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From: "Knight4J"

Date: Fri, 3 Apr 1998 12:21:48 +0700


We begin with a small introduction of what is happening to Brown G.
And an oldman carry the heroes into a small cave.
There you will learn how to battle. What you will get during battle. Also know
how to use the saving machine and status machine. Skip the scene, skip the
battle in the cave, whoola we're out of the cave. Here is a map of Isle 1.

|                                       M1    |
| F2            T3                    ------- |
|                                       M2    |
|                                    F3       |
|          F1                           T4    |
|            T2                               |
|    X                                        |
| T1                                          |
Legends :
F x = Forest x (x is the number)
T x = Town x
M x = Mount x

Okay, we start from the X sign.
Enter Town 1. Inside the town go to the house where the heroes was woke up by
the oldman.
The heroes will start talking to a man. Skip the scene. You can search for any
thing you like in the house.
You can destroy barrels, flowers, grasses. See what are hiding behind those
Enough with destruction, go outside the house.
Try to leave the town. You will be stop by Rain and her monkey pet. Ah, another
Still try to leave the town. The oldman speak to you, then he will enter the
pub. Leave the town. Ponga the monkey will join the party.

Enter Town 2. Explore the town until you remember every single place in it.
Buy all you need for your quest. Start from buying weapons, armors, items.
Don't get cheated by people who ask you a question if you wanna buy certain
items with a high price.
Leave those suckers alone. But if you wanna buy them go ahead, the heroes have
lots of money. =)

In this town you must equip all the characters with weapons and armors.
Leave the town. A child will alert you about a fire in Town 1.
Quick, run for Town 1.

Enter the town, it's on fire. Go to the right house. Talk to the panic man
inside. He will follow you out.
After a short battle in the house, go to the left house. Oh no, the old lady is
lying on the floor. Grab her.
Leave the house. Go back to your own house. Hmm...a child is running towards you
with his back on fire now.
He said that a little girl trapped inside a nearby house. Walk a little bit
left. Ah, there you go. You heard a scream.
Enter the house. Yep, it is a little girl trapped inside. Walk towards her, Oops
you can't save her. Leave the house.
A scenery. But Ponga will be the hero today. He saved the little girl from the
After this walk to your house. Battle with the fire troops. And also a short
scenery about the oldman dying.
Enough with the scene, try to leave the town. Rain will join the party. Bye-bye
town 1.

Follow Ponga until Town 2. He said something. Follow him to the house with the
utensils banner hanging over.
Talk to every people inside the house. Go outside, oh you can't. 'cause there is
another scene showing Ponga playing some happy tunes with his violin. Now,
explore this town if you haven't done it before. Search for a house with a lots
of man dressing like a sumo player. Talk to him. He laughed at you. Go upstairs.
Meet the guys. Battle. Go upstairs. Talk to the guru. He teach Blue the special
techniques. Leave the town.

Enter Forest 1. Talk with the egghead shaped man standing beside the crystal. He
will tell you a story about a an elf knight and his follower the turtle man
walking inside a cave. And how he slayed the turtle man. After the story, the
oldman let you pass. There's no need to explore this forest. Walk with direction
is upper left from the crystal. Hmm...if you bump onto the enemy you will have
to fight. Okay. When you reach the upper left your present will alert the
flaming girl. Yep, that same bastard that took your oldman live. Battle her,
teach her the lesson !! :)

Leave the forest. Enter Town 3. From the gate, walk upper left until you see the
clothes hanging from one house to another. Walk under the clothes line, press A.
Wooo, Red jumped. And that fat guy scream. Neah, ignore him, you got what you
want. Hehehe, an armor. Enough with jumpy whoopy. Head north from where you're
standing now. Enter the house. It's the house with a child standing in front of
it. Inside the house try to search every inches of desk, barrels, the bookshelf,
the oven, the bed. Try the oven first. BOOM!!, Red got his face black. Shouldn't
play with those things. :)
Search the desk, hmm... Search the shelf beside the oven, umm.... Search the
book shelf. Bingo, a secret passage.

Go down stairs. A scenery. Skip the scene. Destroy the barrels. Take the items.
Search the book shelf. A book felt down. Take it. Ng...another scenery again. Go
upstairs. Leave the house and the town. Head right from the town into Mount 1.
If you use SNES9x to play this game. Simply press 3 on the keyboard to see the
chars. The caves are too much if we wanna guide you one by one, so you have to
explore them and remember each places. When you remember all the places. Here we
go again. Talk with every hermits you meet. Some of them teach Red the special
techniques. Explore until you arrived on a place where a hermit is blocking your
way down. Behind the hermit is a stair. Talk to the hermit. He teach Red another
special techniques, if you win the battle with him. His battle is different from
the others. You must only use one hit action. If you failed that means you have
to start over the battle again. It's simple. Don't use other heroes beside
Ponga. You can end turn each characters using the Battle menu system.

|  |            h                |  |
| \                               / |
|   \       e e e e e           /   |
|     --        x              --   |
|           e e e e e               |
|                                   |

Legends :
e = nasty rats
h = hermit
x = target

Here is the layout of the unique battle system. Make sure that you are now using
Ponga. Guide Ponga until he arrived at the right side of the X sign. It is your
target. Hit it. Take its place. Now press X to bring up the menu system. Select
special actions. Select the lastest magic Ponga have. You will see the area that
can be hit by that magic. Make sure that the hermit is blinking, and standing on
the yellow highlight path. Confirm the magic. Now Ponga use the magic. Blast,
the damn hermit lose. Now he teach Red the techniques. At this time Red would
have 3 special actions for Swordplay.

Go down the stair. Use the blue machine to restore your party's SP and HP. Go
outside. Keep heading for the top of the mount. You will arrived in a place with
three stooges dressed in a green blue shirt. Battle those guys. The will let you
climb the wall. Climb it, but watch out for the falling rocks. Keep trying until
you arrived at top of the mount. Enter the door.

You arrive in a hallway. Walk towards the hall until it reach the end. Walk
right, take the stair. Explore this place. Open every single door you found.
Talk to everyone you meet. When you finish doing that, search for a place which
looks like a library. The room is very specific one. It have a big red carpet
covered the floor. And many book shelfs around. Have a talk with the mage girl.
She will prepare a room for you to rest. Before you leave with her, explore this
library. Read all the books if you want to. But there is a room with a stair
that the girl won't let you take a look what the stair will lead you to. That's
okay. Talk to her. Now she will guide you to the guests room. When she is gone.
Leave the room. Back again in the library. This time we sneaking to see why the
girl won't let you take the stair.

Up the stair is a place with one single room in the middle of it. Enter the
room. Take the stair. It will lead you to the top of the castle. A short scenery
and a battle. Then leave the roof. The room, the library back to your sleeping
room. Take a sleep. At midnight the mage girl will teach Rain a magic. Skip the
scene. Go outside your room in the next morning. Any answer you take on the
question that the mage girl asked you don't give any changes in the game. Leave
the castle.

This time let the falling rocks hit you. It's quicker than climbing down again.
Keep returning back like you want to get out of this Mount 1. When you arrived
at the cave, still act like you wanna get out of this Mount 1. There will be a
short scenery, about the mage girl stop the party. A few talks then she
disappeared. If you remember this place, it will make the story quicker. Find a
place where there is a waterfall with a hermit lying in the pond. Enter the
waterfall. You will see a place. Save your game, or restored your status using
the machines inside. Then enter the entrance at the lower right side of the

You see a room with many candles. Keep walking forward. A scenery and a battle.
If you win against the knight the party will be taken automatically outside the
Mount 1. Another scenery and a question. Hmm...we forgot about the answer.
Select any answer you like. If you select the answer that make the mystic girl
and Ponga ran off from you. Don't get panic. Return to your oldman house in Town
1. She will be there watching a plant that grow in front of the door. Short
scene. She join you again.

After this go to Mount 2. But you have to get pass the enemies inside Forest 2.
From the entrance of the forest, walk to the right and keep moving until your
way is blocked. Follow the path with the direction of upper right. You will
battle some bees when youreach the end of the upper right screen. Behind those
bees is your way out. Okay, we assumed that you've won the battle.

Enter Mount 2. There is a door in front of you. Try to open it. Aarrgghh, you
must be upset right now. Yep, we too. That's okay. Which mean you have to find
another way to open it. Put all the chars in front of the door. We will try to
push it. No just kidding, Bring up the menu system using X button. Select Blue,
press A button twice. according to this : first - first section on each window.

Wholaa, what do we have here ?? A short dialogs. And a question. We forgot about
this one too. Select any answer you like. After answered the question. Try to
open the door. If your answer was correct, the door now open. If not just repeat
using the menu again. Then select the other answer.

After the door opened. Go to the upper right screen. Take the entrance. You
arrive in a place which is like a volcano's magma kitchen. Walk forward. Take
the right bridge. Follow the path with the direction upper right. Hmm...why it
is always upper right ?? Oh well, nevermind. In this place there will be many
battles encountered. Better use a hero like Blue or Ponga since they are the
chars that always Level up after each battle. Okay when you reach the upper
right screen. There only one way in, the entrance. And a flaming troops is
coming towards you. Battle them. Enter the entrance.

Take upper left direction from the entrance. There's a big hole lying ahead.
Jump in. Piuuuu, bang! The heroes felt down on the hard floor. Oops, a big
battle against those nasty rats. Well not just rats, but also a big minotaur.
Use Blue to attack this minotaur.
Then use the rest of Blue ACT points to attack the rats. Or you could wait the
rats come near you. After you won the battle.

There is a door in the left side of the two holes lying ahead. You know what to
do with that door. Hahaha, gotcha. We can't use the first trick to open this
one. Rain said something about : "The door must be opened by some kind of a
triggered secret button somewhere in this place." There you go, the hint. But
where the hell I can find the secret button ?? simple. Follow this map.

|---[ d ] -------------|  pit     pit   |----[2]-|
|                                                |
|_________.                        ______________|
|          \__                    /              |
|              \___             /                |
|                  |           |                 |
|                   \          |                 |
|--[ ]-----[ ]------|           \------[ ]--[ ]--|
|                                                |
|                                                |

Legend :
[1] = button 1
[2] = button 2
[d] = door

This is how you must do it. Take the most lower secret button. Press it using A
button. The sign is an earthquake. The jump into one of the holes. The take the
upper right secret button. Press it. An earthquake. Finish. Open the door. Go
inside, take the artifact. The leave Mount 2 using the stair.

Enter Town 4. Go to the lower right of the screen from where you are standing
now. Go to the INN. You will see a lady standing beside a hole. Search the hole.
Ah, rats. After you won the battle. (You must do this) Talk to the whale below
the bridge. And the turtle too. Then go inside the INN. Talk to the innkeeper.
He will reward you by giving you a free stay. Your room is upstair. The left
one. During midnight, Red wake up. Go the right side of Rain's bed. Wait for a
while. Ponga then pull a stair. Climb the stair. Rain will follow you up. Watch
the romance scene. We guess that Rain is falling in love with Red.

The next day, Blue wake up by using his own way. Felt down from the bed. Eh ??
Leave the INN. Talk to the whale, until the message repeat itself. Leave Town 4.
Enter Town 2. Remember the utensils house ?? Talk to the old lady you saved from
the fire. She tell you what to do in Forest 3. Enough talk. Enter Forest 3. Walk
upper left screen. Yuck! A nasty plant ahead. If you haven't explore this place
before, there will be a short dialogs. Then use the plant. Use the plant ?? Yes,
my dear. The plant will eat you. Then it will transfer you to another plant.
From this plant walk to right a liitle bit. Then walk up until you see another
plant. Use it. Transfer again. Walk right, you can slip pass the golem. Use the
plant. Again. Walk down a little bit. Take left plant. Oops, ambush. Use the
plant. Now, enter the castle.

Don't bother talking to the guards. Just walk forward until you see the queen
cat. Talk and battle her. She will let you pass the secret stair beneath her
seat. Take the stair. You're out the castle. See the green swamp ?? There is a
path on the swamp. A blue rocky path. Follow the path. Yikes ! You battle a big
or we say a giant plant. Hmm...the plant looks like our country's famous plant
the Rafflesia Arnoldi. Nevermind. Battle it until you won. Then go to the small
piece of plant, the purple flower. Hit it. You got something. Then leave the
place using the right side plant. another plant. Walk a little
bit left. Walk forward and use the plant. You're now arrive at the first plant.
Leave the forest.

A-a-a-a, it's not that simple. You have to battle the knight again, and some of
her followers. After you won the battle. Leave the forest. Enter Town 4. Talk to
the whale. Bla...bla... Go inside the INN, take the right side door. A man will
create you a SP potion. Talk to the whale again. Leave the Town. Oh, Rain give
you a hint. Wanna know what she said ?? Of course. It's your only hint. She said
that the party need rest. That's it. Okay go back to the INN. Stay for a night.
Ah, a romantic scene again. Red wake up again. Followed by Rain. Go outside your
room. Scenery about Red talking to the whale. A stop for a moment. Press A to
talk again. When the whale repeat the message. Get back to your room. Oh, you
don't have to. 'cause Blue and Ponga are now running towards you. Okay. The End.
The party now sailing with the whale headed for Isle 2. Congratulations. You
just pass through Isle 1. [Knight4J & SNESycho]

Btw, while sailing with the whale you will encounter some battles with octopus,
blue slimes. So don't just sit tight watching the heroes sailing. Same as Isle 2
when going to Isle 3.

If you having a problem with our story guide then inform us. We'll try to help
you. Nobody's perfect you know. :)

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