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§ Author

Author: Stijn Bolle
Version: 1.3

- None of this file may be copied or ditributed in any way without explicit
permission of the author. If you're not sure, mail me on

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1 Updates
2 Character Guide
 2.1 Marine (Weapons, Playing against, Vision Mode, Verdict)
 2.2 Alien (Weapons, Playing against, Vision Mode, Verdict)
 2.3 Predator (Weapons, Playing against, Vision Mode, Verdict)
3 Enemies
4 Cheats
 4.1 Cheat Options
 4.2 Cheatcodes
 4.3 Trainers
 4.4 Other Files
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 5.1 Demos
6 Bugs
7 Frequently Asked Questions
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1 Updates

*** Version 1.3

Links Section has been added
Vision Modes for all races have been added
The Enemies section (3) has been added
The Cheat Options sections (4.1) have been added
The Bugs section (6) has been added
The Frequently Asked Questions section (7) has been added
Marine section has been updated
Alien section has been updated
Predator section has been updated
The Cheatcodes (4.2) have been updated
Various corrections have been added

*** Version 1.2

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*** Version 1.1

Various spelling corrections were added.
Some sections have been updated
Some information has been updated

2 Character Guide

*** Who Do I start with ?

- The easiest choice is probably the Marine. If you played Quake (2) or
Half Life, you'll be able to control all his movements at once. Nothing
special, nothing new. Once you got the hang of him, switch to the predator
and later the alien for harder and more exciting play.

- This doesn't mean the alien is better than de predator, he's simply
more difficult to play with, but you can do some great attacks with all of

- For the moment I prefer the Predator to play with, but if you would really
like to scare your opponents, play as a team of aliens. A coördinated alien
attack with sneaking-up tactics is extremely hard to get rid off for

- Fox Interactive succeeded in balancing all three types of creatures, so
you won't be disappointed by choosing any type. Simply choose the type that
suits you best.

2.1 The Marine

* Description

- The Marine is just the normal Quake guy. If you put the three races
together, he seems to look the weakest, that's until he has found some
weapons. Only some really good guns make him a dangerous foe. Unarmed, he has
a minimal likehood of survival. Still, he's the best choice for the beginning
player, because you don't have to get used to special attacks, but he might
be hard to play with in the early stages of the game. You really have to
look hard for guns. The Marine is also quite slow compared to the Alien.

* Main Weapons

- Note: always aim for the head of opponents

1 M-41A Pulse Rifle

Frequency: Common
Ammo Type: M309 10mm x 24 AP rounds, M40 grenades
Ammo Capacity: 99 rounds per clip
Fire #1: Standard AP round fire
Fire #2: Underslung M40 grenade launcher
Vs Aliens: Good (if you aim for their heads)
Vs Predators: Poor

- If you use this weapon too much, it will jam, very annoying ! (but
realistic), hold down the primary fire button for rapid fire.

- Notes, this weapon can be found almost everywhere, but don't use it if
you're about to enter a new area.

- When you're out of ammo, you can use the gun as a club.

2 M-56 Smart Gun

Frequency: Uncommon
Ammo Type: M250 10mm x 28 caseless rounds
Ammo Capacity: 500 rounds per clip.
Fire #1: Auto-tracking mode
Fire #2: Free-fire mode (disable auto-tracking)
Vs Aliens: Very Good
Vs Predators: Moderate

- This is an auto-tracking weapon. If no enemy is nearby, the crosshair will
be green. When an enemy comes into your sight, the crosshair will turn red.
It doesn't mean, you just have to press Fire then to hit the enemy, it will
only help you aiming for opponents, so you can also use it to locate enemies
in dark rooms.

3 M240 Flamethrower

Frequency: Uncommon
Ammo Type: Napalm canisters
Ammo Capacity: (100 per canister)
Fire #1: Standard fire
Fire #2: None
Vs Aliens: Moderate
Vs Predators: Very Poor

- Use the Incinerator at close distance to stop aliens or predators from
getting close to you. NEVER walk forward while using this gun, because you
risk walking into your own flames.

- Concentrate your fire for more damage.

- Your ammo depletes fast, so keep an eye on your ammo. You don't have to
fire until opponents are killed, a little burst is usually enough to ignite

- When you set an opponent on fire, make sure not to touch him or you'll
be incinerated too.

4 M83A2 SADAR Rocket Launcher

Frequency: Rare
Ammo Type: Anti-personnel rockets
Ammo Capacity: 1
Fire #1: Standard fire
Fire #2: None
Vs Aliens: Fatal
Vs Predators: Very Good

- Don't use this weapon at close distance, the radial damage will hurt you

5 Grenade Launcher (Incendiary Grenades, Fragmentation Grenades, and
Proximity Mines)

Frequency: Rare
Ammo Type: Incendiary Grenades, Fragmentation Grenades, Proximity Mines
Ammo Capacity: 6 of each grenade type
Fire #1: Standard fire
Fire #2: Switch grenade type
Vs Aliens: Very Good
Vs Predators: Moderate

- Throw them around corners or into populated rooms. Never use a agrenade in
close combat unless you're a good strafer.

- The grenade is the only weapon you can use to sneak up on enemies. When
enemies are above or below you, just throw a grenade and get the hell out
of there. If your opponent's isn't dead,return to kill him off.

6 Minigun

Frequency: Very rare
Ammo Type: Specifications unknown
Ammo Capacity: 800 rounds per belt
Fire #1: Standard fire
Fire #2: None
Vs Aliens: Fatal
Vs Predators: Fatal
Further Notes: The most lethal weapon in the game.

- Ammo depletes very fast, but it's the ultimate weapon in the game.

- BIG Disadvantage: as soon as you start to shoot, you're not going to be
able to move, so choose a safe place to use the gun.

7 Sentry Gun

The Sentry Gun can be found on Singleplayer Levels. Use them to save your
ammo, but beware, they have a limited amount of ammo.

If you're really out of ammo and no enemies are nearby, you can also lure
enemies further on to the sentry gun and then finish them off.

* Equipment

- The marine has a motion tracker and an image intensifier.

- The motion tracker is a handheld radar you can use to track opponents. Use
this radar often, because you need to use it to track possible aliens in the
dark environments around you. If you track one, don't hesitate and shoot in
the dark and use the lightning effects of your gun to find outwhere the
bastard is hidden. It's also very usefull to track down cloaked predators.
The only disadvantage is its range (approx. 30 metres) and that it does not
take into consideration the elevation of enemy signals. For example, a
signal might show an opponent approximately 2 metres ahead of the Marine but
this does not mean the enemy is directly in front of him - it could be on a
higher or lower level altogether, or travelling along a crawlspace between
decks. You can only use the motion tracker in the normal vision mode.

- The image magnifier is also useful. Use it in dark places to get a
much better view of the environment. Use this device to spot aliens around
you you can't see. Remember you can't use the motion scanner while this
mode is activated. Don't use it in combination with flares, because it will
blind you.

- The jetpack will life you up to higher levels. You can also use it to
slow down your fall. It's not default equipment, you can only use it in
certain bonus missions.

- The Phosphoris Flares will light the environment. You have an infinite
number of them, but you can't only throw 4 of them at the time. Use them
to light the many, many dark environments to spot aliens. NEVER use it
in combination with the image intensifier, you will be blinded.

- Medikits will give you 100% Health

- Armor will give you 100% Armor (how suprising)

* Vision Modes

- The marine has 2 vision modes

1 This is the normal, defaukt mode, everthing look like other 3D games and
you will need flares all the time to light all the dark environments.

2 You enable the second mode by using the image intensifier. This will
light all environments, but only use it in dark places. When you enter
a clear place, or you use flares, you will be blinded by the amount of
light. You also can't use the motion tracker while the second vision mode
is enabled. Since Aliens vs Predator is very dark, you can play with the
thing on all the time, but you'll miss the great graphics of the environ-
ment (and the image intensifier makes everything plain green)

* Playing against aliens

- The best weapons to defeat aliens are the pulse rifle and the minigun.
Especially the minigun is useful, because it has a fast firing rate. This
means the alien won't bleed so fast (the alien's blood is like acid and can
hurt you). Don't use the Rocket Launcher against aliens in small rooms. A
hit will spray a lot of acid around and you will lose too much health.

- In the beginning, it's quite easy to take out aliens who pop up in front
of your nose. Later, when they attack in group and are hidden in the dark or
hanging on the ceiling, they're much harder to take out.

* Playing against predators

- The best weapon to use against predators is the minigun. It does fast
damage before he's able to reach you. Never use the incinerator, simply
because the predator has fire resistant armor. You can try to shoot him with
it as much as you can, HE WON'T DIE !

* Verdict

- I don't like playing with the marine much. The fact you have to run around
with a motion scanner all the time only makes you scared. You're the prey,
you're the one hunted down and I don't like that feeling. Never use the
marine for close distance attacks, he has a great firing range. The predator
can kill you at once with his best weapons and a sneak-up attack from a
alien will cause so much damage you won't survive. There are aid kits and
armor, but it gets depleted so fast there's almost no use of it. Especially
in the early stages of the game, you're only trying to survive and looking
for ammo, but later on, when you get the good weapons, you stand a chance.

- If you're playing Deathmatches, don't enter any small hallways where an
alien or predator might be hidden. You'll always be fragged. Look for
open spaces where you can get a good shot from distance at other players.
If you MUST enter small rooms, work in teams and cover eachother. (One uses
the motion scanner while the other aims). If you're alone in a small room,
quickly shoot inside the room and retreat at once. If someone comes after
you then, move backwards while firing at him. If you hit him hard enough, he
will retreat to find some health.

2.2 The Alien

* Description

- If you want to rush in every room and kill everyone off at once, there's
no use in choosing the alien. If you play as an alien, you have to be
careful all the time and try to hide as much as you can. Playing as an
alien allows you to scare the hell out of opponents. It's great fun if
you're hanging on a wall and you see a marine passing below you, holding his
motion scanner. As you move a little, the motion scanner beeps and the
marine is glued in his tracks. Before he even has the time to find out where
you are, you jump down ontop of the poor fellow and you use your razor-sharp
claws to find out where exactly the hypofesia in a human's head can be found
I love it ! The big advantage of the Alien is undoubtely his speed. You can
move incredibely fast towards enemies, without giving them the chance to
react. The view of the alien is also a bit strange, you have a convex view
(called the fishbowl effect), but it doesn't affect gameplay much.

- There are 6 stadia of aliens: Facehugger, Alien (regular kind), Advanced
Strain (or "Praetorian"), Predator Hybrid (or "Predalien"), Queen, and
Xenoborg (a man-made abomination).

* Main Weapons

Note: You can't switch weapons when you're an alien.

1 Sharp claws

Fire #1: Quick strike
Fire #2: (see Tail Spike)
Vs Marines: Very Good
Vs Predators: Moderate

- Use your claws from close distance while sneaking up on a marine. A quick
tap will cause a double strike, while holding down the primary fire button
will work as a rapid combo of strikes.

2 Tail Spike

Fire #1: (see Sharp Claws)
Fire #2: Quick Strike (hold down for Hard Strike)
Vs Marines: Very Good (Hard Strike is Fatal)
Vs Predators: Very Good (Hard Strike is Fatal)

- Use the claws on marines and the tail on the predator. A few strong blows
will kill them, it only takes some time to recharge for another one.

3 Secondary Jaws

Fire #1: Decapitate
Fire #2: N/A
Vs Marines: Fatal
Vs Predators: Very Poor
Further Notes:

- This attack is useless against androids & turrets

- The Jaw Attack requires certain conditions to use: you have to line up the
head of an enemy in the center part of your screen and then wait until the
jaws appear. Press the Primary attack button to decaiptate Marines.

- With the secondary jaws, you can drain health from opponents if you can
decapitate them, especially marines.

4 Acid Blood

If you get hit from close distance, try to touch your opponents and your
your blood (which is actually acid) will cause much damage.

* Equipment


* Vision Modes

- There are two vision Modes for the Alien

1 This is the default vision. Humans have a blue aura, aliens red, and
predators a blue one.

2 Number two is the Navigation Sense. It enables you to see in the darkest
room, so use this in your advantage. However, the auras around other
creatures will be removed.

* Playing against marines

- There's no use in trying to kill a marine from distance. He has a lot of
weapons with a great firing range and you have almost nothing to shoot with.
The only way to kill them is to sneak up on them. Don't forget that they
have a motion scanner to track you down. If you would get hit at close
range, move as close as you can to the marine because the acid from your
body will cause a lot of extra damage.

* Playing against predators

- The same story against fighting marines. Your weapons suck and you only
should try to kill them using fast sneak-attacks. Especially coordinated
attacks from different sides get everyone down.

- You can track down cloaked enemies, they will have a pheromone green

* Verdict

- The alien asks for special tactics. Advanced players can make good use of
it. Especialy hanging on walls in very useful. If you play as an alien,
everything looks a bit further away than it actually is, but luckily, you
have this great speed that allows you to get rid of opponents on your tail.
One of the best tactics is to get a marine behind you, entering a new room
and quickly jumping on the wall. As soon as the marine enters the room (you
will have created a gap in distance because you're much faster), you take
him out from behind (and you even get some extra health if you can behead

- You can't jump on walls running normally. You have to crouch and then move
on the wall. Then, no surface will be safe for you !

- If you need to attack a team of marines, try to leave the shadows for a
moment to finish off one, rather than trying to kill them all off after
eachother. This will make the marines feel really scared (and you feel
really great)

- If you meet a marine from quite some distance, try to strafe left and
right to avoid his weapons while moving forward quickly. You will travel at
high speed at him. This will cause the marine to retreat (or try to kill

2.3 Predator

* Description

- The predator is some sort of combinations of the two types. He has some
powerful weapons to take out enemies, but on the other hand, he also has
a cloaking device he can use to sneak up on unaware enemies. You first
probably feel invulnerable, because you can take out any enemy using the
cloaking technique. The only problem is that cloaking drains your energy
source, you also get health and ammo from your energy source. You can
replenish this source by breaking open control boxes.

- Playing as a predator is really fun while using the shoulder cannon. You
can use this cannon to remove limbs from marines. The disc can also be used
for this, especially for beheading people.

- If you should run out of energy, use your spear gun, it has its own ammo
supply. The only problem is you're having this 3 red laser dots that
provides your opponent with your position, but you'll just have to live with

- It's also useful to use your cloaking technique if you're almost out
of power. Cloak yourself to travel to a power source nearby and replenish
your energy.

- Keep in mind that you uncloak while using certain weapons.

* Main Weapons

- From the start, you already have al weapons except the energy pistol and
the disc.

1 Wristblades (useless if you don't use the cloaking device)

Frequency: N/A
Ammo Type: None
Ammo Capacity: N/A
Fire #1: Quick strike
Fire #2: Hard strike (or trophy decapitation)
Vs Aliens: Moderate
Vs Marines: Good

- This is your main weapon. It's pretty weak, but if you sneak up on someone,
hold secondary fire for a power hit. This doesn't affect your power source.
Also, you don't uncloak if you use this weapon.

- Line up a marine's dead body's head and use the power punch (secondary
fire with wristblades) to get the marine's skull. It's a trophy.

2 Spear Gun

Frequency: N/A
Ammo Type: Barbed spears
Ammo Capacity: (1)
Fire #1: Standard fire
Fire #2: None
Vs Aliens: Moderate (head shots Fatal)
Vs Marines: Very Good (head shots Fatal)

- The gun has a strong recoil.

- This gun kills an marine at once. Keep in mind that you uncloak while
using this weapon. The ammo doesn't drain your field energy, it has its own
ammo supply.

- It's the ideal weapon for predators to snipe

3 Shoulder Cannon

Frequency: N/A
Ammo Type: Plasma charges
Ammo Capacity: Dependant on energy supply
Fire #1: Standard fire (holding down fire button increases charge potency)
Fire #2: Stored charge (works similar to Fire #1 except shot is stored for
        later use)
Vs Aliens: Very Good
Vs Marines: Fatal
Further Notes:

- Requires vision modes for targeting.

- This is a useful weapon while cloaking because it doesn't affect it. Use
it from distance and keep in mind that it automatically targets enemies. If
you select a specific lifeform vision (marines: thermal, aliens: electric),
the plasma caster will only target that lifeform. If you use the secondary
fire mode, you save the current charge for later use.

4 Energy Pistol (useless in close combat if you're playing against a marine)

Frequency: N/A
Ammo Type: Electrical energy pulses
Ammo Capacity: Dependant on energy supply
Fire #1: Standard fire
Fire #2: Electrical pulse orb
Vs Aliens: Good
Vs Marines: Good

- This weapon does splash damage, and the best way to use it is against face
huggers because any face huggers hit by the balst radius will be killed.

- The marine requires an direct hit to kill him (and you can get a trophy),
while a shot or two (direct hits) takes predators down.

- You will uncloak using this weapon.

5 Homing Throwing Disc

Frequency: N/A
Ammo Type: N/A
Ammo Capacity: N/A (1)
Fire #1: Throw disk
Fire #2: Recall disk (costs energy: 7 to 12 energy bars)
Vs Aliens: Fatal It's kills the final Xenoborg with only 1 hit !)
Vs Marines: Fatal

- Does not require vision modes for targeting.

- You can kill multiple enemies with one disc.

- The disc soemtimes bounces of the walls and returns to you, but it also
gets stuck a lot. Switch then to the Predtech Mode (green) and try if you
can see it. If not, recall it (at the cost of energy)

- You only have one disc, so don't go doing strange this with it.

* Equipment

- You can use the cloaking device to make youself unvisible, but don't do it
too often, because it creates quite a gap in your power source. Later, you
can also get your hands on alien or marine enhanced vision modes.

- There also a Zoom Mode. You can zoom up to 3 times. In combination with
the spear gun, this makes you a dangerous sniper. Aim for the head.

- If you use the medicomp for extra health, do this at a safe place,
because regenerating health will cause you to leave your cloaking mode and
other lifeform visions. Secondary fire puts out flames. The Medicomp
requires 15-20 bars for the primary healing, no matter how hurt you are, and
always brings you to full. (The ammount it takes depends on what your
current level is. Full takes 15, having 20 takes 20, having udner 20
you have to wait until you get 20.) Secondary only takes 1.

(Medicomp information added by DarkRaver (

- In the Marine vision mode, you can see the marines better and the shoulder
cannon automatically aims for marines. Aliens are not invisble then, just
harder to see.

- In the Alien Vision Mode, you can see the aliens better and the plasme
caster automatically aims for aliens. Marines are not invisible then, just
harder to see. (Hey, didn't I say something similar a few moments ago ?)

- If you switch back to the normal view mode, you see the two other life-
forms back normally.

- One of the most usefull things is the grappling hook. The nice thing about
the Grappling Hook is that you can use it several times in the course of one
climb if you are fast enough. For example, if you are in a deep shaft with no
footholds or ledges, you can fire the Hook up to a point in the shaft's wall,
ascend to that point, then very quickly deactivate the Hook and fire it
further up the shaft again just as you start to fall back down. By repeatedly
doing this, you can theoretically climb any distance.

* Vision Modes

- The predator has got 4 vision modes, that's 2 łore than the other races.

1 This is the default view like the Marine and the Alien have.

2 Number 2 is the Thermal View. Use it to spot marines easily. Everything
will look blue and Marines will have a rainbow-coloured aura. It helps
abit to see in the dark, but not much.

3 Number 3 is the Electrical View. Use it to spot Aliens easily. Everything
looks red and all Aliens will have a grey colour and so will turrets &
androids. It helps to see in the dark, but just like the Thermal View, not

4 The Last one is also the best one, the Predtech View, that will make
everything look green. It's the best view to use in dark environments. It's
the best mode to spot predators, they will all have a glowing white aura.

* Playing against marines

- The best weapons against marines is undoubtely the shoulder cannon for
instant death. If you have enough energy, cloak yourself, switch to the
Thermal View (Blue) and use the Shoulder Cannon (auto aim). This is the gun
you should always be running around with, only keep an eye on your power
source. If the power source gets to low, switch to the spear gun. Never use
the pistol, it's useless compared to the powerful weapons of the marine.
Still, there seems to be some kind of bug, sometimes I cloak myself and
marines react like I'm not cloaked.

* Playing against aliens

- The best weapon against aliens is the spear gun. If you use it, you will
launch the alien away and he can't spray blood on you. Never use the
wristblades against aliens. You will cause him to spray so much acid you die
at once. By the way, the alien's claws are way much better than your
wristblades (unless you charged it). There's also another reason why you
should keep the alien from getting close to you, many people charge their
tail and then rush towards opponents to give them a final blow, make sure
this doesn't happen.

* Verdict & Tactics

- Choose the predator is you don't like sneaking that much. In my opinion,
the predator is better than the marine, because he can sneak around too. The
only problem is your power source and the 3 red laser dots that reveal your
position. Still, it would suprise me if most players use the predator. Leave
the alien to the specialists !

- If there are a lot of aliens and marines in one room, use your disc as
soon as you think many of them are at one line, the disc will cut through
everything until it hits a wall.

- If you're hiding next to a door or behind a wall at a perfect ambush spot
and you get hit, some blood may spray on the floor and even that little
indication may mrove useful to other players who enter that area. If you
thinkyou're trapped then, don't hesitate to use your grappling hook and
get the hell out. You can also use this tactic to lure other enemies.
They follow some bloodtrails and then "Hey, the trails stop !". Since you're
in the air then looking at the suprised marine, you simply finish him off.

- When you're surrounded with marines, go to a corner and cloak yourself.
Don't move. The Motion Trackers will not track you since you don't move
and the marines will thinkyou're gone.

3 Enemies

- There 11 different enemies in the game

* Civilians (Human)

These are not so tough and have little weapons. Playing as the alien,
use your jaw attack to boost your life and with the predator, use your
wristblades to save your field energy. They have a blue aura and can be
seen in the Thermal View.

* Marines (Human)

These are stronger versions of the civilians. They have more advanced
weapons like the minigun, so you can't just use your wristblades or jaw
with them. Playing as the alien, try to take him out with your tail or
use advanced tactics if they're grouped. Playing as the predator, don't try
to get in their line of fire, because the minigun does a lot of damage. Use
your shoulder cannon for instant kills. If too many marines are around,
cloak yourself and keep out of the range of their motion scanners. They have
a blue aura and can be seen in the Thermal View.

* Android (Human\Robot)

These are the robot versions of the civilians. They're not feared like the
civilians are and they have more advanced weapons. For the alien, use
the same techniques you use against civilians and marines. The predator
will not be able to use his wristblades, use your weapons. They do not have
an aura and they can be seen in the electrical view.

* Turret (Machine)

Turrets are placed all over the level and they're quite dangerous,
especially for the predator because he can see through cloaking. The whole
point is to get behind them. Use strafing and dodging techniques (turrets
can easily kill you) until you're behind the turret, then destroy it with
a weak weapon. They can be seen in the electrical view.

* Facehugger (Alien)

These are the aliens averbody knows from the film, they're similar to the
head crabs in Half Life. Onca you're hit, you may start the level over,
because you annot shake them off like in the films :(
This is extremely annoying, so you should take them out on sight before
they have the chance to leap towards you. The best weapons for the
marine is the incinerator. Spray some fire towards them until you've set
them on fire. Then wait until they're killed. As the predator, use a weapon
with a blast radius, like the pistol.

* Xenoborg (Alien)

These are the slow big grunt aliens. They can take a lot of damage (3
Sadar Rockets ought to kill him). Still, it takes some time before
they activate when they're deactiated, use this in your advantage and
avoid fights in you can. The marine should use rockets and since they
can see through cloaking, the predator should use his Disc or some spears.
They can be seen in the Electical View.

Preatorian (Alien)

- They look a bit like the queen (with their headlate), but you just have
to fight them like normal marines. They are a little bit stronger but not
faster in any way. Just finish them off before they the chance to use their
tail on you. Cloaking won't work for the predator and they can be seen
in the electrical view.

Xenomorph (Alien)

- These are faster versions of the normal aliens. Just like the preatorians,
try to kill them before they have the chance to hurt you with their tail.
They can see through cloaking and can be seen in the electrical view. Just
watch their speed, one moment of confusion and you're dead.

Queen (Alien)

Queen Alien. She's the final alien and she has the ever lasting company of
facehuggers. She has 3 kinds of attacks: her deadly claws, charging, and
throwing broken stalagmites towards you. Strafing should help you avoid
her attacks. Just empty all weapons you got on her. She can see through
cloaking and she can be seen in the Electrical View.

* Predator (Predator)

Do not use your incinerator, it's useless. They're pretty close to the
predator you can play with. As a marine, use SADAR rockets or the minigun
to kill them. As the alien, use a chared tail to injure them. If you have
damaged them enough, they will kneel a bit and self-destruct, that's the
excellent time for the alien to use his jaw attack. As the marine, simply
get out of there before you get hit by the blast. They have a green aura
that changes to a light silver one when they cloak.

* PredAlien (Predator\Alien)

It's a mix of the Predator and the Alien. As the marine, use your
smartgun or the incinerator (works fine). As a predator, aim for
the head and place a spear in it. They're very tough so you will have to
injure them a lot. They can also see through cloaking and they can be
seen in the electrical view.

4 Cheats

4.1 Cheat Options

Cheats in the game can be earned like inthe N64 Game Golden Eye and Turok 2
After finishing levels below a certain time limit or after a collecting
a certain amount of trophies (predator), new cheat options become available.
Some cheats can also only be earned on certain difficulty skills (training,
realistic or director's cut)


Cheat: ???
Task: Do 80% head shots in the Marine Episode 1, Derelict
Description: ???

Cheat: Grenade Weapons
Task: Have 40% accuracy after finishing Marine Episode 2, Colony
Description: You will start the game with a pulse rifle with 99 grenades,
no other ammo and you cannot pick up any other weapon.

Cheat: Super Speed
Task: Finish Marine Episode 3, INvasion under 4 minutes
Description: You will get much faster speed, can be useful

Cheat: Tiny Slow View
Task: Finish the Marine Episode 4, Orbital with less than 20 shots.
Description: You will have a view coser to the ground and you will move a
lot slower

Cheat: Slug Trail
Task: Finish the Marine Episode 5, Tyrargo with 32 Alien Kills
Description: This cheat is extremely funny. The alien will crawl around
with a missing leg and bleeding trails are all over the place :)


Cheat: Super Munch
Task: Get 10 head bites of civilians using the secondary jaw attack in the
     Alien Episode 1: Temple

Description: This cheat allows you to perform long distant secondary jaw
attacks. This means the alien FINALLY has a long range weapon and it can
prove to be useful on groups of marines.

Cheat: Nausea
Task: Complete the Alien Episode 2, Escape under 2 minutes
Description: The screen will start to wave (and make you sick). It's
useless but just get the cheat to try the effect

Cheat: Pipecleaner
Task: Get 15 head bites using the secondary jaw attack from the Alien in
the Alien Episode 3, Ferarco

Description: Pipe cleaners wrapped around for enemies, nice :)

Cheat: Motion Blur
Task: Complete the Alien Episode 4, Gateway under 4,5 minutes with an
averga speed of more than 8m/s

Description: Quite useless again, anything that moves will look blurry.

Cheat: Mirror
Task: Finish the Alien Episode 5, Earthbound with but 1 Preador Head Bite
using the secondary jaw attack.

Description: The whole leveldesign will be mirrored


Cheat: Infinite Spear Gun Ammo
Task: Complete Episode 1, Waterfall with 80% accuracy
Description: Your speargun will have infinite ammo.

Cheat: Super Gore
Task: Get 25 Marine Trophies in the Predator Episode 2, Area 52
Description: A lot more of blood will be sprayed when opponents get hit

Cheat: Enelies on Fire
Task: Kill 40 Xenomorph Aliens in Predator Episode 4, Fury 161
Description: All enemies will be on fire, but they don't get hit.

Cheat: Rainbow Blood, Light & Smoke
Task: Get spotted less than 15 times in the Predator Episode 5, Caverns
Description: All colours of the blood, smoke and light will be rainbow

Cheat: Ticker Tape
Task: Get 15 Alien Trophies in the Predaor Bonus Mission 1, Invasion
Description: All aliens will have a trail like your Homing Disc has.

4.1 Cheatcodes

- All the cheatcodes down here are for the BETA version of the game,
not for the demo or the retail version of the game.

* Marine Cheat

- While playing, bring down the console by holding down ~ + F12 at the same
time or just ~ (~ is the key below Esc). Then, enter:

alienbot : Creates an AI-controlled Alien
giveallweapons : All weapons & ammo
god : God Mode
light : Creates an aura of light around the player. Use it again to brighten
the aura.
marinebot : Creates an AI-controlled Marine
observer : Toggles 'observer mode' which makes the player invisible to all
predobot : Creates an AI-controlled Predator (does not work in the Predator
showcoords : Shows the player's level co-ordinates.
showfps : Framerate

* Predator Cheat

- While playing, bring down the console by holding down ~ + F12 at the same
time or just ~ (~ is the key below Esc). Then, enter:

alienbot : Creates an AI-controlled Alien
gimme_charge : Replenishes the Predator's energy supply.
giveallweapons : All weapons & ammo (only replenishes the speargun).
god : God Mode
light : Creates an aura of light around the player. Use it again to brighten
the aura.
marinebot : Creates an AI-controlled Marine
observer : Toggles 'observer mode' which makes the player invisible to all
predobot : Creates an AI-controlled Predator (does not work in the Predator
showcoords : Shows the player's level co-ordinates.
showfps : Framerate

* Aliens Cheats

- While playing, bring down the console by holding down ~ + F12 at the same
time or just ~ (~ is the key below Esc). Then, enter:

alienbot : Creates an AI-controlled Alien
giveallweapons : All weapons & ammo
god : God Mode
light : Creates an aura of light around the player. Use it again to brighten
the aura.
marinebot : Creates an AI-controlled Marine
observer : Toggles 'observer mode' which makes the player invisible to all
predobot : Creates an AI-controlled Predator
showcoords : Shows the player's level co-ordinates.
showfps : Framerate

- I found this by messing with gamehack 2.0. ( It
sets the health to 295, but when you go down to zero it resets and you stay
alive! I even survived face huggers. First start the game and alt-tab out and
start up Gamehack. Click "application config" (6th box from the left) I set
the max addresses to all nines (9999999999) Then click "select process for
hacking" (this is the first box on the left) a window pops up showing all the
programs running, highlight AvP and click ok. Then click "start search" (4th
box from the left) under search I put "exact value" under value 1 I put "100"
and under type I put "4 bytes" then click ok. It will now search for all
those addresses. Double click on the address "0054BC0C" which is the 4th
address when I do the search here. A description box pops up under the
desription box, click on the box and it puts a green face in it. Now, double
click the box again and you can change the value, I put in 9999 and then
clicked ok. Leave Gamehack running and go back into the demo, your health and
armor numbers may look weird and you might die once or twice, but then the
cheat kicks in. Let me know if it works or what you can find. (mailed to me
by anonymous)

4.2 Trainers

* Marine Trainer

* Alien Trainer

* Predator Trainer

4.3 Other Files

- This file will freeze the health value of the Marine demo which gives you
God mode. Please read the text file included in the zip before using the

- Access all levels

5 Files

5.1 Demos

*** Marine Demo

*** Alien Demo

*** Predator Demo

6 Bugs

- These are the bugs I know of:

* If you cloak yourself, marines sometimes act like you're not cloaked and
there's no logical explanation for this.

* Well, it's no bug, but some people consider it as a bug. YOU CAN'T SAVE
during missions. This is extremely annoying since the game is quite hard.
FOX Interactive made it even harder by removing all the cheatcodes from
the retail version.

* The Predator cannot be seen in the Thermal View and that's right, because
he's cold-blooded, BUT in the movie, the hand of the predator lights
orange, so its hould be seen through the thermal view. (a little thing
they missed at Fox)

7 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If I'm playing as an alien and I'm hanging upside-down a ceiling, how will
this affect my view ?

A: Your view will not be reversed in any way. It only can be a bit confusing,
but if you played games like "Descent", you should have any problems.

Q: When I'm playing as the Predator, and I look at my stats, it reads
"Marine Trophies = 0" ? How do I get these trophies and waht are they ?

A: If you've killed a marine, line up the dead body's head and use the
power punch (secondary fire with wristblades) to get the marine's skull.
That's a trophy. To do this, the marine may not have been decapitated.

Q: Can it also be done with Aliens ?

A: Yes, but you have to be careful for the acid they spray.

Q: Can I disable the Convex View (Fishbowl Effect) from the Alien ?

A: No, that's not possible, it's a part of being an alien, they have to
live with it too, you know.

Q: How do I save my game while playing ?

A: You can't save during gameplay, you have to finish the mission.

Q: Is there a console in Aliens vs Predator ?

A: Yes, just press the key ~, it's the one below Esc.

Q: Can I take screenshots ?

A: (Information from the AvP Network) Bring down the console and type (in
capital letters): BIND (KEY) SCREENSHOT (select the key of your choice to
bind taking a screenshot with). Then press that key to take a screenshot.
They will be saved in the game's root directory.

Q: After shouting a lot of spears with the predator, I don't have any
anymore and I don't find no ammo.

A: You get a certain number of spears at the start of each level.

Q: I heard this rumour about Bonus Levels

A: The rumour is true. The bonus levels are opened by completing each
species' missions on the various levels of difficulty (similar to the system
used in LucasArts' Rogue Squadron). When all missions have been finished at
'Hard' level, the full 15 bonus levels should be available between the
Marine, the Alien, and the Predator.

Q: When willI be able to download user made levels ?

A: Never. There won't be any editors to create your own levels, but
Fox Interactive will has plans to release an expansion pack.

Q: Will Aliens vs Predator also be available on other systems.

A: Well, I can't say that for sure. There were plans for a PSX and a N64
version, but they're quite quiet about that now.

Q: Which race is the best one ?

A: The programmers were able to balance all three races. The marines is
quite easy to play with and haq deadly weapons. The predator is already
a bit harder and he hes fine weapons too. The alien is for the advanced
player, he doesn't have that much weapons, but his tail is extremely
deadly. Most people on public forums speak about the alien like he's a
little bug that can be squished any time during a fight between predators
and marines, but that's untrue. A master Alien Player can kill 5 to 6
marines in a room.

Q: Are there any cheats ?

A: All cheatcodes have been removed from the game. You will earn cheats by
completing misisons in a certain time or by collecting a certain amount
of trophies (predator)

8 Links

Technical Support:
AvsP Network:

9 Greetz

- So, I hope I helped you out a bit with choosing your character. If you
have any questions, you can always mail me on or you can
visit my cheats site for a lot of extra walkthroughs & cheats (more than
2500) for other games on

Thanks go to Jason AKA WidowMaker for his point of view and to all the
people from the Forum at the Aliens vs Predator Network for helping me
with all the nasty questions and discussing all the topics.

Have fun !

Stijn Bolle

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