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            $adventure walkthrough

         rev. by Jessica Allan 08/02/97

This will RUIN the game for you.  Do not use it unless you
are truly desperate to stop playing and get on with your
life.  Since I have documented it quite thoroughly, this
will ruin it more than any other walkthrough, and even
contains some of the ending.

This is an adaptation of Sean L. Palmer's walkthrough, with
better documentation and some improvements made.  

These commands will not work in every single game.  There
are some variants, such as get/take, and this will not work
for the 430 point, 550 point, 660 point, 501 point, 551
point, or 370 point versions.  That means that the Windows
version does not conform to this, although the documentation
*may* be helpful.  

I highly recommend Rick Adams' page:
This contains the walkthroughs, tips, history, links to an
FTP site providing source code and compiled versions for
DOS/Windows, Amiga, Macintosh, OS/2, and UNIX, and maps.
Even with this documentation, you can *still* get lost due
to some contingencies in the game, such as backtracking to
compensate for piracy, dwarves, and a few other things.

For those reasons, you cannot feed this through input
redirection, although, if you're astute enough, you could
probably write some mild AI code and feed this through.  But
I doubt anyone would bother.

I can guarantee that this version will work with Adventure
on the Web at Stanford's machine:
That is the version I tested it with, and I have kept the
original format that was used, such as five letter packing
and such that was output from the other machine.  How close
this is to the original version, I can't say.
I recommend the Web version if you're running a 14.4
connection or higher, since the Windows version is a bit
outdated anyway.

Enjoy playing, and I'm sorry I had to do this to you.  But
if it wasn't for this walkthrough, I never would have gotten
on with *my* life.  :)

building  /*  This will take you to the building, a well
             house for a large spring  */
take lamp  /*  This is vital.  It will reappear in the
              building should you be reincarnated  */
  /*  You can only hold seven items at a time.  Water and
      oil are separate items from their bottles.  */
light lamp  /* Some variants want on lamp.  Whatever.  */
xyzzy  /*  A magic word, this will automagically bring you
          to the building and back.  Works only from
          here.  */
e   /*  Ignore the rod.  */
take cage  /*  This is for the bird you'll catch soon.  */
pit  /*  At your feet is a small pit...  */
e  /*  This is the bird chamber...  */
take bird  /*  ...where you catch the bird.  */
w  /*  return to pit  */
d  /*  Hall of Mists  */
s  /*  Nugget of Gold room  */
take gold  /*  1st treasure  */
n  /*  Back to the Hall of Mists  */
n  /*  Hall of the Mountain King  */
free bird  /*  The little bird attacks the green snake, and
              in an astounding flurry drives the snake
              away.   */
drop cage  /*  not a treasure  */
s  /*  Southside chamber  */
take jewel  /*  treasure  */
n  /*  Back to Hall of Mountain King  */
w  /*  Westside chamber  */
take coins  /*  treasure  */
e  /*  Back to Hall of Mountain King  */
n  /*  Low N/S passage  */
take silve  /*  treasure  */
n  /*  Y2  */
plover  /*  Plover is another magic word.  This takes you
           to the Plover room, elsewhere in the cave.  So
           called because it has an emerald the size of
           a plover's egg.  */
ne  /*  Dark-Room  */
take plati  /*  treasure  */
s  /*  Back to Plover room  */
plover  /*  Saying this here teleports you back to Y2.  */
plugh  /*  Another magic word that does the same as xyzzy.
          Works only from Y2.  */
/*  If any dwarves have already arrived, restart!  */
/*  Treasures are only awarded full points if they are
   dropped in the building.  */
drop plati
drop coins
drop jewel
drop silve
drop gold
take bottl  /*  Water will come with it.  */
take food  /*  You'll need to feed a hungry bear.  */
take keys  /*  You'll need these to unlock a tame bear.  */
plugh  /*  Return to Y2.  */
/*  Soon, a dwarf will arrive, throw an axe at you, curse,
   and run away.  Take this axe when you see it.  There
   are seven dwarves in the cave.  When you see one, throw
   the axe at it.  "throw axe"  If it misses, take it and
   throw it again.  If you just ignore the dwarf,
   reinforcements will show up and you will inevitably get
   killed.  */
s  /*  Low N/S passage  */
d  /*  Dirty broken passage  */
bedquilt  /*  This takes you to Bedquilt, an E/W passage
             with a lot of rooms adjoining it.  */
slab  /*  Slab Room  */
s  /*  West end of Twopit Room  */
d  /*  West pit  */
water plant  /*  It should grow 12 feet tall and demand
                more water.  */
u  /*  West end of Twopit Room  */
w  /*  Slab Room  */
u  /*  Secret N/S canyon  */
reservoir  /*  Refill your water bottle here  */
fill bottle  /*  Don't want a thirsty plant, do you?  */
s  /*  Mirror Canyon  */
s  /*  Secret N/S canyon  */
d  /*  Slab Room  */
s  /*  West end of the Twopit Room  */
d  /*  West pit  */
water plant  /*  It now grows 25 feet tall and stretches
                up to that elusive hole.  */
u  /*  West end of Twopit Room  */
e  /*  East end of Twopit Room  */
d  /*  East pit.  There is a puddle of oil here.  */
fill bottle  /*  You'll need this oil for a rusty door.  */
u  /*  East end of Twopit Room  */
w  /*  West end of Twopit Room  */
d  /*  West pit  */
climb plant  /*  Aren't you glad you watered it?  */
w  /*  Giant Room  */
take eggs  /*  Fee, Fie, Foe, Foo has more significance than
              you think.  Typing it in this room will
              teleport the eggs back here.  They are a
              treasure item, but you must toss them to the
              troll to cross the bridge.  */
n  /*  End of N/S passage.  The way north is barred by a
      massive rusty iron door.  */
oil door  /*  Now, it will open.  */
drop bottl  /*  You no longer need this.  */
n  /*  Cavern with waterfall  */
take tride  /*  This is needed for opening a clam shell
                 which contains a pearl.  Both are treasure
                 items.  */
w  /*  Steep incline above large room  */
d  /*  Large low room  */
sw  /*  Sloping corridor  */
u  /*  SW side of chasm  */
/*  Try typing "kill troll" or "throw axe" here for
   kicks.  */
toss eggs  /*  The troll will take these and scurry out of
              sight.  */
cross  /*  NE side of chasm  */
ne  /*  E/W Corridor  */
/*  The rumbling noise you hear here is a completely
   pointless volcano.  Seriously.  */
barren  /*  Front of Barren Room.  */
e  /*  Barren room.  */
feed bear  /*  This will calm down the bear.  */
open chain  /*  Open with keys, obviously.  */
drop keys  /*   You no longer need these.  */
take chain  /*  treasure  */
take bear  /*  You are being followed by a very large tame
              bear.  */
w  /*  Front of Barren Room.  */
fork  /*  Fork in path  */
ne  /*  Warm Walls Junction.  */
e  /*  Chamber of Boulders.  */
take spice  /*  treasure  */
fork  /*  Fork in path  */
w  /*  E/W Corridor  */
w  /*  NE side of chasm  */
cross  /*  Still on NE side of chasm  */
free bear  /*  Scare a new troll every day...  */
cross  /*  SW side of chasm  */
sw  /*  Sloping corridor  */
d  /*  Large low room  */
bedquilt  /*  Back to Bedquilt.  */
e  /*  Complex junction  */
n  /*  Shell room  */
/*  A nightmare that happened to no few of us was having
   the pirate show up *now* and take the trident.  */
open clam  /*  Since when did clams have pearls?  */
/*  Note that the clam is now identified for game purposes
   as an oyster.  :)  */
d  /*  Ragged corridor  */
d  /*  Cul-de-sac  */
take pearl  /*  treasure  */
u  /*  Ragged corridor  */
u  /*  Shell room  */
s  /*  Complex junction  */
u  /*  Dusty Rock room  */
e  /*  Dirty passage  */
u  /*  Low N/S passage  */
n  /*  Back to Y2  */
plugh  /*  Return to building  */
drop chain
drop spice
drop tride
drop pearl
plugh  /*  Back to Y2  */
s  /*  Low N/S passage  */
d  /*  Dirty broken passage  */
bedquilt  /*  Back to Bedquilt  */
w  /*  Swiss Cheese room  */
oriental  /*  This is the Oriental room, home to a Ming
             vase.  */
  /*  Do NOT take the vase now.  If you do, you'll have
      to drop it soon and it will shatter.  Also, don't
      fill it with water or oil.  Not that that's all that
      accessible...  */
n  /*  Misty Cavern  */
w  /*  Alcove  */
drop lamp  /*  Don't turn it off first.  */
drop axe  
e  /*  Plover room  */
take emera  /*  Don't suppose you remember this?  */
w  /*  Alcove  */
take axe  
take lamp
nw  /*  Misty Cavern  */
s  /*  Oriental Room  */
take vase  /*  Now, there's no reason for you to drop it. */
se  /*  Swiss Cheese room  */
e  /*  Soft Room  */
take pillo  /*  Something soft for the vase to land on.  */
w  /*  Swiss Cheese Room  */
w  /*  East end of Twopit Room  */
w  /*  West end of Twopit Room  */
d  /*  West pit  */
climb plant  /*  Emerge in the narrow corridor  */
w  /*  Giant Room  */
fee  /*  Magic words, remember?  */
take eggs  /*  Wonder how that troll feels about this.  */
s  /*  Narrow corridor  */
d  /*  West pit  */
u  /*  West end of Twopit Room  */
w  /*  Slab Room  */
u  /*  Secret N/S canyon  */
s  /*  Secret canyon, complete with dragon  */
kill dragon
yes  /*  Unbelievable, isn't it?  */
take rug  /*  treasure  */
e  /*  Secret E/W canyon above tight canyon  */
e  /*  Hall of Mountain King  */
n  /*  Low N/S passage  */
n  /*  Back to Y2.  */
plugh  /*  Return to building.  */
drop rug  
drop pillo  /*  It doesn't generally matter which order you
                drop things in, but be sure to drop the
                pillow before the vase.  */
drop vase
drop emera
drop eggs
xyzzy  /*  Debris room.  */
take wand  /*  This is a magic wand.  */
pit  /*  Back to the top of the pit.  */
d  /*  Hall of Mists  */
w  /*  East bank of fissure  */
wave wand  /*  A crystal bridge will span the fissure.  */
w  /*  West side of fissure  */
take diamo  /*  Hope that the pirate steals this.  */
w  /*  Should be at the west end of the Hall of Mists.  */
/*  Save your game at this point.  You may not run into the
   pirate in time and you could have your lamp run out.
   Of course, if you've already seen the pirate, then
   forget that advice.  */
/*  If you were truly unlucky and got robbed by the pirate
   when you were on your way to Y2, then drop your axe
   here.  You cannot have been carrying more than 5
   treasure items, and there will be 6 when you arrive at
   the chest -- the 5 treasures and the chest.  Return
   and get your axe as soon as you drop off the items.
   Also in that case, double back to Y2 and drop off as
   much as possible.  It is probably a better idea to
   ditch your axe at Y2 and then save your game and hope
   that no dwarves arrive.  */
s  /*  You are in a maze of twisty passages, all alike... */
e  /*  Hope that the pirate shows up while you're headed to
      his lair.  */
s  /*  Could you imagine being stuck in here and having no
      clue where you're going, just trying to get out?  */
e  /*  You should be on the brink of a pit at this point.
      If you're not, you're in trouble.  */
nw  /*  This is a dead end where the Pirate's chest is.  */
  /*  If the pirate hasn't shown by now, you are fighting
      for a lost cause, but you can try typing in the
      following sequence until he shows:
      se n w w w e e w s n s s s n e n e nw
      If he appears while you're typing this, just finish
      the sequence... don't try to backtrack.  The maze is
      asymmetrical.  */
take chest  /*  treasure  */
take diamo  /*  Also take anything else he stole.  */
n  /*  Brink of pit.  */
d  /*  Bird chamber.  */
debris  /*  Back to the debris room.  */
xyzzy  /*  Return to building  */
drop wand  /*  This isn't a treasure, but do it anyway.  */
drop chest  
drop diamo
plugh  /*  Back to Y2.  */
s  /*  Low N/S passage  */      
d  /*  Dirty passage  */
bedquilt  /*  Back to Bedquilt.  */
e  /*  Complex junction.  */
e  /*  Anteroom  */
take magaz  /*  Spelunker Today?  */
e  /*  Witt's End  */
drop magaz /*  Last point (276) in beginner section.  */
n  /*  Type this repeatedly until you escape Witt's End  */
  /*  Other directions work, as long as they're not w, nw,
      or sw... that would be too logical!  */
/*  Right now, you should hear an announcement in a
   "sepulcheral voice" saying,  "Cave closing soon.  All
   adventurers exit immediately through Main Office."  
   This is a sign that you have gotten all the treasures
   and the endgame is about to begin.  After leaving
   Witt's End, go someplace with light, like near the
   grate or the plover room, turn off your lamp, and just
   kill time, generally by dropping and picking up your
   axe.  Your lamp is really close to running out.  Don't
   go anywhere that doesn't have light.  */
/*  If you should find your way to Y2 (which I usually do)
   while trying to get back to the Plover room, typing
   "plover" still works, but typing "plugh" gives you this
   message:  A mysterious recorded voice groans into life
   and announces: "This exit is closed. Please leave via
   Main Office."  */
/*  Eventually, the sepulcheral voice will speak again and
   say, "The Cave is now closed."  There's a blinding
   flash of light and a puff of orange smoke.  You are
   teleported to the Colossal Cave repository.  I refuse
   to tell you its contents, but it's quite cute.  :)  */
sw  /*  SW end of repository  */
take rod  /*  Dy-no-mite!  */
ne  /*  NE end of repository  */
drop rod  
sw  /*  Get out of blast range  */
blast  /*  A cheering band of friendly elves carry the
          conquering adventurer off into the sunset.  */

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