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walkthrough for isle 3 & world tree

Allright people...
This island is the tricky island for most of the island in Treasure Hunter G.
Now on to isle 3.When you land, you end up in the port town of isle 3.At this
point you should go to the top right corner and talk to all three kids there.
Thet should enter the sewer, open the cover and follow after them.

In the sewer, go to the top right hand side and go thru the pipes until you see
a switch. Flip the switch and now enter the first pipe you saw to the left. Talk
to the kids again and find the next switch, its nearby. Flip the switch and go
thru the pipe where the kids are. Now in the pipe go left and when you are out,
go down towards and then right until you flip
another switch. Now return up all the way until you see a kid. Go up and keep
going right until you see the frog. When you near the frog, enemies will attack.
The objective here is to pick up the frog item in the battle map. You have to
pick it up to win the battle. When you have won, go right until you return to
the top right area in the beginning of the sewers. Just
bash dowards and break a hole in the wall. Now you can leave the sewers.

Now that you have the frog, go to the inn and go up all the way to the attic,
you will see a man there. Talk to him and say yes to his question. Then he will
turn the frog into a red potion. Now leave the town.

You are in the world map now. Go up til you see a dome like structure. Enter the
forest just to the right of it(NOT the one down-right of it). Go upwards and to
the right until you see a girl and a wolf-man. Talk to them and kill the wolf-
man. The girl will thank you and leave. Now break the four things that was
behind the girl to recieve 6000 gold. Now leave and enter the dome.

In the dome, talk to the thing at the entrance and answer yes to give it the
potion. Now enter and the two things behind will attack you. Kill them to
continue. When you are inside, step on the square with two red arrows point
up and down at the top right to open the wall. Now go right and up the stairs.
Nothing much to say here except keep going up and ignore the robots. When you
hit the top you find the metal bird. Now th mad professor comes up with his
parrot and talk to you, after which the dome is on red alert. Follow the bird
and when in the basement kill all the monsters. Talk to the professor and then
to the bird. You return to the first floor. Now leave and return to the town.

At the town, go to the building which has its own well and open the door with
the key the professor gave you. Touch the machine and it will create a big hole.
Jump into the hole.

Once inside the earth, make you way to the left. Note that here you can bash
away the blocking rocks. There is no puzzle here, just lots of enemies. When you
finally get out of the underground, you end up in the pyramid area.

Enter the pyramid and go up, its a little tricky because some stones collapse
and make you fall, but its not too hard. When you get into the pyramid, go down
the stairs all the way and you will find the old man blocking you. Say yes to
him and you fight him. This battle is another puzzle, do not hit any of the rats
but instead make them move out of formation so one of your characters can hammer
the old man to win the battle. When he is out of the way, you can continue down.
There, you're safely up and you can leave the pyramid. Now you can go to the big
pyramid. But first you have to fight a ton of enemies first(the woman blocking
the entrance will make you fight them if you want to enter). Kill them all and
you can enter. Once again climb the pyramid, this time its easier. Once inside.
Just keep climbing up the stairs and fighting the rocksuntil you get to the top.
Then you fight some mummies and finally you enter the artifact room. Read the
sign there and if your're using snes9x, remove a layer to see the flame. If you
have transparency with zsnes then nevermind.

Run round the flame clockwise until the flame flashes. Read the sign again and
it should have changed. Now run round it anti-clockwise until it changes then
read the sign again. Now run round clockwise and anti-clockwise until a flash
and read the sign to reveal the artifact. To take it just go down from the sign
and when you're behind the artifact just keep trying to take it until red grabs
it. Now run thru the sign into the next area. Here you meet one of the dark
king's goons again. First kill the two giant birds, then the goon will fight
you. Kill her and the whole place will be shaking. Use the
Golden Spiral artifact you have and you will fly out of the pyramid. Now return
to the start by the other pyramid. You should meet the professor again. He will
try to drill away but the machine will get stuck. Just Go up and leave the
pyramid area by going down.

Now you're on the map again. Go down to the forest and continue down until you
meet the elf knight again. Beat him and his wolf goons and return to the map.
Now, you see the castle? Go to the forest below it. You will see a man being
robbed. Fight off the bandits to rescue him. Examine the crystal there and see a
flashback. Now go right and enter the guy's house. Talk to him and go upstairs
to sleep. When you wake up talk to him again. You will see all his students
coming in. After that leave and go to the place where the crystal was. You see
the king and his guards. Return the the guy and talk to him. The king now bashes
in. Suddenly, ghosts appear and kill the guards. They attack the king and you
are helpless. Then the guy and his students start to sing. The singing distracts
the ghosts and you attack them. After you kill them, the king will join your
party. Bring him back to the castle. After talking to him in the throne room, go
upstairs by the far left stairs until you can get into a room which is guarded
by two guards. Enter the room and go to the center(above the table). The maids
will bring food and the king will enter. After a while of talking, the princess
will come and take blue away.
Now talk to the king and some shaking will occur. Now return downstairs and
enter the door previously guarded by a guard. Go up until you see the crystal
and watch the short clip. Then go up until you see the stonehenge. Try to
go to the center. You can't right. Don't worry. Return to the castle and talk to
the king in the throne room. Then go up the stairs to the right of the
king(still in the throne room). Enter the first room and talk to blue(he's
sleeping with the princess! Geez. hot couple!!!). He will join your party again.
Now leave the castle. The princess with try to stop you. But the king silences
her. Then Blue kisses the princess(!!) and then you can leave the castle. Once
outside, the soldiers will attack you. Defeat them and the mad professor will
rescue you in his giant drill. Now you will be at his dome again.
After the sequence, leave the dome.

Now go to your left on the world map. Stop at the two villages just before the
furthest village to the left of the world map. Its the deserted village. Inside
the village there are monsters in the shops. Kill them if you like but you don't
have to. Just follow the guy who talks to you and enter the tower. They will
lock you in the tower and water will start flowing in. Just use Red to hammer at
the door a few times and it will break. Now you are out again. You will fight a
demoness who pretended to be a villager. After her demise, leave the town and
head for the furthest village to the left in the world map.
(You should meet the turtle man in the exit of one the forests you passed thru,
just defeat him and he will escape.)

Now in the final village, go into the inn. There you will find Brown G, your
dad. He will give you some instructions and as you leave, the lady will give you
a key item. Now leave the village and head for the nearby cave. In the cave, put
the key item you got into the slot and the door will open. Enter, go right and
head down. Now just go left and up all the way until you fight a minotaur(there
a many enemies before that). After killing it, continue up and you will face the
dark king's final goon. He controls some golems. Finish him off and take the
artifact. Now get out of here.

Now return to the inn and you find Brown G is gone! Leave the village and return
to the professor's dome. Go up the lift and talk to him. Say yes to his
question. Now leave the dome and head for the castle. You can't enter it
anymore. So go to the village just next to the castle and go thru the back
way(the guards here are gone). You are back in the backyard of the castle! Now
return to the stonehenge and you can now enter the center. You will be
transported into another place.

In this other world, just go up until you reach the castle. Enter the left room
and go to your left. Now go up and from here just keep going from floor to floor
until you reach the top story. Now go down and right until you reach a room in
the bottom right corner. Enter the room and you will recieve the last artifact
from an angel. Now leave the palace and return to the starting point to be
transported back to your world.

Return to the professor's dome and go up the lift. Talk to him and you will all
go to the metal bird. But the alarm turns on again! Go down until you encounter
a fire monster and you can't go down any more. Return up and all the characters
will enter the metal bird. At this point the dark king will kill Brown G(before
that he gives you the true final artifact the talking
rock) while the characters escape in the metal bird.
While flying, after a while you will be disoriented. Access your inventory and
use the talking rock. He will tell you to use the artifact you got from the
recent cave(the map). After this, you fight a flying skeleton bird. After
killing it, there will be weather problems. Listen to the talking rock and he
will tell you to use the artifacts in this order:the black demon orb, the
pyramid eye, the golgatha crystal, the golden spiral.

Now you have landed on the final isle, the isle of the world tree. Just go left
and cross the bridge. Then go up and fight the snowman. Just before you can
reach the crystal, the goon you fought in the cave returns. Fight him again and
this time after you deal enough damage, he shows his true form as a giant
werewolf. Kill him for good and reach for the crystal. Examine it and go up to
the world tree. You will fly up into the final area in the game now.

Once on top of the world tree, go upwards till you find the castle. Enter it.
Its hard here, but no puzzles. Just keep climbing and fighting till you reach
the last boss, the dark king. You will not have Rain in your party in this
battle as he turns her into a giant crystal before the battle. Kill him once and
then fight his other uglier form. Then you view a ending sequence and after
that, you control the party again. Get out of the castle(no enemies) and then
watch more of the ending. When the characters jump off the world tree, they land
inside the broken iceland and have to fight a rotting dinosaur
without the monkey(he's now a fairy). After that you see even more ending
sequences and you land back on isle 4. Now return to the professor and you will
fly back to isle 1. To end your game just go to the third village and enter
Browns G's house.

That's all! You've won!

(Note: After the credits, leave your emulator ON! There is a short sequence with
the turtle man for those who are patient.)

Walkthrough written down by DarkLore and DarkEva.

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