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1. Let sleeping dragons lie, until much later. (Never go near him with any mud.)
2. In quicksand take only the ax.  Get ox.  Say Bunyon.  Swim south.  Go to
Paul's place.  En route, get flint and steel.
3. Climb tree.  Get key.  Read web.  Chop tree.  May need mud for chigger bites.  
Go stump.  Start dumping treasures.  Rub lamp (Twice only) for two more.  With
the rubies directly below, there should now be five.  Take bottle.
4. Unlock door.  Drop keys.  Go hallway.  Light lamp with flint and steel.  If
lamp dies, fill with oily slime.
5. In maze, get rug and net.  With rug, get out by say away (twice) to transport
back to the meadow.
6. At lake with filled bottle and net, catch fish. (Fish die without bottle.)
7. Get wine bladder.  Fill bladder (with swamp gas).  In royal chamber, drop
bladder.  Burn bladder.
8. Scream (at bear).  Jump ledge.  Get crown, mirror and bricks.  Don't throw ax
at bear or waste honey on him.  Drop mirror on rug only (get clues).
9. Dam lava with bricks.  Pour water.  Get firestone.
10. In beehive, with rug, mud, and empty bottle, catch bees.  Take honey.  Drop
mud.  Go meadow.  Release bees.  Get dragon eggs.  (Can make it 50% of the time
before Bees die, but using rug and say away is easier.)  After dropping all
thirteen treasures, say score.  The treasure summary:
Blue Ox   Golden Fish  Golden Net
Jeweled Fruit  Diamond Ring  Bracelet
Rubies   Rug   Magic Mirror
Golden Crown  Royal Honey  Firestone
Dragon Eggs

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