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From: "Knight4J"

Date: Fri, 3 Apr 1998 12:21:48 +0700


Allright, we're getting somewhere now.
This island is a short one. Please follow the texts carefully.
Party will arrived at the shore. Walk up. A short scene. Then follow the forest
path to the left. You will see a tree stump. Walk there. The girl will give you
a hint. After she finished with her talk. Don't move. Wait for a few seconds.
You will see a little man jump out from a bush, followed by his friends. If you
don't move a single second, there will be a short dialogs. And a question too.
Select the first answer. The little man said about their friend trapped
somewhere in the island and can't go out because he surrounded by enemies.

Well, at least you know what he said. Go upper left.
Ah, you see their friend. Talk to him. There will be a battle against nasty
rats. You win for sure. Walk a little bit to the right. Automated scene.
Dancing, music, etc. After the scene was over. Follow the little man. He will
guide you to a place you can get your artifact. He stops in front of a bush.
Walk thru the bush. Aarrghh. The party jump to the hole.

At the underground cave, you will only start with Red and Blue. We don't need to
guide you along this place. It's simple. Take the left stair, run thru the
bridge, take the entrance, it's the first step.
Next, do it by yourself. If you finished exploring the place, you will find Rain
and Ponga in front of an entrance. A short dialogs scene. Take the entrance.

Open the big door. See the sign in front of you ?? Read it. A short dialogs
scene again. Try to leave the place. Oops, a hole. Boom. Another fall. Read the
sign. Hmm...a little bit confused aren't ya ?? Simple. There are four holes. To
take you somewhere else, you need to jump in the correct order. First take the
upper left one. There's your hint. upper left. Boom. Felt down again. Take the
lower left hole. You arrive in a place with three holes. Don't panic. See the
place without the hole ?? Walk above it. It now have a hole. Boom. The lower
right hole now.

Bingo! you arrive in a new place. Open the big door. Battle the ugly shit
monster standing in front of you. After you win, take the artifact. Explore the
room. You can't get out aren't ya ?? Hehe, use the artifact. Press X to bring
the menu system. Select Blue, first choice, the first item. Yep, it's the
journal. Bla...bla..., Again the menu. First choice, the last item. Wholaa, your
characters now fly out of the cave. Congrats, all you need is to skip the scenes
now. Talk to the whale. He'll take you to Isle 3.

Walkthrough page designed by Knight4J & SNESycho.
Let us know if you having trouble on this one. Ciaao.

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