressing ~ will open a console too.

   Marine Beta Cheats

   While playing, bring down the console. There, enter:

    alienbot : Creates an AI-controlled Alien
    giveallweapons : All weapons & ammo
    god : God Mode
    light : Creates an aura of light around the player. Use it again
            to brighten the aura.

    marinebot : Creates an AI-controlled Marine
    observer : Toggles 'observer mode' which makes the player invisible to
               all opponents.

    predobot : Creates an AI-controlled Predator (does not work in the
               Predator demo)

    showcoords : Shows the player's level co-ordinates.
    showfps : Framerate

   Predator Beta Cheats

   While playing, bring down the console. There, enter:

    alienbot : Creates an AI-controlled Alien
    gimme_charge : Replenishes the Predator's energy supply.
    giveallweapons : All weapons & ammo (only replenishes the speargun).
    god : God Mode
    light : Creates an aura of light around the player. Use it again to
            brighten the aura.

    marinebot : Creates an AI-controlled Marine
    observer : Toggles 'observer mode' which makes the player invisible to
               all opponents.

    predobot : Creates an AI-controlled Predator (does not work in the
               Predator demo)

    showcoords : Shows the player's level co-ordinates.
    showfps : Framerate

   Alien Beta Cheats

   While playing, bring down the console. There, enter:

    alienbot : Creates an AI-controlled Alien
    giveallweapons : All weapons & ammo
    god : God Mode
    light : Creates an aura of light around the player. Use it again to
            brighten the aura.

    marinebot : Creates an AI-controlled Marine
    observer : Toggles 'observer mode' which makes the player invisible to
               all opponents.

    predobot : Creates an AI-controlled Predator
    showcoords : Shows the player's level co-ordinates.
    showfps : Framerate

 6.4 More cheats

   Infinite grenades in co-op game

   Start a Co-Op game on a level of your choice. Choose Marine-Grenade as
   your class. You have three classes of grenades: Normal, Frag, and
   Proximity Mines. Shoot off all rounds of your two least favorite types.
   After all of two types of grenades have been fired off, fire off all of
   your favorite type of grenade.

   After you are completely out of grenade ammo, press the button you have
   set as secondary fire. You should now have a just about infinite amount
   of your favorite type of grenades.

 6.5 Trainers

   Marine Trainer

   Alien Trainer

   Predator Trainer

   All Species Trainer

 6.6 Other Files

   Health cheat

   This file will freeze the health value of the Marine demo which gives
   you God mode. Please read the text file included in the zip before using
   the file.

   Access all levels

   All Cheats available

   Note: Unzip the file to your AvP\User_Profiles directory. Select "Dr.
   Death" as your player when entering the game. The cheat menu will appear
   on the main menu.

 6.7 Cheat Options

 Cheat Options are extra cheats that can be earned during gameplay.
 Sometimes, I have to guess what exactly you have to do to enable the cheat
 so don't send angry mails if you can't enable the cheat. If you know
 more exact conditions, don't hesitate to mail me on

 All the Cheat Options can only be earned on the Realistic or Director's

 If you don't want to do all the stuff to get the cheats, download the
 following file:

 Note: Unzip the file to your AvP\User_Profiles directory. Select "Dr.
 Death" as your player when entering the game. The cheat menu will appear
 on the main menu.

   Super Munch
   Level: Alien Episode 1: Temple
   Condition: Get 10 live civilian head bites.
   Description: This cheat enables you to do long distant attacks, so this
                is your first distance weapon. It can be very useful in
                certain level where it's hard to sneak. Civilians can be
                killed easily, just avoid the bombs they throw and take
                them out then.


   Level: Alien Episode 2: Escape
   Condition: Finish the level in less than 2 minutes (I think)
   Description: Not very useful, the screen just goes up and down. Maybe
                it's just better for your stomach you don't get this cheat.


   Level: Alien Episode 3: Ferarco
   Condition: Get 15 dead civilian head bites
   Description: Do you like pipe cleaners wrapped around enemies ? You'll
                like this cheat! It's not to hard to get it.

   Motion Blur

   Level: Alien Episode 4: Gateway
   Condition: Complete the level in less than 4 minutes (I think). I also
              heard a rumour about an average speed of 10 m/s.
   Description: Useless just like cheat 2. The screen will only blur. You
                really don't need to go through all the trouble to get this


   Level: Alien Episode 5: Earthbound
   Condition: Get 1 live predator head bite
   Description: The whole level will be mirrored. This means that when
                you normally have to go left to enter a door, the door will
                be on the right. This is a nice trick if you're getting
                bored of all the same levels.

   John Woo Mode

   Level: Marine Episode 1: Derelict
   Condition: Get 80% headshots
   Description: To get this cheat, 80% of your hits have to be headshots
                or 80% of your kills have to remove the head.


   Level: Marine Episode 2: Colony
   Condition: Have 40% accuracy
   Description: When enabling this cheat, you'll start the level with 99
                grenades in your pulse rifle. You cannot use any other gun.
                This cheat is useless and you have to go through a lot of
                trouble before you can get it. If you really don't succeed,
                use this tactic: get close to enemies and only shoot when
                you're absolutely sure you hit something. Only doing that
                will give you 40% accuracy.

   Warp Speed

   Level: Marine Episode 3: Invasion
   Condition: Finish the level in less than 4 minutes.
   Description: This cheat will give you very fast movement. This is a neat
                cheat to use as a marine: you can finally match the speed
                of aliens!


   Level: Marine Episode 4: Orbital
   Condition: Finish the level with less than 20 shots
   Description: This will make everything a lot bigger (not really, you
                only get closer to the ground). Obtaining this cheat is
                quite easy. Use explosives to kill enemies, they won't
                count as shots.

   Slug Tail

   Level: Marine Episode 5: Tyrargo
   Condition: Get 32 Alien Kills
   Description: This cheat is quite useless, but still fun. When you start
                a level, all aliens start with a missing leg, they will
                crawl and leave a trail of blood behind.

   Level: Predator Episode 1: Waterfall
   Condition: Have 80% accuracy
   Description: The only way to get this cheat is using the shoulder
                cannon all the time to avoid getting hit when an enemy
                sights you. Keep in mind: only the predator can use this
                cheat. The Speargun will have unlimited ammo and the
                Shotgun will spray its bullets in another pattern.

   Super Gore

   Level: Predator Episode 2: Area 52
   Condition: Get 25 Marine Trophies
   Description: This cheat should spray more blood when someone gets hit,
                but this cheat didn't seem to change much (maybe I'm just
                used to a lot of blood)

   Balls of Fire
   Level: Predator Episode 4: Fury 161
   Condition: Get 40 Xenomorph Kills
   Description: All your enemies are on fire.

   Rainbow Blood

   Level: Predator Episode 5: Caverns
   Condition: Get spotted less than 15 times.
   Description: All blood, light and smoke will have rainbow colours.

   Impossible Mission

   Level: Alien Bonus Level 2: Derelict
   Condition: Get 20 marine head bites
   Description: Yes, another useless cheat, why do I go through all the
                trouble? You get more damage !!! cool huh ? Please move on
                to the next cheat. The Predator cannot use this cheat.

   Ticker Tape
   Level: Predator Bonus 1: Invasion
   Condition: Get 15 Alien Trophies
   Description: All aliens get a cheat like the Predator's disc. The Alien
                is the only one who can't use this on all the levels.

   Trip Tastic

   Level: Predator Bonus 2: Escape
   Condition: Get 10 civilian trophies
   Description: This cheat is similar to the wave cheat, the only thing
                you get as a bonus are a lot of rainbow colours (waw !!!
                .... NOT)

 Now, since I had to go through all the trouble to get these cheats,
 is there anyone who can send me how to obtain the last 3 cheats? Please
 only send them to me if you have achieved them yourself, no rumours.

VII Note on the patch

Because everyone send lots and lots of hate-mail fox interactive had to
release a save game patch, you can download it from

The only thing you have to do is enter your email address and you'll be
guided to the patch. After installing the patch, you can save during
gameplay and you can also use the new cheatcodes.


 These are the bugs I know of:

   The Predator cannot be seen in the Thermal View and that's right,
   because he's cold-blooded, BUT in the movie, the hand of the predator
   lights up orange, so it should be seen through the thermal view. (a
   little thing they missed at Fox)

   Reply to the last bug by Mark Terry (

     Well, even a cold blooded creature will show up in a thermal view if
     they are in a warm environment. For example, if the Predator is in a
     jungle where it is 90 degrees F, he will show up as being a hot
     object since he will be 90 degrees also, or maybe slightly less. So,
     there will be difficulty seeing a Pred in thermal, but they should
     show up, just slightly less bright. And, since many of the
     environments in the game are indoors and appear to be metallic, the
     Pred would show up very well. If the air temp was around 73 degrees F
     (room temperature), he would show up as slightly warmer/brighter than
     the surroundings. Partly because metals cool quicker, and partially
     because all his movement and electronics would cause slightly more
     heat to be shown. I'm just being over technical, but I thought it was
     an interesting point. Maybe something for the sequel.

     Then again, if the Pred has some sort of "coolant" in his armor, I'm

IX Frequently Asked Questions

 Q: When I'm playing as the Predator, and I look at my stats, it reads
    "Marine Trophies = 0"? How do I get these trophies and what are they?

 A: If you've killed a marine, line up the dead body's head and use the
    power punch (secondary fire with wristblades) to get the marine's
    skull. That's a trophy. To do this, the marine may not have been
    decapitated already.

 Q: Can it also be done with Aliens?

 A: Yes, but you have to be careful for the acid they spray.

 Q: Can I disable the Convex View (Fish bowl Effect) from the Alien?

 A: No, that's not possible, it's a part of being an alien, they have to
    live with it too, you know.

 Q: How do I save my game while playing?

 A: You can't save during gameplay, you have to finish the mission.

 Q: Is there a console in Aliens vs Predator?

 A: Yes, just press the key ~, it's the one below Esc.

 Q: Can I take screenshots?

 A: (Information from the AvP Network) Bring down the console and type (in
     capital letters): BIND (KEY) SCREENSHOT (select the key of your choice
     to bind taking a screenshot with). Then press that key to take a
     screenshot. They will be saved in the game's root directory.

 Q: After shooting a lot of spears with the predator, I'm out of the and I
    don't find any ammo.

 A: You get a certain number of spears at the start of each level. No ammo
    can be found while playing.

 Q: I heard this rumour about Bonus Levels

 A: The rumour is true. Completing each of the species' missions on the
    various levels of difficulty open bonus levels. (similar to the
    system used in LucasArts' Rogue Squadron). When all missions have been
    finished at 'Hard' level, the full 15 bonus levels should be available
    between the Marine, the Alien, and the Predator.

 Q: When using the debug cheat, I'm not able to advance levels or save.
    What can I do about that?

 A: There's nothing you can do. The cheats will only help you to explore
    the level, not to finish it. It's the same about saving. A message
    will appear saying "no saves allowed in the cheat\debug" mode.

 Q: When will I be able to download user made levels?

 A: Never. There won't be any editors to create your own levels, but
    Fox Interactive will has plans to release an expansion pack.

 Q: Which race is the best one?

 A: The programmers were able to balance all three races. The marine is
    quite easy to play with and has deadly weapons. The predator is a bit
    harder, but he has fine weapons too. The alien is for the advanced
    player, he doesn't have that much weapons, but his tail is extremely
    deadly. Most people on public forums speak about the alien like he's a
    little bug that can be squished any time during a fight between
    predators and marines, but that's untrue. A master Alien Player can
    kill up to 5 or 6 marines in a room.

 Q: Playing with the predator, I bound a key to the Grappling Hook, but it
    won't work. Why doesn't that work?

 A: You can only use the Grappling Hook in certain Bonus Missions.

 Q: Playing as a predator, I cloak myself, but marines still spot me.

 A: Your armor reflects in a certain angle of the light. Also watch the
    three laser dots from your gun. They can tell opponents a lot about
    your position.

X Console Commands

 You enter the console by pressing the ~ key (it's the key below Esc and
 above Tab). Then press the TAB key to cycle through all the console
 commands (case sensitive).

   BIND : Bind a key to a certain action
   EXPV : Verbose reports of text expansions (Toggle, 0 or 1, default 0)
   LISTCMD : List all console commands
   LISTEXP : List all test expansions
   LISTVAR : Displays a list of set variables
   LISTBIND : Lists what key bindings you have made
   UNBIND-ALL : Remove all user-made key bindings
   VERSION : Displays version number
   SAY : Send a message to all players
   SAY_SPECIES : Send a message to all players of the same species
   CDSTOP : Play the Next Track on the CD
   CDPLAY : Select a Track on the CD to play
   CDPLAYLOOP : Select a track to play (loop)
   CDVOLUME : Select sound level 0 to 127 (Sets the CD sound volume, 0 is
              off, 127 is max)

   ID_PLAYER : Get name of player nearest centre of screen (Untested)
   SHOW_SCORE : Show frag table
   DETAIL_LEVEL_MAX : Maximum Details
   DETAIL_LEVEL_MIN : Minimum Details
   SCREENSHOT : Screenshot
   MOTIONTRACKERVOLUME : Changes the volume of the motion tracker, 1 is

   EXTRAPOLATE_MOVEMENT : Turn extrapolation for movement of network
                          opponents on and off (Usage unknown)

XI Links & Greets

 Technical Support:
 AvsP Network:
 AVP planet:
 Official site:

 I hope I helped you out a bit with Alien vs Predator. It's a
 magnificent and it would be really sad if you wouldn't play the game
 because it's too difficult in the early stages.

 If you have any questions, you can always mail me on or you can visit my cheats site PC Gaming
 Addiction for a lot of extra walkthroughs & cheats (more than 3000)
 for other games on

 Thanks go to Jason AKA WidowMaker for his point of view and to all the
 people from the Forum at the Aliens vs Predator Network for helping me
 with all the nasty questions and discussing all the topics.

 More greets go to PM_Murdock who "pushed" me to update this guide :)

 Have fun !

 Stijn Bolle

XII Author

Author: Stijn Bolle
Homepage: PC Gaming Addiction (
Other guides written:

 Half Life multiplayer guide
 Baldur's Gate Secrets
 Lands of Lore 3 full guide

The latest version of this guide, together with many others can always
be found at PC Gaming Addiction,

XIII Legal Notice

None of this file may be copied, reproduced or published without the
explicit permission of the author. If you're not sure, just mail me on

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